Will luck be on your side? | St Patrick’s Day Event 2020 | Forge of Empires

Will luck be on your side? | St  Patrick’s Day Event 2020 | Forge of Empires

Yes, that’s me magic bottle alright. It’s where I keep me magic elixir Wait, bottle? Isn’t it supposed to be a lamp? Ehm…Genie have bottles, genie have bottles! Top of the morning to you! Today we will be talking about our brand new
St. Patrick’s Day event! But first, if you haven’t done already,
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of the screen! Oh no, I’m never going to get everything
finished at this rate! And I have no signal here in the country. What am I going to do? It’s going to take a miracle to get everything
finished in time! Top of the morning to you there, sweetheart. Oh my gosh. Are you a leprechaun? No. I’m a game designer… Of course I’m a leprechaun! Do ye think I dress this way for fun? Please, I’m organising a festival for St.
Patrick’s Day, and I don’t think I’m going to get everything done in time. You have to help me! Oh I have to help you? Well, why didn’t you say so. I didn’t realize the sole purpose of my existence
was to help YOU! The St. Patrick’s Day festival is here! Collect Pots of Gold by completing Quests
and collecting incidents around your city. You can also receive some additional Pots
of Gold, just for logging in each day! Once you’ve gathered some, you’re ready
to help Paddy McCharms in his preparations for the St. Patrick’s Day festival. Open the event window to get things started. On the left you’ll see the Festival preparation
site, as well as the town’s docks. Across the river you’ll see the factory
district. The aim is to produce goods from various factories,
and transport these by ship to the festival. Click on the first factory slot to build the
Hat Factory. Once built, it will automatically start producing
hats for the festival! Once a production cycle is complete, click
again to move the goods to the factory district stockpile, so that they’re ready for collection. Click on the ship in the bottom left corner
to send it across the river to collect the goods and bring them back to the festival. Once the ship has returned, click on the festival
to sell the goods and earn yourself some Shamrocks! Hey, Mr. Leprechaun, I’m really sorry for what
I said. I didn’t mean to offend you; It’s just I’m
really stressed out with planning the festival. Well…I suppose I can forgive you. Really, can help me out? Well, as legends say. If you capture a leprechaun, he must grant
you three wishes in exchange for his freedom. So…I have to capture you? Yes, but of course, if you do try to capture
me, I’ll bite your knees. So how about we just skip that part and tell
me what you need. Okay. Three wishes…So then you’re kind of like a genie? Exactly. Like a short ginger genie. And this must be your magic bottle?! Err… yep. That’s me magic bottle, alright…
It’s where I keep me magic elixir. Wait… bottle? Isn’t it supposed to be a lamp? Err.. leprechauns have bottles. Anyway, what’s your wish? OK, so I need to contact the florist for the festival,
but I can’t get any signal here in the country Okay, you can use my phone. But make it quick, I don’t want you using
up all my minutes! The Shamrocks that you earn from selling goods
at the festival can be used to upgrade your factories, improving their output, and maximizing
production. You can also upgrade your ship, to increase
the amount of goods the boat can carry across the river. As well as the festival itself, to increase
the amount of goods the festival can sell at once. If you’ve gathered a lot of Shamrocks, and
don’t want to upgrade the productions incrementally, you can tick the ‘max’ button in the top corner
to upgrade them much faster! Also, if you want to, you can spend Pots of Gold to advance your productions instantly by 2, 4 or 8 hours. This is a quick way to produce additional
Shamrocks if you need them. So the florist is on her way down now, so
everything should be set. That’s grand.
Hey, so what’s your next wish? Well everything is organised now, so I’m just
hoping that the festival goes smoothly. So I guess I’m wishing for good luck? Good luck? -Hey that I can do, here, take me shamrock!
-Wait. Shamrocks have three leaves! -Really?
-Yeah! Erm… well, this one is a lucky shamrock! Now that we’ve got a good supply line set
up, Paddy has a suggestion! He’ll introduce you to some fine young folk
who, for a fee, will manage your factories. Click on the top hat to hire one, who will automate production of goods, as well as improving the amount produced. Upgrading a manager costs Pots of Gold, so be sure to complete quests to have plenty to go around. You can also hire a Festival Manager, to automatically manage the festival on your behalf, and a Shipyard Manager, to automate the shipment of goods to the festival. Now this is all great, but what’s in it for
you? Along the top of the event window, there’s
a list of three tasks. Complete a task to make progress towards the
Grand Prize. Finish 25 to earn the Grand Prize reward! If you’re not sure what you need to do for a task, click on the arrow on the right side of the list for a full overview. Each one you complete will be replaced with a new one, Giving you a chance to progress even closer to the grand prize. Okay now, lassie! Last wish! What will it be? Okay, I feel bad for asking this, but the
preparations for the festival were kind of costly. So, I guess I’m wishing for some money? Do I look like I carry cash with me? Oh…Do you use PayPat? Well, maybe not cash, but… No, not me pot o’ gold! C’mon! You wouldn’t even miss a few pieces? Oh…What would you even do with them? I could exchange them at one of those Cash
4 Gold places. Exchange me precious gold?! You won’t miss just one piece. Fine, here you go. I suppose you’ll be wanting me gold teeth
next. And me shoes. And me poor wife’s glass eye. This is plastic! There’s a limited number of tasks that can
completed in each town, meaning once you’ve completed them all, the townsfolk will be
ready to start the festivities! Completing all the tasks is optional, but
if you finished them all, Or if you feel that they’re getting too tough Once you have collected enough Shamrocks you
can start your journey to the next town. To do this, click on Continue button in the
bottom right corner. On your way to the next town, you’ll get
the chance to snag some awesome rewards, In the form of 6 reward boxes. You can open one for free, and as many more
as you like for Pots of Gold. If you open all 6 boxes, you’ll earn the collection
reward on the right-hand side. Once you’re ready to move on, click continue
to start a new town. You’ll take your Pots of Gold, and any progress towards the grand prize with you, Starting afresh with a new set of tasks to work towards. But of course, these box rewards aren’t
all you can win. The main Grand Prize reward for the St. Patrick’s Day event is the brand-new Celtic Forest building Set. This beautiful set of 5 buildings with 2 levels each bring a taste of the Emerald Isle to your city. Once fully upgraded and placed next to one
another, the Celtic Forest set will output a bunch of unique rewards, from Forge Points,
Goods to resources and military boosts! We hope you have fun playing the brand-new
St. Patrick’s Event! As always, let us know what you think in our
forums and in the comments section below. And of course, if you enjoyed this video,
make sure to give it a like! And if you haven’t done it already, hit that notification bell to get updated whenever we post up a new video! Until next time. May the road rise up to meet you! What The Forge!

