100 thoughts on “Watch State of the Union live: Trump gives 2020 address

  1. The left look's super upset at progress. You know what they say if you can't beat them join them. Or the alternative is get rid of them.

  2. More like a propaganda speech…Notice Trump never uses the pronoun, we, when he boasts of American accomplishments. It's always "I did this" or "I did that", spoken like a true dictator. I don't know if either party really reflects the needs of average Americans

  3. Tearing up speeches is just Nancy's personal hate for Donald Trump and has nothing to do with the interest and values of America. She is the speaker of the house and she should act in honor and respect in front of dignitaries.

  4. Gretchen, at least someone like her was told to fix the potholes. MN takes all the money and have its’ citizens complained about the potholes.

  5. thea knows how to pronounce the word justice. mariya knows the word justice too. spaces and universes do have their understanding of justice. thea and mariya molodec.

  6. Sad to see Everyone fighting here with comments and opinions, while all this politicians live a luxury life with our money .
    If no going to do anything about it shut up and go to sleep because you have to work tomorrow and they dont..

  7. Can anyone tell me of a country that respected obama?…there isn't one. But every country respects and fears Trump. A true leader.

  8. Nobody has EVER ripped up the State of the Union speech

    Only a DEMOCRAT WOMAN would EVER be so undignified, disrespectful and hysterical to rip up the State of the Union speech of a PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Unbecoming of an American human. Especially of a Speaker of the House.
    Nobody has ever been so undignified in the whole history of the United States. She has shamed herself and all democrat women forever!!!!
    She hurt the democrats beyond recovery. She disrespected ALL AMERICANS

  9. Fake Impeachment scam and Russian Hoax assured Trump a win in 2020. Maybe Dems will learn to play fair but I doubt it.


  11. Doug Jones did what he was told by the Radical Left. He sat on his hands during #TRUMP2020 State of the Union. He does not represent #Alabama .. he slapped Our Veterans in the Face, disgraced Our hard working Border Agents, and even snubbed his nose at a young black Girl trying to get herself a better education.


  13. That is one great speech , One thing that really matters is , I Believe it . Thank you President Trump for standing up to the left wing "Social Media Epidemic" of lies.

  14. Gone with platitudes and rhetoric and ineptitude … thank you for the greatest speech ever … backed up by real results …Blessings to all, even those blind with hate. Pray that they will have the ears to hear and the eyes to see and the heart to feel this President's good will. The best is yet to come … Amen …
    4 more years of workability … can do and will do! KAG 2020 …

  15. The Demonrats look SO EVIL the demons within are SO prevalent it’s actually uneasy to see. The truth actually looks like Pelosi actually wants to shed tears she has to look down because when you speak the truth YOU SHAME THE DEVILS. Only the states and cities ran by the Demonrats are the ones struggling. It’s a shame my ppl are so use to being led by the Democrats.

  16. Democrats are dictators of single thought as in France look at the result.
    Can you not have respect for a President who has been elected in a democratic manner?

  17. Our country is what? How is all that going good but our environment is changing our climate change is being messed with. climate change terrible af. How you bettering us. I know many people who don’t work so who are you really helping?

  18. Google needs to be broken up and put out of business, for propogating biased and misleading views. Like those found here.

  19. One big sack of lies. Trump is the shame to America. Let's take out the Trump Trash. How come Trump's Black guy could not afford a new tooth? Seems like he might need a better job.

  20. Wow that was a Great speech. The Democratic Party can’t face facts. Trump won. 4 more years. I’m so entertained. Watching Trump show us corruption. Hillary, Biden, and son, we have fbi, all levels of government. One falls down then another. This is not made up Hollywood, so for more to fall vote Trump

  21. Well you showed mitt Romneys turncoat opinion, why didn't you show the Democrat senator that became a republican? Just can't be fair can you.

  22. That Governor seemed so insincere idk if it was just from botox or even the lack of inflection when speaking about her mother, but she was very offputting.

