WARNING… THINGS GO VERY VERY WRONG… | Doki Doki Literature Club – Part 5

WARNING… THINGS GO VERY VERY WRONG… | Doki Doki Literature Club  – Part 5

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier,
and welcome back to Doki Doki Literature Club. Now, it’s the day of the festival, and I have a funny feeling
that things are gonna be bad. “Sayori isn’t here. I considered going to her house to wake her up,
but decided that’s a little too much.” Yeah. Definitely. Why would that be? I need help getting the cupcakes down there. “Meanwhile, the preparations
for the event should be nearly complete. I managed to carry all the cupcakes by myself
by carefully stacking two trays. Natuski’s already texting up a storm,
but I can’t respond thanks to my hands being full. Funnily enough, I probably feel
the same way as Natsuki about the event. I’m more excited for it to be over so I can spend time
with Sayori and Natsuki at the festival. But knowing Monika, I’m sure
the event will be great, too. ‘Mooooorp!'” Yes? “‘You’re the first one heeeeere.
Thanks for being early!’ ‘That’s funny, I thought at least Yuri
would be here by now.’ Monika is placing little bookle-” It IS really quiet! It is really, really quiet.
It is REALLY quiet. Really quiet. “Monika is placing a little booklets
on each of the desks in the classroom. They must be the one she prepared
that has all the poems we’re performing. In the end, I found a random poem online
that I thought Monika would like, and submitted it. So, that’s the one I’ll be performing. ‘I’m surprised you didn’t bring Sayori with you.’ ‘Yeah, she overslept again… That dummy. You’d think that on a day as important as this,
she’d try a little harder…’ I say that, but I suddenly remember
what Sayori told me yesterday… And I suddenly feel awful,
knowing it’s not nearly that simple for her.” Yeah, I should’ve gone to her house, huh? “I only said it because it’s the way I’m used to thinking, but maybe I should have gone to wake her up after all-” Yeah, you think, dummy?! “‘Ahaha. You should take a little responsibility for her, Morp! I mean, especially after your exchange
with her yesterday… You kind of left her hanging this morning, you know?’ ‘Exchange…? Monika, you know about that?’ ‘Of course I do. I’m the club president, after all.'” That doesn’t explain anything, Monika. “I stammer, embarrassed. Did Sayori really tell her about it that quickly? That we’re… a couple now? I didn’t really plan on bringing it up with anyone yet… ‘Jeez… You don’t know the full story at all, so…’ ‘Don’t worry. I probably know a lot more than you think.’ ‘Eh…?’ Monika is being as friendly as usual, but for some reason there’s a chill
down my spine after hearing that. ‘Hey, do you want to check out the pamphlets?
They came out really nice!'” It’s REALLY quiet, okay? “‘Yeah, sure.’ I grab one of the pamphlets
laid out on the desk. ‘Yeah, they really did. Something like this will definitely
help people take the club more seriously.’ ‘Yeah, I thought so too!’ I flip through the pages. Each member’s poem is neatly printed on its own page,
giving it an almost professional feel. I recognize Natsuki and Yuri’s poems
from the ones they performed during our practice. ‘What’s thiiiiis?’ I flip to Sayori’s poem. It’s different from the one she practiced. It’s one that I haven’t read before…” Oh… “‘Get out of my head… Get out of my head before I do
what I know is best for you. Get out of my head before I listen
to everything she said to me. Get out of my head before I show you
how much I love you. Get out of my head before I finish the writing this poem. But a poem is never actually finished.
It just stops moving.’ ‘Ah…’ What is this…? Reading the poem, I get a pit in my stomach.” Ooh! Hi. “‘Morp? What’s wrong?’ ‘Ah, nothing.’ This poem feels completely different
from everything else Sayori’s written. But more than that… ‘I-I changed my mind! I’m gonna go get Sayori!