100 thoughts on “Will luck be on your side? | St Patrick’s Day Event 2020 | Forge of Empires

  1. seems so very difficult tasks to attain we will see what it is after all I will play it if too difficult is no matter! but it seems you have to play to win so I would try that first! then we see what you made of it.

  2. I guess you have to be Irish to play a game knowing it is unwinnable of sorts but I give ya all some Irish luck.
    I hope my friend has some too! We can play with the best of the sort, so get ready and eye laddie and lassie we be playin it!

  3. ALLEINE DER PRIMITIVE UND NICHT GEBÜGELTE HINTERGRUND ZUM ANFANG; JESUS; WIE BILLIG: DA SIEHT MAN DOCH WELCHE MÜHE DER VERANSTALTER; MIT DICKEN 6 stelligen Umsatzzahlen, den Spieler schätzt! Buhhh ! Echt einfach nur schlecht …. Werde das gerne ins inglisch übersetzen……

  4. We need to change the operator in Brisgard Argentina, because the truth is that it is a shame what is happening. And I want to take advantage to know how the exchange of neighbors in the neighborhood operates, because they never move. Not to mention that the cities from one moment to another disappear because they arbitrarily change their defenses as if nothing … The truth I am already involved in the game, but they do not want to continue playing for the arbitrariness that occurs

  5. We need it to be a more fair game, because very rare things are happening. Guilds disappear and nobody knows anything. How is the criterion used to make a guild disappear with 3 founders for example …? should be removed by majority ..

    Ami disappeared the guild that was created for years of years ..

  6. I'll be wearin' me LUCKY GREEN PYJAMAS to Stat at 4 AM in the night.. But that is like 9AM 10AM in Deutschland… Hey Good Luck To Ya all!!

  7. So, the event building looks really pretty. Maybe my favorite Inno has ever designed! Good benefits too!

    But this event is so complex and time-consuming – and then of course there's a chance you won't even be able to get the completed building set even if you devote the necessary amount of time. Probably going to skip this.

    Which is unfortunate because I do really like the set.

