Week of February 10, 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

Week of February 10, 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone its Sloane Rhodes here with
your spiritual guidance for the week of February 10th 2020 I’m sorry I missed
everyone last week and I usually release these on Sunday but I just have a lot
going on right now as I’m sure all of you do as well so today I’m drying from
the vintage or collected by Virginia Mosley I don’t have a box with me I left
it over there but um it’s kind of an interesting deck it simultaneously
annoys me and also kind of fascinates me she took all of these old greeting cards
that she found in an antique shop in Paris and then created these cards out
of them so on one hand I’m like she took someone’s stuff and then the other hand
I’m like oh that’s cool she took some stuff and reused it refurbished it you
know created something cool and useful out of it so dependent upon my mood
looks I feel about all right so 4 8 10 20 20 and I am working on something
special to offer all of my subscribers and working on some meditation
recordings I have a couple done the delay is in the editing because I like
to add a little bit of music and make it sound nice you know and that’s not my
area of expertise and I’ve been getting some help but it’s slow going but I am
working behind the scenes to get those out to everybody and they will be free
they will be here to listen to on the YouTube channel and then I’ll also have
them on on soundcloud on a on the podcast is
what I’m calling it but it’s really just a place where I put all my recordings
and they’ll be links below for that all of my youtube videos are on the podcast
in audio format ok February 10th 2020 just connecting as I chalk and chatter
away here okay here we go
divine timing and trust under the deck Wow always a good message you know it’s
so easy to get caught up in how to move the energy how can I move the energy in
the direction that my mind my ego wants it to go and you certainly can do that
but it’s hard work and it’s frustrating it can be and sometimes things just no
matter how hard you push a matter what you do they don’t seem to work in the
time that you want them to work in they don’t seem to manifest in the time your
time schedule you notice this divine timing means something bigger than
yourself is that play something that you can’t even conceive of is that in the
works because it’s for the best that I could have all involved not just you you
know it’s can be very frustrating to the mind to the ego so allow yourself this kind of period
this week of knowing that you are being taken care of everything is being taken
care of and that things things that you’re wanting are in the works they’re
just taking the time that they are going to take based on something that’s
outside of your control so you might as well relax a little bit have some faith
trust everything’s had and exactly this meant
to us have healing out of the deck under that car these are both under the deck
their underlying energies a lot of times you feel like we’re being
thwarted or we feel frustrated but what’s occurring is that we are being
cared for so that when we do have our manifests the things that we think that
we want we’re able to hold them a little longer perhaps we’re able to appreciate
them more or someone else’s remember that it’s not just about your experience
it’s much more play than we could ever realize with our our conscious linear
mind so trust here know that all things are working on exactly as I meant to
take a breath distract yourself from the churning wheel of thought and judgment the things aren’t happening in
the right time for your personal needs wants or desires there’s a story being
written here that’s bigger and grander than the story that you could imagine in
fact if you’ve ever written anything whether it be an essay for school or
novel you can’t force what you can you can
write just went to junk but when you’re in flow when you’re open when you allow
the words to discover tumble up out of your consciousness and drop onto the
page it’s gonna be brilliant page you’re channeling you’re open you’re not just
trying to fill up the page and get that that si si out so you can you know how
fun this occurs but sometimes when you’re in flow and you know trying so
hard you write a brilliant essay perhaps or better than average one than you
normally would my youngest daughter’s home for the weekend she’s a college
student so I think the best days she has the right one and we’ll say to you you know we see
this femme fatale type woman artist a woman however you want to perceive her
uh and she’s like hi there you know but also recognize and really John to the
clock behind her you know this week allow yourself to recognize where you’re
at chronologically are you still clinging to the past trying to prove
something prove that you’re younger than you are
or prove that you’re more mature than you are allow yourself to be where
you’re at again without trying to move the energy into I’m I’m a certain way you know your persona
of yourself it’s again this it’s a lot of fatiguing energy when we’re trying to
either be younger or prove that we’re older and more mature and more
experienced you know if you are someone who’s inexperienced at something this
week it’s not the time to fake it til you make it
this week it’s the time to own you know I’m gaining experience with that but I
haven’t I haven’t completed the training or you know don’t don’t try to fake it
don’t try to pretend this week out of trying to push the inner you trying to
move things along faster don’t pertain you’re more skilled than you are it up
within your in this case you know more younger than you are if you’re trying to
you know date you know who you are right here and right now I would even say
differently oh where you’re at not so much who you are you’re always gonna be
somewhere but if you’re always wishing that you
were somewhere other than you know where you’re at you’re missing the moment to
enjoy what you have in the moment and then you just tend to manifest more
places where you’re more instances where you’re wishing you were in that place so
that’s kind of interesting the way that’s coming in here when we look at
this trust card yeah and we see here I’m really drawn to the goddess Diana I
think it’s Athena you know the Greek she’s just sitting there she’s waiting
knowing that the whatever creature that is dear like creature will take her when
the time is right but she’s in no hurry she’s one with nature trust that all
things were happening insect is they aren’t you’re not gonna try and force
the trees to bloom faster or force the fall leaves to drop faster you know the
herds will migrate at the right time for them based on their own internal clock this is a week of it may feel like
waiting you may feel like you’re in the waiting room and you may even feel like
you’re constantly in the waiting room but you’re not in the waiting room
you’re exactly where you’re meant to be you’re integrating you’re in a period of
integration so allow it to be this week as it is it doesn’t mean you don’t take
action doesn’t mean you can’t take action but just be conscious of where
you are becoming exhausted by trying to take action that’s a good clue for you
maybe it’s time to let go like that take a break whatever that means for you okay
I hope that you find that helpful I wish everyone which love is always and I will
see either your private appointment or over here anyway I’ll see you next time
much love to you

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  1. Your hair looks fantastic. Thanks for your time and energy Sloane. Such fitting messages โœจโœจโœจ have a wonderful week

  2. Thank you! Iโ€™m looking forward to the meditations! I listen to you every night…I need new material ๐Ÿ˜ Have a great week!

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