I’m gonna go… I’m gonna go get Sayori.’ ‘Wha? Well, all right! Try not to take too long, okay?'” Okay! “I quickly leave the classroom. ‘Don’t strain yourself.’ Monika calls that out after me.” That’s weird… “I quicken my pace.” Whoa, what the hell? It’s so quiet. “What was I thinking? I should have tried
a little bit harder for Sayori. It’s not a big deal to at least wait for her,
or help wake her up. Even the simple gesture of walking her
to school makes her really happy. Besides… I told her yesterday that things
will be the same as they always have been. That’s all she needs, and what I want to give her. I reach Sayori’s house and knock on the door. I don’t expect an answer,
since she’s not picking up her phone, either. Like yesterday, I open the door and let myself in. ‘Sayori?’ She really is a heavy sleeper… I swallow. I can’t believe I ended up doing this after all. Waking her up in her own house… That really is something that a boyfriend would do, isn’t it? In any case, it just feels right. Outside Sayori’s room, I knock on her door. ‘Sayori? Wake up, dummy…’ There’s no response. I really didn’t want to have to enter a room like this…
Isn’t it kind of a breach of privacy? But she really leaves me no choice.
I gently open the door.” *Gasp* Oh… (Static) Ohhhhhh! (passage from Doki Doki Literature Club’s
main theme plays off-tune) Ohhhh! (Ominous background music) Argh! “What the hell…?! What the hell?! Is this a nightmare? It has to be! This isn’t real! There’s no way this could be real! Sayori wouldn’t do this!”
Oh, man. I got chills down my spine! “Everything was normal up until a few days ago!” Okay?! “That’s why I can’t believe
what my eyes are showing me.” Ah! “I suppress the urge to vomit. Just yesterday… I told Sayori I would be there for her. I told her I know what’s best,
and that everything would be okay. Then why? Why would she do this? How could I be so helpless? What did I do wrong? Confessing to her… I shouldn’t have confessed to her. That’s not what Sayori needed at all! She even told me how painful it is
for others to care about her. Then why did I confess to her,
and make her feel even worse? Why was I so selfish? This is my fault! My swarming thoughts keep telling me
everything I could have done to prevent this. If I just spent more time with her, walked her to school, and remained friends with her, like it always has been… …then I could have prevented this. I know I could have prevented this. Screw the literature club. Screw the festival. I just… lost my best friend.” Oh, my God! “Someone I grew up with. She’s gone forever now. Nothing I do can bring her back. This isn’t some game where I can reset
and try something different. I had only one chance, and I wasn’t careful enough. And now I’ll carry this guilt with me until I die. Nothing in my life is worth more than hers… but I still couldn’t do what she needed from me, and now… I can never take it back. Never. Never. Never. Never. Never… (Background music falls into silence) Oh! (Cheery Doki Doki Literature Club’s main theme) Oh! Oh! *Shocked and confused Markiplier-esque sounds* (Happy background music) “I see an annoying girl running towards me
from the distance… …waving, oblivious to the attention
she might draw to herself. That girl is Phlrghrlrlgh, my neighbor
and good friend since we were children. You know, the kind of friend
you’d never see yourself making today, but it just works out
’cause you’ve kind of known each other. We used to walk each other to school, but staring around high school
she would oversleep more and more frequently, and I got tired of waiting up. But if she’s going to chase after me,
I feel better off running away. However, I just sigh and idle,
let Blrghlfth catch up to me.” Hoh! Ha! Whoa! Hey! Whoa! WHOA! WHOA! WHOOOA! Hate this! Whoa, I hate this! Whoa, I don’t like that! Woooooooooo! “It’s an ordinary school day like any other. Mornings are usually the worst, being surrounded
by couples and friends who walk to school. Meanwhile, I’ve always walked to school alone. I always tell myself it’s about time
I meet some girls or something like that, but I have no motivation join any clubs. I’m perfectly content just getting by on the average
while spending my free time on games and anime. There’s always the anime club,
but it’s not worth it. No girls in it anyway.” Okay! All right! What the hell is happening?! “The school is as ordinary as ever,
and it’s over before I know it. After I pack up my things, I stare blankly at the wall,
