What Dwyane Wade Told Wife Gabrielle Union After Multiple Miscarriages | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

What Dwyane Wade Told Wife Gabrielle Union After Multiple Miscarriages | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

– Was there a time
where you wanted to– obviously, before even eight
or nine– just give up? No.
OPRAH: No. Never? I’m one of those people that– I failed at all kinds
of things, repeatedly. I’ve just always
been of the mindset– because this is what people
tell you– you work hard, you do the right things,
you’re a good person, it will happen for you. Eventually. Maybe not the first
couple of times, but– But eight or nine, you
might want to listen. GABRIELLE UNION: You’d think.
– Yes. But I was– I could not let go of
this idea of creating this life within me. That I could feel
that tied me to him, that he could be a part of, that
the world could be a part of. I’m not letting myself
and all these people down. I need to have this. I need to be pregnant for
everybody, including myself. But let me share
something with you. As we’re going
through this process, though, I’m watching my wife,
who, I know all these things and I want this for us,
and I want this for her. But I’m watching her
do things to her body, to herself, that it’s
getting to the point where it’s not healthy. And as I always told
her, I want this baby just as much as you do. But I married you. And you are the most
important thing to me. So it came to a point
where, you know, I started to feel a
certain way about that. Because I didn’t want
some to happen to her. And it was getting dangerous.
You know? See, we were trying
so much, and so many things, and so many
different methods. And it was getting dangerous,
and I was getting nervous.

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  1. 8-9 miscarries. I had 1 after my first child and the emotional trauma of that was insane. I am happy he considered her health and more so her mental well-being. I am sure it was hard for her considering Dwayne already has children.

  2. The painting in the I Background interesting😎.Good interview Oprah..I hope this whole experience has made her whole..

  3. One does not know what people issues are.We all need to be sensitive to each other.Happy they finally had a child through surrogate mother.

  4. The look on her face encapsulates the level of love that they share. It’s almost like she was looking for all the right things to say tonsum up everything but when Dwayne spoke it just took a layer off in front of the world.

  5. Now this is what I call a man and a real man that loves his wife.He just showed her that she's loved and is very special.We don't see that to much but it's good to see young love that support each other and care.Congratulations to the parents.

  6. It's so important we continue speaking on these subjects because there is so much stigma and pressure if a women does n9t or cannot have a baby. She's not alone but it is important to echo the pain of so many others.

  7. I think her tenacity had more to do with Dwayne having a "break baby" & that baby/child wasn't going to be the last baby. Prime example of that, Ludacris' wife having a baby right after his "oooops" baby. I'm sure Gabrielle was hell on wheels during that time.

  8. Just not really feeling Gabrielle. Who is she to tell him that if he retires he still has to work of she goes to work everyday. He's made millions, let him do him. I just cant with her at times. She seems controlling.

  9. see that why as black folks we are our worst enemy!!! and one of many group of people who don't pull for each other!! it's like I have always heard all my life.. im old school. we are like crabs in a barrel as soon as.people get ahead. , doing good for themselves moving on leaving past where it should be behine us. here comes the negativity!!! everyone fixing the mouth giving their opinions and yes everyone has their own opinions …..but why can't a simple ..im happy for them, God blessing to the new born baby girl??. etc, etc instead of judging him , and her !! what's up with THAT??? of crap that was done a while ago. that's why their marriage will last!!! they are good for one another. yes problems happen in marriages everyday it won't be a bowl of cherry , marriage is WORK . and it will be tested.people makes mistakes , short comings but you work thru it if u can't . if u can not forgive not forget . u ask God for help he make things in possible to possible !! he moves mountains so regardless of who shot John or. who did what first it does not matter the love is there . no human walking this Earth has a hell or heaven to put anyone in!! can't pass judgement just say something nice that's what it all about . good bless

