Why isn’t Wales represented on the Union Jack?

Why isn’t Wales represented on the Union Jack?

The United Kingdom is made up of four countries:
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The national flag of the United Kingdom reflects
this country of countries situation. England is represented by Saint George’s Cross, which
is combined with Saint Andrew’s Saltire representing Scotland, and then Saint Patrick’s Saltire
was added to represent Ireland, and finally, Saint David’s cross would represent Wales,
except for the fact that Saint David’s cross isn’t included.
So why despite the United Kingdom losing control of the majority of Ireland, Ireland is represented
and Wales is not? In 1216 the kingdom of England controlled
the south of Wales under the Marcher Lords; the North, however, was independently ruled
by Welsh Princes. These Princes came together at the Council
of Aberdyfi and agreed that Llywelyn the Great was the paramount ruler in Wales. The other
Princes agreed to pay him homage and effectively became vassals of Llywelyn. In doing so their
realms were absorbed into what we now call the Principality of Wales.
Llywelyn never used the title of Prince of Wales, although he had already been calling
himself the ‘Prince of the whole of North Wales’ for several years. He was careful not
to antagonize the King of England and later the King recognized the Principality of Wales
at the Treaty of Worcester. As part of this treaty the Prince now owed fealty to the English
King. However the Principality was largely independent,
that is until Edward the first completed of his conquest of Wales in 1284, when principality
was “annexed and united” to the English crown. At this point Wales did not become part of
the Kingdom of England: it was the king’s personal fief.
According to legend, Edward promised the Welsh that he would name “a prince born in Wales,
who did not speak a word of English” and then promptly produced a baby that happened to
be his son and Heir. This story is likely to be nothing more than legend as it can only
be traced to the 16th century, but since 1301 the title of Prince of Wales has usually been
given to heir-apparent of England (and subsequently to the heir-apparent of Great Britain and
of the United Kingdom). Initially The Principality still had its own
laws and served as a practice domain for the future King.
But, the Laws in Wales Acts of 1535 and 1542 formally incorporated Wales into the Kingdom
of England, and ended the existence of the Principality of Wales
It’s probably best not to bring this up with your Welsh friends but that, in a way
… makes them English! ; however the title continued to be bestowed
on the heir apparent. Explaining why today we still have a Prince of Wales, despite not
having a Principality? So by the time the Acts of Union were enacted
in and 1706 and 1707 uniting the Kingdoms of England and Scotland together as the treaty
put it “into One Kingdom by the Name of Great Britain” – Wales had been part of
the Kingdom of England for over 150 years. The two kingdoms flags were brought together
but Wales as part of England would be represented only through England’s Saint George’s Cross. One final point, a principality, by definition,
is ruled over by a prince or princess, so even if Wales was to become an independent
nation, it would not become a principality, it’s head of state would either remain the
English Monarch, making it a Kingdom, or an elected head of state would be established
making it a republic.

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  1. Well : England is represented by a red cross on a white background. This cross is the symbol for the patron saint of England who is Saint George. And we all know what he is famous for, don’t we!

  2. Yet the dam Scots, Her Majesty’s mortal enemy, are represented! At least the Welsh want to be in the union. The jocks are worse than the North Koreans. There’s only one solution and it’s to send the Paras over the border to subdue the sods!

  3. As an Englishman, I would be pleased and honoured to see the Welsh Dragon up in the top left corner of the Union Flag. It would show respect for the Welsh. It would eliminate the problem of getting it the right way up at all times and would save me a lot of irritation at constantly seeing it flown upside down so many times at public events, or displayed incorrectly in shop windows.

  4. Y draig goch is actually in the middle of the flag.
    Unfortunately, it is the same hue as the cross and has no white outline but the Welsh can be assured it is there. Wales was united with England under the Welsh Tewdwr dynasty.

  5. Should have a new flag soon after Brexit. Scotland will leave and join the Euro. NI will reunite with Ireland and Borris will sell out England and Wakes

  6. Because Wales is to good to be included woldent be fair on the Scots , Paddy's , or the English 😩 we've even got a dragon

  7. Because wales is the embarrassment of Britain 😂😂 don’t even speak there own language any more they use ours 🇬🇧

  8. As an American I find this stuff easier to grasp by thinking of England as still being the head of an empire, with Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland all being the other provinces.

  9. Welsh Celtic polytheists didn't have a Christian cross, not even an off-center one like the Saint Andrew…

  10. Completing the conquest in 1284 is debateable because Powys Wenwynwyn, Edeirnion, Glyndyfrdwy and Dryslwyn Castle still belonged to the Welsh and fighting between the English and Welsh continued until 1295 during the Battle of Maes Moydog where the Welsh leader Madog was imprisoned.

    Despite this however, Welsh uprisings/riots became commonplace with various Welshmen rising up against the English most notably Llywelyn Bren who was later executed by the English.

    In 1326 rebels (unknown nationality) captured the English King (Edward II) at Pantybrad after he had fled to South Wales one of the most notable things that happened during the 14th century in Wales was the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre which resulted in the Welsh killing Henry de Shaldeforde and his men, Owain Lawgoch attempted to retake Wales after fighting abroad however after his first failed attempt he began to plan a second with a larger force but he was later assassinated by an English Assassin.