looking for an ounce of motivation. ‘Clubs…’ There really aren’t any that interest me. Besides, most of them would be way too demanding
for me to want to deal with. I guess I have no choice
but to start with the anime club… ‘Moooorp?'” Ahhh! Hi. Oh my goodness, I totally didn’t expect to see you here, it’s been a while, right ah Yes Monika smiles sweetly We do know each other well. We rarely talked, but we were in the same class last year Monika was probably the most popular girl in school in class smart beautiful athletic Basically completely out of my league so having her smile at me so genuinely feels a little What did you come in here for anyway? I’ve just been looking for some supplies. I use for my club Do you know if there’s any construction paper in here or markers? I guess you could check the closet. You’re in the debate club, right uh how about that? I actually quit the debate club really you could yeah to be honest I can’t stand all the politics around the major clubs feels like nothing arguing about the budget and publicity about how to prepare for events Rather much rather take something. I personally enjoy make something special out of it in that case what club did you decide to join a? Club That’s how it’s got a dull how many members do you have so far I mean yeah, it’s kind of embarrassing, but there’s only three of us so far Julliard to find new members for something That sounds so boring well. I can see that. It’s really not boring at all. You know where’d your club can be anything reading poetry? Writing. I mean one of my new members keeps her manga collection hidden in the club room We really yes, right she always insistent mangas literature to the idiot I guess she’s not wrong, but yeah besides the new members of members right Demonica says she Hey Mark. I need chance. Are you still looking for a club to join? Ah, I mean, I guess so but in that case is there any chance you could do me a big favor I want to ask you to join But if you give it at least be very least visit my club it would make it be really happy please um I guess I have no reason to reviews besides how could I ever refuse someone like mine? How could how could I how could I oh? My saves my set my saves I saved her God mr.. Sid my saves are gone, but saves our God my Savior God How could I ever refuse someone like Monica sure I guess I could check it out awesome Really, sweet more if you know that it’s nothing really I’m just full of sugar Yeah, shall we go then. I’ll look for new materials another time you’re more important Okay, and thus today marks today. I sold my soul to Monica and her irresistible smile Timnath Monica across the school and upstairs a section of school. I rarely visit being generally used for 30 or classes in activity Monica full of energy swings open the classroom door I’m back and I brought a guest with me a guest Seriously, you bought a boy way to kill the atmosphere don’t be mean Natsuki, but anyway welcome to club more Okay, all the words escape me in this situation This club is full of incredibly cute girls, so let me guess you’re Monica’s boyfriend right right. No. I’m not Natsuki The girl with the sour attitude whose name is apparently Natsuki is one. I don’t recognize her small figure makes me sing She’s a first-year anyway. This is netsuke energetic as usual and this is URI the vice president It’s nice to meet you URI who appears compared ibly more mature and timid seems to have a hard time keeping up with someone like netsuke Yeah It’s nice to meet both of you so I ran into more up in a classroom and decided to come check out the club Isn’t that great wait Monica didn’t I tell you to let me know in advance before he brought in anyone new I was gonna. Oh, you know. Sorry. Sorry I didn’t forget about that buddy Just happened to run into him in that case. I should at least make them tea right yeah, that would be great Let me you come sit down more. Okay, girls. Have a few des arranged to form a table here He walks to the corner of the room and opens the closet Meanwhile Monica Natsuki is sit across from each other still feel awkward I take a seat next to Monica so I know you really didn’t have any plan on coming here But we’ll make sure you feel right at home. Okay, that’s president of the literature Club It’s my duty to make the club fun and exciting for everyone I’m surprised there are more people in the club yet must be hard to start a new club You can put it that way how many people are very interested in putting