  8. I don't have a lot of obsolete building, but I am definitely missing space. I understand that buildings are gettinh stronger and stronger, but you need to understand that expansions are a necessary add to prices AND that some building can't be sold, as much for the forge points investment as for their beauty!!! You took time to develop them, don't force us to sell them just because some other buildin produces a little better.

  9. Spend some few dollars on the game and it’s worth playing . Strategie is important in whole game , without calculating your be scrubbing your head all day . So plan strategies. – @nisha123

  10. This is the most Stupid part of Forge of Empire I have ever played. does not make sense and it's is just a waste of time. I am not playing this at all…. you have screwed this one up!

  11. What happens when I click on the orange button with the shamrock on every building? And what is the max level per building? I’m not sure how to spend my shamrocks in a logical way 🤔🍀🍀

  12. I thought this event would be complicated and I didn’t get it, but now that it’s open I really like it!! It’s something different and not that complicated at all 🙂

  13. I have to agree with the general mood of comments so far – too complicated, requiring too much time and too much city space. I will have a go but I'm not convinced that the light is worth the candle.

  14. Great innovation! Was getting tired of the same old events. And the video is so creative — you all work so hard to make this game fun!

  15. I've already got the first Celtic Garden set from completing the quests. Guess after this I'll stop doing quests that require the use of Gold.

  16. troppo incasinato, mi dispiace (e tra i sottotitoli non c'è l'italiano). E poi, è il solito tentativo di spillare soldi a noi giocatori

  17. this stupid game do you really play the game of years spent in the server erase and sounds with your own knowledge would you play something like that?

  18. Honestly……can't we just click on a box and win a prize??
    In an effort to make things more interesting, they just made a simple game unnecessasrily more difficult than it needs to be.
    I think most of us just want to play a nice little video game….not acheive a doctorate in gaming.

  19. I really love the automatic action of this event. Just pay for the upgrades in the way that creates the biggest effect and upgrade the places that are slowing down progress. One of my favorite events so far!

  20. Этот рыжий мужик красавчик 😂👍
    Люблю этот наивный юмор😌👌

  21. Its very cute …just try it …I started a bit confused too … but its damn good fun and sooo addicting .. Thanks Inno ..Im having a great time with it

  22. If we dont have enough pots to open all of the boxes …like we only able to open 3-4 box and there are no pots left … What will happen then, do we lose those boxes and lose the set? …or we can open them later ….please tell me im so confused

  23. Yes. SImple and clear: too complicated and impossible to get it better even in next village. Except if you have no other need for your brains.

  24. I'm not sure why everyone thinks the event is very complicated, It seems very easy. If anyone has played a clicker game before. That's pretty much what it is. Except it looks way better 🙂

  25. Dear Jess and Kurt, thanks for the great mini-game, it's such a perfect example of "chain of supply" I've studied in economics long time ago. I wish I had so nice visual explanation of how things work – when you try to organize logistics through : suppliers – supplies warehouse – your plant or fabric – ready-made goods warehouse – wholesale distributors … etc.

    Your Shamrock mini-game shows typical "bottleneck" problem in a way, that anyone can understand. Either a player plans supply chain wisely (having limited Leprechaun Gold for upgrades) or quickly being faced with huge logistics problems = no gold left, goods stuck on this or that river bank, ship's capacity too small or ship's too slow, or outgoing warehouse isn't capable to handle piles of goods – and one's can't pay for upgrades, and just had to long time to slowly recover from own mistakes.

    Thank you very much! You can do fabric warehouses / outoging and inbound warehouses to be of a limited capacity too, or taking Shamrock / Gold resources as a payment for extra warehouse space (e.g. capital will be decreased, leading whole event to bankruptcy and player had to start over) – but this probably will be to cruel. Yet, realistic 🙂

  26. That was a funny introduction to this event ! Nice work, i understood everything. Instructions really clear, already finished my first town

  27. I’m liking this event and the design of it. It’s all about finding that middle ground where everything runs smoothly. My only fear is that if I boost all the managers to their max, I won’t have enough PoGs to open all the chests to get enough upgrades to have 1 complete L2 set. Might have to spend a couple hundred 😔🤨

  28. I don't know how everyone could say that this event is complicated. It's so simply i knew at first how to play. I'm glad that's sth new where i don't have to pay too much attention for although it could take some ur time 😉
    btw i'd like to play tap or merge minigames in foe someday

  29. I appreciate your will to bring variety to the events.
    One event city to build (and not loosing all updates to the next city) would have been nice. This way it is now, a bad decision seen not to be undoable.
    The great thing about the main game is, that you can play it multiple ways to win it your way.

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