    15th century Wales saw Owain Glyndwr and his Welsh forces regain a large part of Wales and caused many Welshmen to return to Wales in order to join the Uprising alongside them some Bretons (these were native Britons alongside the Welsh and Cornish who inhabited Britain before the English arrived) joined in. The French sent their support after recieving a letter from Owain, the letter sent to the Irish fell on deaf ears. The uprising despite being a great initial success failed after the french knights withdrew due to the French king becoming mad and from most of the experienced Welshmen being killed the men who remained were mostly inexperienced and mostly came from Universities and workplaces, to make matters worse the English blocked Welsh supply routes and in 1409 the English retook the last Welsh stronghold of Harlech (its believed Owain continued fighting afterwards but with miniscule effect).

    Then in 1485 Henry Tudor became king of England and Wales his ancestors of the Tudur (it was anglicised to Tudor) family fought alongside Owain Glyndwr, his Grandfather Owain Tudur (later anglicised to Owen Tudor) was pardoned for the families involvement and had children with the English Queen.

    Henry wanted to keep England and Wales seperate and wanted his son Arthur to govern Wales. However, Henry's other son Henry VIII wanted central control so when he became king he joined England and Wales together and abolished Welsh law which was written by Hywel Dda (Howell The Good) in the 10th century in addition to this surnames began becoming more popular in Wales replacing the previous system of naming after ancestors. This could partially have been due to the abolition of the laws of Hywel Dda as Hywel thought it was important that people knew their ancestry but most likely would have been due to the integration of English law and culture.

  11. The part for Ireland (st Patrick flag) is not Irish, it was made up by the English for to finish the flag and to control Ireland. But since most of Ireland is not under British rule, then this part should be removed from the flag

  12. As an Englishman I think we need the dragon on the flag. Not just because wales deserves representation but it also one of the most loyal and respectful countries towards the United Kingdom. Even more so than England sometimes. The welsh are proud welsh and proud British and that is why we love them so much.

  13. Did this number nuts just call me English?! Somebody hold my beer…so when Germany took Paris did that suddenly make the French German? Culture is a thing my friend and it hold more weight than a simple title.

  14. As a proud welshman wouldnt want to be represented on a flag that is known world wide as a flag of repression and invading of other peoples country and land . scum

  15. I'm Australian and I am confused. If Wales is a country, then it should be represented on the Union Flag. The Welsh Dragon on the Union Jack would look good. Not sure about the Cross of St David however.

  16. I'm Welsh, two points, it's not a jack it's a flag, and Wales isn't a kingdom, really not that difficult.

  17. Wales and northern ireland arent countries,wales is a pricipality or administrated district of england. Northern ireland is a provence

  18. Wales was never part of English throne .Oh and Northern Ireland is part it Britain…… not Ireland!!!!!!!!! 😡

  19. The Welsh rolled over so it would be a joke to have any of their colours in the Union Jack. Scotland's bravehearts never surrendered. Their reward will be freedom in 2020

  20. You wait when they put the gold stars of the EU on the union jack. Then You can f.. King moan. Love from Wales

  21. Because Wales is 'not a country' it's a principality and 'is represented' on the flag of the union by the cross of St George. However, if there were to be an enhancement of this it would have to be the cross of St David so lines of yellow and black could be incorporated into the current design. I personally would welcome that as all the current elements are made up from Saints. The Welsh are not English nor are the Scots or the Irish but we are all British for together we make up the British Isles. It wasn't the English who gave us this designation but the Romans

  22. St David's cross or the Red Dragon are not included because England has always looked at Wales as a colony

  23. Why don’t we just call people british instead of English/ welsh/ Scottish to make my geography and history homework easier.

  24. Absolutely right – there's no excuse for Wales lack of representation on the UK flag. A nice red dragon could easily be squeezed in. Any so called reason for the omission is no longer relevant today. C'mon, get it sorted!!

  25. Because they are erigent a holes that think their better then every one else also the Welsh have celt blood

  26. St. David’s cross is incorporated in the flag. When I was in the scouts it was identified as a white horizontal/perpendicular cross on a blue background.

  27. I am Welsh born in South Wales, I am proud of my place of birth. My bloodline is mixed, Welsh, English, Italian, French and German. We can trace our family back to the Norman invasion, when some of our ancestors came over during the Norman invasion as hired mercenaries,who then married into the native population of that time. Since then some of my ancestors married Welsh, who married English who married Italian. I class myself Welsh, I was born in Wales, live in Wales and love my country.

  28. Wales is a recognised country and hasn't been a principality since the 16th century. Given this video is only 3 years old I'm surprised by the false claims made. Content creators have a moral duty to research their claims and not make false statements for publicity, I guess this chap only cares about his ad revenue?

  29. England: I have a lion
    Scotland: well I have a unicorn
    Wales: f-ck both of you i have a DRAGON
    Northern Ireland (has no national animal): oh grow up the lot of you

  30. You was all Welsh b4 the Normans and Saxons.. just except it. You say stuff like this to convince your selfs English is a thing!!!.. .. lmao😁🤣

  31. Say what you like, but I will remain Welsh. Reality or not, I will never serve under your banner!!!! As a Welsh brave heart might have said (if he were Welsh)…You may have bought off our land, but you'll never take our feelings of sovereignty!!!!!

  32. Well if wales decided to become independant, could they not decide to have a prince, just like us norwegians decided to have our own king upon our independance from sweden, taking a danish prince and making him king of norway? Like monarchies arent actually chosen by god, you can just make a royal house if you wanted to within your nation.

  33. Because a dragon would dominate the flag.

    I'm fine with it. Everyone knows we have the coolest flag (in the World) anyway.

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