out all the effort to start something brand new Especially when it’s something that doesn’t grab your attention like literature you have to work hard to convince people that they’re both fun and worthwhile But it makes cool events like festival is that much more important? I’m confident that we can all really grow this club before we graduate right now Sookie well I guess not Sookie reluctantly agrees such different girls all interested in the same goal Monica must have worked really hard to find this these two Yuri returns to the table carrying a tea set she carefully places a teacup in front of us before sending down to tea pot in the middle You keep old tea set in this classroom Don’t worry the teacher gave us permission after all doesn’t a hot cup of tea and help you enjoy a good book I don’t trust you Yuri. I Don’t trust you. I guess and don’t let yourself get intimidated Yuri is trying to impress you That’s not it insulted Yuri looks away. I mean. I meant that you know I believe you Well tea and reading should might not be a pastime for me, but I at least enjoy tea I’m glad you’re a faintly smiles to herself and relief so more What kind of things do you like to read? Ah well considering out little I’ve read these past few years I really don’t have a good way of answering that Manga, I mutter quietly to myself half joking not Sookie’s had suddenly perks up looks as if she wanted to say something But she keeps quiet Not much of a reader. I guess well that can change what am I saying? I spoke without seeing thinking it after seeing Yuri sad smile anyway. What about you Yuri well, let’s see here He traces the rim of her teacup with a finger my favourites are just usually novels that build deep and complex fantasy worlds the love Of creativity craftsmanship, so i’ve already. This is all things I’ve done is the same thing same horror a lot of horror a lot of horror a lot of horror. Yep. Yeah. Yep. Yep Yep, you know what yeah. Why is that well? huh Yeah, I’ve read this. I’ve all done this. I’ve done this. I’ve done this done. It done it done it I’ve done this stuff done this. How is this gonna get weird? Uh-huh, let’s go all y’all, but write a poem of our very own I don’t like this at all Oh Yep, yeah, this is all the same hang on we need four wait. Oh, I’m defenseless against these girls, okay? All right side. I’ll join the literature club one by one the girls eyes light up. Oh my goodness really Do you really mean that more, but yeah? It could be fun right you really did scare me for a moment I mean if you really just left after this I would be super pros or up I’m so happy we can become an official club now. Thank you so much for this. You’re really amazing I’ll do everything I can to give you a great time, okay Well, thanks guys Okay, everyone I think with that we can officially end today’s meeting on a good note everyone remember tonight since I met right Obama zoom Wait what yeah wait wait? I look forward to see how you express yourself Okay, all right oh boy Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Then it can’t wait so With that I depart the club room and make my way home the whole way my mind wandered back Natsuki you already and of course Monica. Well, I’d really be happy spending every day after school at a literature Club perhaps I have the chance to go closer to one of these girls all right Her little poem I Don’t like this. You’ve unlocked a special poem. Would you like to read it? Sure, yeah Stare at the doctor. I don’t trust this I’m staring at the dot. Don’t you don’t you don’t you fucking dare jump debate Or stare really closer you Don’t do it. Oh. I love you. Oh Okay Smile oh boy Hurt oh boy sure oh boy If food can’t bliss wrath mm-hmm dazzle awesome wait, oh wait hang on wait wait wait wait wait wait Massacre there was suicide in here there was suicide I’m gonna see what happens if I click on that one shiny Cuz upload did I miss it I might have missed it Suicide yeah, okay, it didn’t do anything. I guess poop or rose way Out okay all right then Okie dokie I get more pay. Okay, who didn’t run away nope Okay, all right. What was that wait? What did I just see? What did I just see something? No, you dive headfirst and literature when you what? I saw something dead oh Hi, you’re in front of the tent right Monica Manga is literature what? Like this I don’t like this, I don’t like this. I don’t like this. I don’t like this. I don’t like this I don’t like this Okay alright uh You’re looking for something