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dr. banner now it might be a really good
time for you to get angry that’s my secret cap
I’m always angry why do we like superhero movies the first superhero movie was the Mark
of Zorro released in 1920 since then countless superheroes have graced the
silver screen leading to literally billions of dollars spent at the box
office every year with some amazing films and some less so wrong few people
our obsession with these characters has extended far beyond what we once
imagined it ever could be in 1944 during the height of World War
two it’s appropriate that we got our first taste of what was yet to come from
a small-time comic book publisher named timely comics Captain America took on
the Scarab and his terrible poison gas in the film the war hero fights with a
gun and his signature shield isn’t nowhere to be found but it was the first
in a long line of movies based on comics serials Captain America is said to grace
the silver screen once again this coming May in the New Avengers infinity war and
the character has gone through some major changes since then and he’s not
the only one Superman made his first silver screen appearance in Superman and
the mole men in 1951 and it seems apt that these first comic book movie
superheroes later became known as the American Boy Scouts that brings me to
the title of this video why do we like superhero movies like the comics they
were based on these characters embody a great all-american good guy that can
stand up to anything and it’s appropriate that the sentiment came
about in the wake of the Second World War we as Americans felt like we could
stand up to anybody and take down all the bad guys and in World War 2 there
were some very real bad guys this was such a cultural belief in America that
the Nazis became captain america’s biggest antagonist in the comic series
for a while afterwards superheroes found a place on television through the 60s
and 70s and honestly this made more sense in an art form serialized in
weekly comic book releases these early television heroes were often produced in
the style of crime and mystery shows Adam West’s Batman television show was
played like a tongue-in-cheek crime drama making light of the characters
flamboyant outfits while fighting against the villain of the week and yes
using chakra pellet despite this it was considered the biggest TV phenomenon of
the 1960s characters like spider-man Batman and
Superman were unopposed good guys and they fought against the bad guys super
villains and evildoers there was a clear dichotomy between what was good and what
was bad this was the time during the Cold War where we as America saw
ourselves as her hero who had to save the weak and
downtrodden and the evil communists were there to bring about the destruction or
enslavement of the world we know the antagonists of these shows wanted to
upset the status quo and it was the job of the heroes to keep the world safe
from that disruption the 1980s and 90s saw rise in the superhero movie once
again with a string of Superman and Batman films much of the success of
these movies was likely a spillover from the early television shows the parents
who grew up watching those shows on TV as children and there’s always been
nostalgia the superheroes on TV transitioned from traditional comic
heroes like Batman and spider-man to some new IPs like Thundercats he-man and
Captain Planet this era was an era of dichotomy the heroes had unique villains
they had to fight over and over again defeating them and bring about peace but
only for a short time the villains would always return one way or another
superhero movies like Christopher Reeves Superman series and Tim Burton’s 1989
Batman tried to move away from some of the campy sarcastic tones of their
television predecessors they tried to portray some real struggles of a hero in
a slightly darker setting this America was one that had been dealing with the
Cold War for more than three decades now and it seemed like no matter what
challenges they overcame another would pop up in its place
another Korea another Missile Crisis another Vietnam this was a world that
stayed optimistic that kept fighting but never seemed to find real peace just
like the heroes they idolized at the turn of the century we began to
see superheroes who were much more human Sam Raimi’s spider-man the x-men
franchise and Christopher Nolan’s Batman series all dealt with very human
characters superheroes that were also human underneath their masks even 2006
is Superman had a conflict of character was he a human or an alien
we saw superheroes fail we saw these characters fight real human emotions
like fear and loss there were no longer beings with amazing power that could
keep fighting for good just because that’s what they were supposed to do but
characters who questioned whether what they were doing was even the right thing
to do these were characters that were more
human than super we saw this shift in a post-911 world one where we saw that
America was a country that could be beaten
we had flaws and we weren’t an unstoppable force we questioned if what
we were doing was right just like these characters we were reminded that we too
were human Marvel Studios began a new wave of superhero movies with the
release of Iron Man in 2008 but what truly changed the game was when their
long-term planning coalesced in 2012 Avengers the Avengers opened with the
largest box office weekend in history it was a superhero film but it had
interesting characters with a story that Marvel had built up over the last four
years and it was funny it used tropes of classic superhero
mythology and turned them into satire but this wasn’t the same humor as the
1960s Batman television show it wasn’t a joke at the expense of the characters
but in fact the opposite it was a critique of the superhero genre while
also following these same superhero tropes smash this idea expanded upon the
humanized hero Thor was just a fun buddy that you get drinks with after work
Steve was the guy who was behind in the latest TV shows and just wanted to hang
out Tony is the arrogant pretty boy who you hang out with because he’s a great
wingman these were people we know in our own lives while creating amazing action
set pieces that bring us into the world of real superheroes the Hall
would reporters said well the save-the-world story is one everyone’s
seen time and time again and the characters have been around for more
than half a century in 500 comic book issues but Whedon and his cohorts have
managed to stir all the personalities and ingredients together so that the
resulting dish however familiar is irresistibly tasty again these
characters fight what it means to be a hero and even what it means to be a
villain the characters fight against one another in this sentiment is the same as
the one we fight as Americans we aren’t sure what’s right and what’s wrong but
that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it along the way when we need to take
action we do we’re willing to dawn the masks of the superhero even though we
may not be fighting the bad guys we’re fighting what we believe in and what we
believe is right and that’s why we love superheroes so much
superheroes embody us as a community they create a mirror of our society and
we project ourselves onto these larger-than-life characters because they
reflect our own ideals and beliefs this is one reason the Justice League films
have had so much trouble connecting with audiences in the same way we no longer
associate with the stoic Boy Scout Superman or the brooding seriousness of
Ben Affleck’s Batman and that’s not to say we can’t connect with them many
times it’s because we don’t relate to the conflicts that bring these
characters to make the choices they do we lose that connection with the hero I
won’t go into this too much there are plenty of other videos in the internet
that do but what I’m trying to get at is we all like superheroes because at our
core we want to be those heroes and seeing them the way we view ourselves
makes each one of us feel a little more super hey guys thank you for watching I
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