What is the EUROPEAN UNION, Anyway?!

The EU is not a continent. Europe is the continent.
The EU is also not a country, but rather it’s made up of a bunch of countries. The EU is
not the same as the Schengen Area. It’s not? No, it’s not. And the EU is also not the
same as the Euro Zone. Huh? Then what is it? Hey everyone! I’m Dana and you’re watching
Wanted Adventure Living Abroad. EU stands for European Union or Europäische
Union if you’re speaking German, and it’s made up of 28 European countries. Which means
America, I’m sorry but you’re not invited. It was formed after World War II, initially
as “just” an economic union. The thought process was, countries who trade together
make peace together. Meaning that hopefully there wouldn’t be yet another world war
two decades later. It started out as six countries: Germany,
France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium — who was just invited for their
waffles and chocolate, but sh, don’t tell them that. But by 1973 Denmark, Ireland and
the UK had also joined. Yes, that’s right, the UK is part of the EU even though they
don’t use the Euro. I know, it’s all a little bit confusing but we’ll go slowly. When the union first formed, however, the
EU wasn’t actually called the EU, but rather the EEC: European Economic Community. But
in 1992 the member countries decided to take their relationship to the next level, and
signed a treaty to become a union. The European Union. Congratulations! This is also when
they began tossing around the idea of EU citizenship and made plans for a common currency, which
we know today as the Euro. But I said before, the EU is not the same
thing as the Euro Zone. Not all of the countries in the EU use the Euro. For example, the UK,
as I mentioned, also the Czech Republic, Sweden, Hungary; these are all countries in the EU
but they have retained their own currencies, so they are not in the so-called Euro Zone. And how about that EU citizenship; what is
that and, perhaps more importantly, how can you get it? EU citizenship gives people who
have citizenship in one of the member countries of the EU the right to live and work and vote
in any of the other EU countries. So you get it by getting citizenship in one of those
countries. Sorry, it’s not a fast pass for people who want to move to Europe and then
keep their options open. Oh. As is clear from the EU citizenship, what
started as “just” that economic partnership has grown and blossomed into a political union
as well. Together the member countries of the EU not only set economic policies but
also policies regarding the welfare of the environment, food safety, preventing fraud,
and many, many more. These policies are voted on by the member
states, but it could happen that a country who was against the policy that got voted in
might simply decide not to abide by the rules. So what happens then? Well the EU could take
that country to court. To the European Court of Justice, to be specific. Yes, the EU has
a court of justice. It’s also got a European parliament, a central bank, and a court of
auditors. All of this, along with the fact that the countries making up the EU are often
called member states, as you might have noticed, makes the EU sound an awful lot like a country.
But believe me, it is not. France, Germany, Spain and all the rest are still stand-alone
countries, not states like Kansas or Vermont. However, a United States of Europe is what
some people think is just what the doctor ordered for Europe. As you might have heard,
there’s been this big ol’ problem with Greece spending a tad too much money and causing
a bit of a jam for its fellow EU member states. And it has been suggested that an even deeper
union could stop economic crises like this from happening in the future. So my question for you is: what do you think
of having one European country with a bunch of states, a so-called United States of Europe
or the Federal Republic of Europe or however you’d like to call it, and what interesting
information do you know about the EU? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. I will put more
information and links down in the description box below, so you can check those out if you’re
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stuff, you can check me out over here on my Twitter and my Facebook page. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! United States of Europe or Federal Rep… EU stands for… Action. It’s too hot. It’s too hot. Take it. Petting money and looking excited. Got any money?

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