in there Fucking Monica my mum she never puts my stuff back in the right spot Alright, well. That’s nice manga. Yep manga in there sure is manga in there the manga. That’s in there That’s maka alright whoa boy There it is okay, all right. Well cool great. Whoa don’t judge a book Back in fact, okay Good God oh Holy shit. Holy shit my dad would beat the shit out of me if he found this Okay alright, okay alright. That’s weird, okay, alright whoo. Oh, she’s asleep. That’s different. Hey Natsuki Yeah, suddenly Natsuki collapses straight into me Hey Oh geez now Sookie. Are you okay? Uh? Here monica reaches into her bag and pulls out some kind of protein bar. She throws it in at Sookie’s direction Not Sookie’s eyes suddenly light up again She snatches the bar from the floor and immediately tears off the rapper told you not to give moons She didn’t even finish her sentence before stepping it into her mouth. Don’t worry more. She’s fine It just happens every now, and then that’s why I always keep a snack in my bag for her Hi mark having a good time no no I’m not nope no I’m not since you’re new and everything if you ever haven’t suggested to the club like new integrities I’m always listening don’t be afraid to bring things up okay, or I’ll keep that in mind. Oh of course I’ll be afraid to bring things up Frickin horrible here Anyway, I want to share your poem with me kind of embarrassing, but I guess I have to ha ha don’t worry more We’re all a little bear stay you know, but that’s it sort of Barry wall learn to get passed soon Okay, all right, mmm. Ah like it cuter. It’s cute real cute Makes me think of netsuke. Okay. Yeah sure okay. Yeah, okay, all right? If you’re interested in Natsuki, then always keep a snack on you so cling to you like a puppy yeah Natsuki dad doesn’t give her lunch money or leave her any food in the house, so she’s in a fussy mood Sometimes she just loses all of her strengths and shuts down What like earlier this is a guess, but I think she’s so small because her malnutrition is interfering with their adolescent growth But hey some guys are into petite girls You know what sorry just trying to look at the bright side. What anyway? Do you want to read my bub now? Don’t worry? I’m not very good somebody confident someone claims not be very good. That’s cuz I have to so coveted What does it mean I always feel free? to then Hole in the wall. Okay? Is this the same poem as before hole in the wall, but he wasn’t looking to me confused I friendly glance and my surroundings my eyes burned while my burned eyes can no longer see color Are there others in the room are they talking or they simply palms on flat sheets of paper the sound of frantic? Growling playing tricks on my ears the room being Ginn’s to crinkle closing in on me the air I breathe dissipates before it reaches my lungs. I panic there must be a way out. It’s right there He’s right there swallowing my fears. I brandish my pen Okay, that’s weird, so what do you think it’s very freeform? If that’s what you call it, so I’m not really the right person to talk for a feedback You know it’s okay kind of styles got pretty powerful right powerful when poor wormed out loud it can be really, huh? I’m not sure how to put it guess you could say I had some kind of epiphany Recently been influencing my bones a bit an epiphany. Yeah something like that I got a nervous to talk about deep stuff like that because it’s kind of coming on strongly Maybe after everyone is better friends with each other anyway Who’s Moloch is riding tip of the day sometimes when you’re riding bum your brain gets too busy? If you try so hard to make it perfect then you’ll never make any progress as far as tidy up later Okay, if you keep your pen in the same job for too long You just get a big dark puddle ink so move your hand go the flow that’s my advice room to do okay, all right Thank you. Do you think you? you How about now Sookie? First this time around Hey okay, well sir things that I don’t like first of all um What else Aguirre reads my poem never mind? I don’t feel like giving you my opinion Yeah, what’s the point of sharing in the first place? I wrote this one. I could have been doing other things You in fact remember. I said, I wanted to read your poems That’s what I had in mind when writing this. I wanna help you feel comfortable enough to share yours like Monica said Well I would be more comfortable sharing if it wasn’t you’re really bad You’re supposed to show me a dump all make me go ha