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  1. Good choice. Italy seems to have been left in a dark hole by media, yet we ALL love Italy. Yes! Give us aesthetically beautiful Geopolitics!

  2. let me highlight one thing:
    "the UK is a bigger market to Italian products than are the US & China"

    so, yeah, Brexit might hurt the economy of some EU economies harder than it does the UK.

  3. Italy will Sooner or later will leave the EU the self centered parasite in Brussels are heading to self destruction and can't even see it coming once it happens France Spain and other's will follow.

  4. The new division on the river Elba is forming in Europe.
    EU is beneficial only to Northern Europe. The south will be dried up of capital, skilled labour (trained for southern money), brainpower.
    South will be transformed to Holliday destination and agricultural production.

  5. Italy (like Greece, Portugal, etc.) will NEVER voluntarily leave the EU. The Italians know their liras will be worthless in about 5 years time – just as the Greeks talked big but when threatened to be kicked out begged to stay in the EU because NO GREEK wanted the return of the worthless Drachmas!

  6. No no my friend! Euro destroy us! In long term we need Lira back! I dont care if im poor! I want my country sovereignty back! Dont care about Union Europea, is finished!

  7. Wait…we're in recession and you want us to LEAVE? That's nuts. Ignore the political drama, guys. We ain't leaving. The government will fall and we'll have another technical government.

  8. Italy will not leave the EU, our economy is too dependent on exports to renounce the access to such a market. Italy's manifacturing industry is strongly connected to Germany's car and mechanical industry and now that German economy is slowing down, Italy is suffering a lot because of the decrease in orders. Italy is projected to be the country with the lower growth in the Eurozone in 2019 (estimated at +0.2%), but Germany is expected to be second worst at no more than 1% and possibly (official data will be available next week) in recession this quarter, just like Italy.
    However Italy's economy has many more structural problems, first of all the lack of investments in research and innovation that is making our companies less competitive every year, so when Germany does great we barely grow, but when Germany stops growing we collapse.

    We also have a huge demographic problem: fertility rate is one of the lowest in the world and life expectancy is one of the highest (which is good, but costs a lot of public money in pensions). Add to that the massive emigration of young people to other more dynamic countries and you understand how the already massive debt could become unbearable at some point unless we severely cut pensions and social welfere.

  9. I am not so sure if Euro is so beneficial for countries economy. In the EU there are countries using Euro, and others using local currencies. If you compare GDP growth in countries using Euro, like Greece, Italy, Spain , Portugal against countries using their own currencies like Sweden, Denmark, Poland or Hungary you can see big gap in the GDP growth, and it isn't very impressive in the Euro countries.

  10. Waiting for Italy to leave EU is like waiting for the other shoe to drop, or the other boot. Better yet, keep northern Italy and cut the bottim half loose.

  11. I congratulate you on a very balanced, non-partisan and dispassionate view. I've lived and worked in Italy since 1970 and am settled here. For the first 10 years I wondered whether this "seemingly" chaotic country could survive until I began to understand the Italian concept of the "arte di arrangiarsi". After all, Italy is not only the happy go lucky land of people who enjoy life, which of course they do, but it is also, if you scratch below the surface, a very hard headed and pragmatic society that understands its own defects and accepts them but takes lessons from nobody- It is, after all ,the country of Machiavelli, the birthplace of banking and a powerhouse of technical innovation and invention. It is a country with virtually no natural resources, certainly not energy related ones, apart from agricultural so, it has to live and nurture a population of 65 million by ingenuity, invention and fantasia that can be exported in the form of products, civil engineering enterprises, technical expertise and imported with the encouragement of tourism. Both Conte and Salvini, although they have contentions with the EU have publicly stated that they have no intention of leaving the Eurozone, much less the EU. Italy is in technical recession due to the fact that it is a nation very much dependent on exports and if a big customer like China slows down economically it is impacted. Brexit should not impact Italy all that much because the UK is only 5% of its exports while Germany is 12%, France 10%, Spain 5% and the USA 10%. With the recent JEFTA agreement I forsee great opportunities for Italian exports to Japan. I hope that any objectors will make allowances for the fact that I obviously suffer from the Stendahl Syndrome that is particularly acute if you happen to be an adoptive citizen of Milan.