  23. This speech was a disaster, however ome group will claim how great it was and their leader is great and the other side will claim his corruption and his destruction of the Democratic balance of power.
    But in reality the American people lost out. We lost out because they could not lead through service. They could not work together in resolving serious problems which threaten our nation.
    Our national budget deficits have fed an artificial "sugar high " in our economy. The main point is this financed by FOREIGNERS FROM ADVERSARIES POSITIONS! China has threaten to dump these securities at various points in these continous trade negotiations. Any large cessation or dumping will cause interest rates to skyrocket. This will cut off all growth and drive us into a sharp recession.
    This is just one paramount issue and it cant be kicked down the road.
    Immigration requires a comprehensive
    Plan but closing the borders is braindead idea based on economic models. But most voters have been lyed too and if you do research it will
    Support a regulated flow of immigrants. The law breakers in this is
    areas are part of the drug flow which has not been addressed by the current administration. The flow rate of drugs has increased significantly from Latin America.
    Our infrastructure has not been addressed either. Yet pork barrel monies for key Republican States has increased for states who have small states when measured in economic productivity. The other states, farm states in the grain commodities have permanently lost their soybean market in China because of the failed trade policies. Latin America has captured this soybean market (Brazil and Argentina). Commodities prices are at a low and show no sign of changing.
    The other ly being raised is the manufacturing sector returning to America through China negotiations.
    The manufacturing sector cannot move their production capacities within
    Months. It takes 3 to 5 years to even align this supply chain and make major moves. If anything they are moving more capacities to Thailand, Indonesia and India. So bottom line the political smoke being spread of this economic
    Expansion is a untruth or dare i say a ly. Projected growth rates has been uneven and will become more anemic at 1.8 to 2 percent rate for 2000 at

  24. Vote to remove this Narcissistic Devious Don, Moscow Mitch and Barr Trickery. Vote to put an end to blatant manipulation, misdirection and greed. Vote to take back our country, stop corruption and hold them accountable! VOTE! If you don’t see this you’re either like them, blind as a bat or possibly suffering from both afflictions. VOTE!

  25. I want to see the Democratic candidates quit if they aren’t in the top three.Then I want them to throw all they have behind the person who is chosen to be our president candidate. We need to get the work done and clarify our message. Start pounding the message that we need a president that can unite party’s and work with our allies. We need a president that knows about our diplomatic history, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We also need a president that can be trusted and doesn’t lie. We need a president that can work with Republicans. I want someone who can clean house and articulate clearly .

  26. Romney from Utah should be recalled then thrown out of his seat, He is a TRAITOR TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE PARTY !!!!

  27. As someone not voting demorepub let me say this any citizen who vote demorepublican or visa versa a fool. For Blacks, Trump said it, what has that group ever done for you historically. 
    Wake up for your sake. What did obama do for any straight US citizen, that individual puppet. Black people got nothing. Actually he did financial destruction to all Black people here and Africa. The only way we will accomplish anything politically is to work for it politically by setting our agenda of what we want and form our own political group. the rest will follow. No US citizen like either party so why vote for either. to do so means you like wars, like seeing your loved ones return home in body bags or physically mentally destroyed. like killing citisens in other countries why? what have other human beings ever done to us Citizens. every single reason for wars All wars a LIE. both parties always referred to as voting for best of two evils. voting for evil gets evil. doing the same thing over, over over again is insanity. wake up then millions US non voters have no reason to sleep during this pathic 4 year event! US is not a democratic government. Citizens can demonstrate political power just by not participating in this pathic event.

  28. President Trump is giving full support to a homophobic and anti-ambuental racist. Bolsonaro wants to end the Amazon and his security policy is killing blacks.

  29. He is all about creating shows for TV to hypnosis people. Only people on the right side are clapping and happy because they are his supporters and friends. They are spoiled and have unaccomplished needs of life.

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