well It’s not that great, but let me show you what real literature looks like if you went ruined it. Hope you’re happy So in other words you’re saying you liked it. Okay. Now Sookie’s retort gets caught in her throat you Your show you just you don’t understand anything. Do you no? I don’t I don’t understand anything That’s going on all right never actually said that okay, all right. Let’s just keep going then I guess something tells me ah Eagles can fly it’s the same blood monkeys collide quick is yob people could try that’s about it. It’s good. It’s good. It’s good Okay, something tells me this matters a lot less than what’s actually going on here, so I’m just gonna skip again Okay, Yuri, your turn Yuri. Okay well Haven’t seen anything different yet oh You read in tandem Whoa what the hell wait whoa without that music Okay, all right well, okay? Okay Oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa? Whoa? Whoa? Whoa? Whoa whoa all? Right okay, Diddy Kong Racing Make it up I’m very stressed. It’s like the sonic drowning sound Yuri, uh hi Yuri oh hi netsuke Okay cutting yourself what the fuck is wrong in your head. Yeah, go on let wait let more of here wait. What are they saying? What the fuck ah suddenly your he turns toward me as if she knows I was saving it morp She she’s just trying to make me look bad. It’s not true start it what? Nope Yuri’s, no, that’s okay Yuri. No Turkey Yuri. No Turkey Gerry not Doki oh hey, Oh Anymore why don’t we step outside for a little bit okay? Sorry about that Good news They really shouldn’t have tried to get you involved. It’s probably better for us to stay out of this well go back inside once They’re done yelling Some president. I am right can’t even confront my own Club members properly I just wish I was able to be a little more assertive sometimes But I never had anybody to put my foot down against others you understand right anyway If this makes you want to spend less time with the others and that’s fine I’d be happy to spend time with you instead suddenly Natsuki runs out of the classroom oh She quickly runs away. Oh dear well looks like they’re done Hmm, I didn’t mean it I didn’t mean it I didn’t mean it Yuri’s rocking back and forth in her desks and her desk with her palms on her forehead Yuri I didn’t mean it at all I believe you have no idea what you’re in – ed – Natsuki or did more please don’t hate me, please I’m not like this. There’s something wrong with me today. It’s fine Yuri. We know you didn’t mean it sad I’m sure Natsuki will forget about it all about it by tomorrow completely Anyway, the meeting is over so you can go home if you want Here he looks at me like she wants to say something, but she keeps glancing at Monika. You can go first Monika I’d like to stay a little bit longer. I’m the president so I should be the last one out Oh wait for you to be done Well, I’m vice president, so please let me take the responsibility today Sounds like you don’t want me around for something Yuri. It’s not that it’s not that I Didn’t get much of a chance to discuss my book with more could be embarrassing for you two listening Sigh, I guess. I don’t really have a choice. Do I I’m sorry for causing trouble, but I really The maybe I should know click that one disaster contamination valentine imagination oh hi Oh happiness extreme extraordinary existence Fantasy a hidden congroo and raindrops a melancholy a hard dark the wire The whirlwind of a pope how about going on an agonizing journey Another day passes they’re gonna be there already sure it is okay, or assured uzu I’ve gotten a little more comfortable here over the past few days Under the club rooms usual scene greets me well come back marpe ah hi Yuri I’m not sure if it’s me or if series expression But the way to yesterday’s quarrel still hangs in the air a little um your glances over shoulder looking around the room that Sookie’s reading a manga a desk and surprisingly Monica is near yet subtle Yuri takes my Arm pulls me to the corner of room About yesterday. I I really need to apologize nothing like that has ever happened before and something just came over me I guess I wasn’t acting mentally sound please don’t think we’re usually like this not just me, but Natsuki as well Yuri I’m happy that you were considerate an apologized. You don’t have to worry too much even though I’ve only been here a couple days. I could tell something was off yesterday Maybe we were just a little extra sensitive because it was her first time sharing poems