  12. Screw Europe. We saved it from Germany in WWI & WWII , only to see them give themselves up to Germany. Let it burn.

  13. The opposite: EU will leave us!
    Actually Italy is more a problem than a resource for its partners and in a not so long time its market will be more and more less important because there are newer and fast growing in Eastern Europe.
    The Eastern European countries are economically more in tune with Germany, the real engine of EU.
    The best opportunities for Italy in the EU could be with France and UK because this two countries are more interested than Eastern Europe in a more balanced economic trade with Germany.
    Unfortunately the present Italian government is doing all the best he can do to dismantle friendship and collaboration with France.
    On another side the UK, according to Mr Farage and Mr Johnson, is trying to became a poor country at any cost leaving the EU.
    Well, considering this scenario, Italy will be isolated very soon by the rest of the EU as the new Greece.
    The worst is that for the size of its economy compared to Greece, any kind of rescue will be impossible for Italy, so the only choice will be leave Italy to its own “brilliant” destiny…

  14. Your more recent videos show an obvious intensification of your research efforts. Good to see, and keep it up! Success follows from hard work.

  15. italy was famous for it cheap and high quality product (it was something like china today) but when the asian nation like Thailand and china joined the world trade italy lose it place because of the asian cheaper labour cost and on the other hand germany and japan in these period they have invested in technology because they were thinging of a long term profit.

    another reason, italy was famous for it inflation manipulation and that is one of the reason why italy have a lot of debt and when italy change it currency it didn't stabilized the debt and bank before changing to Euro.

    the italian know that if we were to use lira again it will kill us because we already have 132% of debt to gdp and with the inflation of the lira it will be about 200% of debt so that will kill italy and the purchasing power of the italian peaple and the italian government will be reduced (italian still import many resourcees and food from other countrys and with lira everything will be more expensive not to mention the values of lira will be even weaker when the government decide to print more money to pay the debt ).

  16. Italy will Remain in the European Union Rome is the Spiritual Capital of Europe Catholic Religion will Unite and Hold the EU. Pope Francis 1 will Lead the Unification and Strength there will be Reduction of European Countries Italy is CORE Europe will Remain. Germany will be the Political and Military Power of Europe Great Deception is being Orchestrated to Fool the World.

  17. Europe needs common political/financial institutions to transfer income, much as the U.S. transfers income from rich to poor states. Otherwise the German powerhouse will suck the rest of the EU dry. That's a lot of the problem with the southern tier countries. And loved all the scenes of Venice.

  18. This channel is fantastic. Keep it up, guys, you’ll take off soon. The more level-headed, analytical, accessible geopolitical content on YouTube the better. Sharing this channel with everyone I know

  19. The Universal Basic Income has already been rolled out. As of April 2019 5.5M italians will get "free" money! Woohoo. Why didnt I think of that? Probably because I would've reduced the state and cut taxes for small businesses

    Not all economic outcomes are considered when going back to Lira. Like Brexit, some short term loses are weathered by the ability to be "freer", not totally of course, since Central banking will still exist. Bottom line, the more sovereignty you give up, the less free you are. So for example: Debt-base currencies *may* not be all the bad, IF you are well aware of the consequences.

    Buying a house with debt is not bad *IF* you know what that means. Again, the "freer" you are from all mechanisms that compromise your liberties, the better. The Eurozone is one of those chains, in the many. We will free ourselves of the chains one by one.

  20. Hi from Firenze, Italy. we won't leave EU but we want to be respected and not be considered a big refugee camp like were were few months ago with leftist government. Most problems for Italy comes form migrants policy.

  21. As an Italian, we won't leave the European Union. If we don't want to collapse, then we would have to start to make some improvements to our economy (cutting fiscal evasion, reducing the extreme bureaucracy, fighting corruption and many other things). I am young and I'm tired of these politicians that we're having right now, they are stealing our future…

  22. As much as some wish for the EU to fall apart, it isn't going to happen. Those who keep salivating at the possibility are going to be sadly disappointed when they don't. Predicting the collapse of the EU is a past-time for many who have been predicting its demise since its founding. And yet it is still here and will continue to be so.

  23. The Euro should be replaced by smaller currencies, currencies should only shared by similar economies. A possibility is a Northern and Southern Euro, while greece gets its own currency.

  24. Though Italy is eurosceptic at its core it will not leave the eurozone as Italy is wise enough to take advantage of the Euro's shortcomings.
    One being the technical possibility through the Euro currency of dumping its low credit rating on other eurozone members.

  25. Very superficial, the speaker clearly doesn't understand why membership of the Euro has proved so disastrous for Italy (although it might indeed have difficulty extricating itself).

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  27. Everybody should leave EU. It's globalists wet dream to make it another soviet union and then proceed to one global country, aka. new world order.

    Atm. Eu is using their scare tactics with the countries which like to leave, like how much it would costs to UK if they proceed with the brexit. IMO it's just a bluff… globalists themselves are in panic while they are losing their wargames and people around the world are waking up to their crimes against humanity.

    Eventually we will see the brexit, italexit, polexit, swexit, fixit and so on.. EU is about to collapse. Sooner the better.

    And that's the way it is.

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