  10. Im going through this currently. However, I'm not wealthy like them to afford the procedure and surrogate. I've tried so many different medicines, so many different fertility drugs from different sites, changed my diet and im 140 pounds. I've been trying for 10 years. I love kids but I'm the only one out of all of my siblings who has none. I cried daily at one point. Couldn't stand to be around people with kids. The depression was real. I still have my moments and everyday I'm applying for different loans to fund it. Its frustrating cuz I still cry but I'm trying not to let it consume my mind like these past two years. I lost family behind this because they dont kno my pain or kno what its like to struggle to have a child. I lost my mom at a young age and always wanted that bond between a mother and child. Somehow I'm starting to lose hope again after recovering from this pain recently…Good luck to you both because the pressure is real when dealing with someone who already has kids even though he says he is with you regardless(my now ex) said the same thing. But the pain underneath that is something that only the person going through it can feel. ❤

  11. Bless her heart! I didn't know she was trying to have a baby. I heard about the book, but I never read it. I'm glad he encouraged her to stop, and I thank God they have their baby girl. Blessings and peace to them in Jesus name.

  12. I'm glad that they decided to share their story. Everybody need to chill. Idk why people keep going on and on about them supposedly having an affair. None of us was in the relationship that he had with his ex wife, and none of us really know these people. We need to focus on getting ourselves together. Oppose to tearing everybody else down.

  13. Everybody’s on here saying she’s older than him she’s desperate… as if that’s a bad thing. Okay so what she really wanted a baby. She’s wanted a baby way before Dwayne came along. Is that so bad damn y’all so judgmental

  14. I love them so much and i'm so grateful to God that He allowed them to experience this journey together, of creating life! It's something that cannot be explained. #blessingsalways

  15. So in her show "being Mary jane" she had the fame the fortune the success she had it all. The only thing she didn't have was a baby that she wanted and struggled to get. Seems like that show was a reflection of her real life.

  16. Now, that's the Right answer AND whether people agree or not Husband/Wife come before the children. By that I mean that we're not supposed to put our children above our spouse. Yes, both are valuable & it doesn't mean to neglect the kids at all. However, you have to nurture your marriage til the end because if you don't, when the kids are grown & moved out you & your spouse will have nothing in common & that's when a marriage can fail. A healthy marriage is a Blessing to the children. I'm glad Gabby is now a mommy!!! Im so happy for her & Dwayne but I'm also happy that Dwayne told her that she's first, that she's enough for him all by herself even if they didn't have a child. Welcome to the world Kaviaa ! I'm glad their Joy has been increased.😁

  17. Oh I admire Dwayne for supporting his wife, he actually felt and understood what she was going through. Good Man👌
    Congratulations to the both these lovely and beautiful ppl. The WADES😍😍🤗 a beautiful journey u just began.🍼

  18. This is Bringing back memories from watching “Being Mary Jane” how she was trying different methods for pregnancy 🤰🏽 and she couldn’t conceive.

  19. Gabby is so beautiful. I'm glad she had a healthy girl just recently. Just found out. And DWade is top 5 greatest SG ever. On 2nd thought I hate them.. I mean, I hate my life. 🤔

  20. My girl Gabrielle congrats for your newborn. I love you much for your full of confidence! You are tge best example for tbose women going thru same situation. Keep up the good work! God bless you and your families! To all "ver give up for the thing you all belive!!!! " My girl Gabrielle enjoy the lovely motherhood.

  21. How could she stay with a man who went and got another woman pregnant during their relationship while she's experiencing this kind of loss?

  22. Ok yeah this isnt the place snake men said code ground breaking will pei yoy but for saying this rapture instead of supet nova ill pei you

  23. Looking down on everybody eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh uuuuuuuuuh is that mine super power uuuh🤳😳😡🖤🍊🕳🍆💩 👼😳🤦💊💉🐩

  24. Thats what happens when you on birth control forever then are trying to have kids in your late 30s early 40s child bearing is for young women and it is a miracle for older women.women have a shelf life use those eggs or lose them.

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