But whatever it was it didn’t make me think any less of you I had already decided that there’s no way I you can be a bad person and now that your apology I Retract that statement, I think there’s a way you could be a bad person. I know you really didn’t mean it ah more Don’t say those kinds of things so frankly they make me a little too happy I’m really glad that you’re such an understanding person, and I’m really glad that you joined this club everything is a little bit brighter with you around and ah Sorry, what am I saying right now? I just hey you guys see Monica No, I haven’t I was also kind of wondering where she was man. URI. I’m guessing you have an either URIs clearly taken aback by how calmly Natsuki is addressing her. No. I haven’t jeez this isn’t like her at all I know it’s stupid, but I can’t help but worry a little huh, what are you looking at me like that um? That’s icky about yesterday. I just wanted to apologize I promise I didn’t mean any of the things I said and I’ll do my best is he under control from now on so URI what the heck are you talking about I have no idea, I really don’t remember anything at all did you do something yesterday, yeah Geez whatever’s on your mind. I’m sure it was nothing. I don’t even remember anything bad happening Okay, you’re the kind of person who worries too much about the little things aren’t you yeah? But I’ll accept your apology anyway. If it makes you feel better about it besides kinda I see here since I was always afraid of you secret Hayley didn’t hated me or something like that Hehe no not at all. I don’t know you ah Well, you’re kind of weird, but I don’t hate you either. Yeah, that’s if he turns to me You’re still on trial though Hey. Suddenly the door swings open. Sorry. I’m super sorry alright. There. You are I Didn’t mean to be late. I hope you guys weren’t worried or anything. Nah. Well Natsuki was I was no I ha ha what took you so long anyway Ah Ha ha ha well my last period was steady all to be honest the guys lost rise to table piano and all that okay All right, well piano piano wasn’t where he played music. Okay, all right. Well then boo-ki land Well, I’m working on writing a song, but it’s not quite done yet, maybe once I get a little better. Will that sounds cool I look forward to that so in that case. I won’t let you down more Okay, Monica smiles sweetly weird ah I didn’t mean any pressure or anything like that. Oh, don’t worry I was hoping that I could share with you anyway. I guess that’s why I’ve been practicing so much recently I see I’m not sure if Monica was referring to the whole club or just me in that case best of luck Thanks So I didn’t miss anything. Did I no not really I? Chose not to bring up anything three of us talked about besides And that Sookie’s already run off into the closet more um since your compliments put me in a good mood I was wondering if you’d like to spend some time together I mean in the club I suppose so I don’t think I could say no to you after that book you gave me Well, I guess I need to make sure Natsuki isn’t waiting for me after we finish reading yesterday. She she’s fine she’s reading over there, so it’s okay, right ah In that case I don’t see any problem. Okay, can we start now find a place to sit yeah? Yeah, being a little forceful aren’t I I’m sorry my hurt will stop pounding. Don’t worry about it If anything is that Zia have so much energy Yeah But need to try to calm down. I won’t be able to focus on reading like this take your time, okay? Cuz papi I booked every bag. What’s the story about anyway? Well hmm? I look at the cover of the book. The book is titled portrait of Markov There’s an homage looking I symbol on the front cover basically It’s about this religious camp that was turned into a human experiment prison and the people trapped in there at the trade that turns them Into killing machines it lust for the wood the feel that he gives anymore is and the selectively breeding people by cutting up through oh That might be a little bit of a spoiler yeah Yeah, but anyway. I’m really into it especially the selective breeding of cutting off limbs part. That was really what got me into it The book I mean not the thing about the limbs okay Yeah
