What Is Not Digital Health – The Medical Futurist

What Is Not Digital Health – The Medical Futurist

I talk a lot about what digital health is. It’s a cultural transformation initiated
by advanced technologies that lead to an equal-level partnership between patients and their caregivers. But even huge organizations mistake it for
simply a technological revolution. So let’s clear up the confusion, let’s
see what is NOT digital health. There are many buzzwords flying around in
healthcare; telemedicine, ehealth, mobile health, health IT… just to say a few. But not everything that goes through a smartphone
or a computer is part of digital health. And it can be hard to draw a line to where
it all begins and ends. When personal computers became widely available
in the 1990s, e-health emerged. When such computers could be connected into
networks, telemedical services appeared. The rise of social media networks gave space
to medicine 2.0 and health 2.0; while penetration of mobile phones and later smartphones summoned
mobile health. But digital health is more than that. Even more than the sum of principles, such
as gamification, or technologies, such as telemedicine. It is a cultural transformation democratizing
care. Let’s take Health IT that mostly covers
the exchange and management of electronic health records. I know. It sounds like digital health… But it’s not. It’s not a cultural revolution, only a technological
one. So you might ask the question, how can we
navigate between these trends and buzzwords. How should we know what is part of digital
health? It’s simple. Just use our “Gary-rule.” It’s a general rule of thumb that can help
you easily. Imagine Gary, the IT guy. If you have a tech related issue, that only
he can help with, that belongs to Health IT. If Gary is not enough to address the problem
because you need doctors and patients involved too – that’s digital health.

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  1. Bertalan is the MAAAAN :-)!!!! Man, do I love the Medical Futurist. So much that it inspired me to create a similar format in German (Felix Healthcare Space). If you speak German feel free to subscribe to Digital Health news in German :-)! Digital Health is a CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION ❤️! Let's make healthcare democratic!

  2. Hi Berci,

    Which DNA sequencing provider (similar to 23andme) would you recommend in the EU?

    23andme doesn't provide health package for eu countries…

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