YouTube Community Tab

YouTube Community Tab

This video will give you
an overview of the Community tab a feature that lets you interact
with viewers beyond video. Creators with 1,000 subscribers or more
can use the Community tab to post polls images animated GIFs, and more. It gives you an easier, lightweight way
to engage with your audience more often and in between uploads,
right here on YouTube. To create a Community post,
go to the tab called Community from your channel homepage
on desktop or mobile.>From here, you can
promote a collaboration video poll your audience on
the type of video they want to see next you can also show them
a special behind-the-scenes photo tease an upcoming announcement share a GIF or shout out a fan
or fellow creator using @mention. Community posts can be recommended
to your most active viewers on Home feed and they may
get notifications when you post. Subscribers will also be able to see them
in the Subscriptions feed on their phones. If you’re a creator with channel memberships,
you can also create a members-only post. This allows you to show
channel members exclusive content and thank them for supporting your channel. Try out the Community tab
to engage with your audience and subscribe to the YouTube Creators channel
for more creator tips and tricks.

100 thoughts on “YouTube Community Tab

  1. نحن نعارض قانون COOPA بهذه الحالة سوف تغلق العديد من القنوات التي بذلنا عليها مجهودا كبيرا ??? نطالب بإغلاق هذا القانون لانه غير جيد

  2. A na co nam ta zakładka? Skoro i tak mamy zablokowane wszystkie komentarze na wszystkich filmach, niezależnie czy jest typowo dla dzieci czy nie.

  3. re new update on harassing videos

    How do you allow somebody to upload 11 videos which shows the up loader HUNTER OF TRUTH attack/harass A REAL DISABLED PERSON?

    They have been doing this for all over a year. This is unacceptable

    (1) Hunter of Truth has physically “stalked” another disabled you tuber at her home in North Carolina.

    The up loader has trespassed on private property to film her.

    This up loader did not get the landowners permission to be there.

    The up loader has taken footage of the disabled person without her consent or knowledge.

    The up loader has in previous videos taken footage or her underage child (who was 15 years old at the time) without the minors consent or the mothers consent.

    The up loader has also taken footage or a vulnerable young person who is autistic without their consent and the mothers consent.

    They have followed the disabled person in a car to one of the disabled person relatives.

    Built you still allow this you tuber hunter of truth to make harassing videos.

    They have made the disabled you tuber feel like they are unable to express themselves on You Tube without being bullied harassed, slandered, libelled AND defamed.

    The Fayetteville police have got in evolved, and so has the North Carolina Department of justice got involved. You need to do your job and remove hunter of Truth from You tube because in order to get the footage they uploaded, they broke several laws in North Carolina yet you still allow them to harass a real disabled person.

    The disabled person is a well known geo science You Tuber with several medical disabilities, which means she is suffering from pain most of the time.

    Hunter of truth CALLS the disabled person not disabled WHICH is actually discriminatory against disabled people AND ITS A CRIME in North Carolina.

    Hunter of truth has also shown the disabled medicals records online in a video thus breaking HIPAA laws.

    You need to do your job and remove Hunter of Truth from you tube completely and ban them. Because they have not only broken you tube laws but also North Carolina LAWS.




  4. Eduardo Bolsonaro, você tá doido para que eu comece uma inquisição contra meus amigos judeus né, saiba que vocês podem parar de pagar os juros da dívida pública e só voltarem a pagar quando fizerem uma severissima auditoria mista ou, seu pai será culpado se eu começar uma cruzada contra os banqueiros judeus e, esses banqueiros que eu sei que nada tem a ver com o roubo político banqueiro empresarial interno da dívida, o que acontecerá é que os banqueiros judeus acusarão seu pai e outros de estarem por trás desse desfalque do dinheiro público. Auditem ou ainda este mês a inquisição começará, agora, se pensas que estou brincando, falo tão verdade quanto o ar que você respira. Para mim tudo é bom, ou vocês auditam ou o circo vai ser bom pois os banqueiros vão acusar seu pai da minha inquisição fervorosa

  5. I think You must provide community tab n story tab to new creators so that they can grow with their hard work…big YouTubers doesn't need this .. because they have already big viewer base to grow.

  6. Oh no, she did indeed say JIF, several times…….. I mean, can't you do some sort of pre-screening to avoid embarrassing and incorrect expressions like this?
    You represent the whole of YouTube, and this is the level of your common knowledge? Would you yourself take advice from a channel publishing stuff with errors like this?
    Smh, the cringe.

  7. Really annoying that this feature isn't available to smaller channels. It could really be useful to help build our audience.

  8. I have not used this, so thanks for the info. Viewers please visit my comedy funny Dog, cat & dancing videos suitable for all ages

  9. When you are marked as made for kids by our stupid bot system, when kids aren't even supposed to be on the platform, the community tab will be removed!

  10. Odio a la ley COPPA! YouTube date cuenta estás perdiendo muchas partes de esta comunidad!!! Y todo por la LEY COPPA! Por favor YouTube reflexiona y toma una decisión…Gracias…

  11. Well… I would Love to have a Community tab. But haven't reach to 1k and when trying to reach that goal. I CANT, hi COPPA, Bye COPPA

  12. I need a job. Can being around other YouTubers and commenting be my job? I am worried that I won't be able to go to my 1st year at college because of what will come on the 1st day of January. My 1st college year starts way late in January so I don't know if I am going to be able to attend college because of a Federal Law that is not a Federal Law, yet. Help me, YouTube. Talk to me.

  13. Really disappointed you won't let us comment on the video about the new harassment policy so I came here to give my thoughts. YouTube is being really selective with who they enforce these policies with. For example, there is a YouTuber with a channel called UnwinewithTashaK and another channel called Wino Gang podcast or something like that. And she does nothing but bully and harass people on her two channels. I'm talking accusing people of having STDs, releasing recorded phonecalls with other YouTubers who didn't even know they were being recorded, doxxing other creators, putting out their job locations, real names, names of their family members etc. She recently made a video doxxing a woman she thought was someone else and caused the woman to be bullied by her followers. She made a video directing her followers to go to another creator's page and harass them and the other creator was so affected by it she came on video crying. She bullied another creator about her nationality saying she was a "Nigerian scammer", made fun of another creator's son who has a disability and routinely attacks gay men, using homophobic remarks. Her channel is dedicated to spreading hate and harassing celebrities and creators. This Tasha K woman is currently being SUED by three different celebrities for putting out lies and defaming content about them on her channel. Yet YouTube does nothing about it and she is allowed to continue making money off her hateful content. So what is the point of these new policies if YouTube won't actually take down the channels that have a HISTORY of hateful content? Meanwhile, the channels with good clean content aren't being pushed through the algorithm. YouTube pushes the hateful content more because it makes them more money and it is really sad.

  14. Keep moving with more clean and clear content. Work hard, work smarter.

  15. #youtubeisover
    YouTube how come Stephen Colbert can harrass and bully poeple like trump about his appearance almost every episode but you don't take down his videos with this new snowflake safespace policy???

  16. हमारी फोटो को छूकर चैनल को सब्सक्राईब करें

  17. Thank you for the information that has been given to me, and I hope there is information and other description about a YouTube creator so that we or Me (channel Yotube) more developed in the hope

  18. Hello youtube! Currently my channel has reached over 1,000 subscribers, but the Community Tab is not yet available and mobile streaming is not enabled. I really need help. Thank you.

  19. I suck i cant get the community tab, still i only have 120+ subs. I really liked that thing they made for yt channels. And im scared that some channels get terminated like mine for no monetization

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