What Movies Mean – A psychoanalysis of pop culture tropes

What Movies Mean – A psychoanalysis of pop culture tropes

Hello and Welcome to the video series on
“What Movies Mean”! Have you ever wondered if movies
had some hidden meaning ? Something that reflects the workings of
our human psyche. Is some deeper message being conveyed
to our subconscious mind? Many people may realize that movies are of
the stuff that dreams are made of. There are certain patterns and recurring themes
that speak to our imagination. Now, I am not talking about all
the familiar tropes, rehashed clichés… …or other tricks of the trade
often deliberately used by story writers. Not per se, in any case. I’m talking about something that not even movie makers themselves
may be fully aware of. On this channel, I’ll be exploring
what movies mean… …or in other words: What the different
characters, story lines, scenes, motifs… … and other elements
seem to be telling us about you and me… … and what makes us tick. The basic idea is that our internal dialogue
can be pictured as different characters… …each standing for different aspects
of our psyche. As thought processes, they can be talking
and negotiating with each other… …and sometimes even fight amongst themselves. Now, this is not something new at all. There are many examples where this is actually explored right out in the open. As recent as 2015, this concept is explicitly carried out in the Pixar movie “Inside Out”… …with different characters personifying a young girl’s joy, fear, anger, disgust and sadness. But it goes back way further than that! The idea that we are actually peeking into
our collective minds when watching a movie… …or show is alluded to many times
in popular culture. For example: During World War 2,
Disney produced a wartime educational film… …illustrating our internal struggle. “Time has brought about many changes
inside his head since childhood!” “Reason seems to be in the driver’s seat,
with Emotion under control in the rear.” “Boy! I hate being tied down all the time!” The early nineties sitcom “Herman’s Head”,
features our intellect… … sensitivity, fear and lust. “But this struggle is going on inside all of us!
And it’s all going on inside Herman’s head!” Also, the Star Trek franchise, with its many
distinctive characters, has the same thing… … being suggested in selected episodes. “That’s because she represents an aspect
of your personality.” “And there are many parts of you that still
believe you’re on that starship.” “Why her?” “I asked you to get in touch with your feelings.
And this is the part of you that responded.” Now all these are examples
where this is done deliberately… …and it has perhaps become somewhat contrived.
But it doesn’t have to be. Many times it seems like different movie makers
have inadvertently set up the story and characters… …in the same telling way. On this channel, we’ll be looking at some
telling common patterns we can find in the… …epic stories that hit our screens. And we’re not only gonna focus on Movies,
but also on… …TV-shows and cartoons, for instance. Everything from whole franchises
down to even individual episodes! But be warned! Once you learn how to interpret
movies this way, there is NO turning back! You cannot un-know what you will learn here. “You must unlearn, what you have learned!” Shut up, Yoda! It cannot be done! Agree with me or not, you will inadvertently
start to see any movie you watch in this light. So it is up to you! Do you want to go on living
in blissful ignorance or learn the “truth”? To go further down the rabbit hole,
click the red pill. If you don’t think you can handle the truth,
click the blue pill. But wait! There’s more! Before you go further,
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and what movies you would like to have analyzed!

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  1. The Star Wars analysis you made were really good, and I would like to watch more videos like it, but the red pill isn't working, and it says the video is unavailable. Has it not been made yet, or blocked or something?

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