Why we are born with great differences?

Why we are born with great differences?

In our group we will keep ourselves open.
Not too close you know to be a religion or try to write down a lot of
law that force people to walk into a certain path. If they don’t walk into a
certain path they are wrong and we brand them as a sinner so this is the history
that tell us that who we should be and how we should build the earth
to be the place of harmony and to achieve peace in the future. So I think
that the knowledge of religions are quite obsolete in our term. It means that..
It doesn’t mean that this is not good but it will be obsolete. When
human are growing up and we become much more intelligent so we don’t want
to walk into the same old railroad anymore. So we we need to find some kind
of alternative to walk towards our escalations of our spiritual knowledge.
So every religion just just bring the soul up to a certain level. Not to kill.
Not to do bad thing that is good enough. Once we were of a barrack soul and we
reincarnate to this world so many times and each time that we comes into this
world we collect a kind of knowledge. So we are the building block
of knowledge. Every time human reincarnate we built
the block of knowledge too and that’s why we are the collective knowing
element once we grow. So with too many times coming back that’s why we can
identify that some people are more intelligent than than the other
is because we have passed all these knowledge and the knowledge or the
knowledge that becomes the skill. The skill are innate within the memory of
the soul. Once you are coming back you will bring those
knowledge back as your talents in the new life. So once you don’t understand
the talents it can be said a God’s gift it is okay but in my way it is your own
knowledge reactivate in a new life. So that is how human are so different. So
for those of you who think that you don’t have a same you doesn’t born with
any kind of talent no you just not finding it yet. So if you want to stay
put you don’t want to do anything of course
you cannot create your skill in this life. In next life you will be
born with very few knowledge. So if you work hard don’t afraid of work
hard. If you want to read then go and read. If you want to you know create any
kind of skill and all those skill will bring with you into every life. So this
is how we will not die just die and for nothing. Something that we can bring
with us. Your own knowledge. Why knowledge? Once we understand that we bring the
knowledge we can only bring the knowledge and memories that is why our souls are the seed of enlightens. We are the seed that can
never go back to the barbaric time. Once we enlight we will keep on enlight. Enlightened means that you know something deep and understand the truth
and you can do it you can improve it and you can understand everything inside out.
It means your abilities of understanding things of that particular
things are your own enlightens. So I bless you and every one of you to find
the true knowledge within you and improve them into the best professions
that you can be. So I bless you with ability to find yourself. Hi everyone
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  2. Master one must follow their own path and have the right to do so, doesnt mean that anyone beliefs are wrong we all have our own morals and beliefs.

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