That’s kind of its kind of dark isn’t it? Yuri made it sound like it was going to be a nice story, so that dark story came out of nowhere. “Ah” You’re not a fan of that sort of thing are you more no That’s not that I mean I can definitely enjoy these kinds of choices – don’t worry Hope so yeah, I totally forgot the Yuri’s into those things She’s so shy and reclusive on the outside, but her mind seems to be completely different filled with dark thoughts and horrible things Don’t trust you. I don’t trust you at all. It says kind of story It’s kind of thing that challenges you to look at life from strange new perspective when horrible things happen Not just because someone wants to be evil, but because the world is full of horrible people and we’re all worthless anyway, then suddenly Okay, not again. I’m sorry. Hey don’t apologize. I haven’t lost interest or anything well I guess it’s alright then but I feel like I should let you know that I have this problem when I let things like books Fill my thoughts my whole body gets impaired credibly Ballou I kind of forget to pay attention to other people so I’m sorry if I end up saying something strange you Please stop me if I start talking too much That’s I really don’t think you did to worry that just means you’re passionate about reading least ii do is listen so literature club after all ah That’s well. That’s true in fact. I might as well get started reading it All right, I mean you don’t have to but uh how what are you saying? Let me just get the book. I quickly retrieve the book that I put in my bag alright It’s fine if I sit here right slip into the zoo nice Yuri. I’m so forward Okay, yeah, you sure Apprehensive, sorry now that oh, hi youtubes readings Okay Okay Can feel her presence over my shoulder little distracting or our thumbs gonna intertwine again Okay, she’s reading for Oh while we wait. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hang on a second? She’s actually Looks like she’s reading from my book instead. Sorry. I was just I was just bathing in the feeling of her war You were bathing in the feeling of my body You’re you really apologized a lot, don’t you I? don’t really mean to Sorry, I mean oh Okay, so I’m a desk Yeah, oh, yeah Okay, oh, yeah Okay, here come the thumb part all right kind if achill to turn the page here here, we are ah Between her thumb and forefinger ah I do the same with my right arm all right inside the book Turn the page URIs slides it under her thumb There it is after it’s blitzed her aside, but in holding it like this well huddled even closer than before distracting me Is it I? Can feel the warmth of URIs face, and she’s in the corner of my vision. Are you ready? Yeah, during the beige nose. I have extracted by your thumbs Dena be few Okay, my thumb gently letting go of the page letting it flow up to her over to her thumb Hey URI this might be silly thought but the main character kind of reminds me of you a little bit Hey No, I didn’t relied own triol II did this character at all definitely not really. I was just thinking the way She’s second-guesses things. She says and all that ah That’s what you were talking about. Sorry. I thought you meant something else about her about how she kills people never mind We doesn’t even get that far yet, so I don’t know why that came into my mind. Huh URI are you feeling all right? Yeah There’s been a bit a little fidgety ever since we started reading You can rest if you’re feeling sick or something your breathing is a little my breathing He puts her hand or chest as if to feel her heartbeat. I didn’t even notice anyway. I’m fine. Just need some water alright Don’t buzz yourself Okay, your stands up and practically rushes out of the classroom what on earth was that all about morp did something happen just now oh No, I have no idea URI was acting a little strange, I guess so you don’t know anything sorry I can’t say I do are you worried about her? Oh? No really. Oh just making sure that you didn’t do anything to her. No what no don’t worry I believe you silly here. It just does this sometimes so it’s not alarming Alright, if you say so anyway. Why don’t we search a girl poems? Yeah? Shouldn’t we wait for URI, but you might be a while so I figured we just get start without or is that okay? Okay, I stand up. I’m making out a lot of where I left off in the book slipping into my bag Marta go you will see my poem Rosie my poem Monica. I gave up. That’s writing going alright I guess I’ll take that long as it’s not gonna be bad. Maybe you’re playing yourself Alright, I want to share with a rose sure here you go Alright great job more I was gonna go Oh in my head while reading it. It’s really metaphorical. Okay alright Easiest for me to keep everyone’s expectations low Suddenly the door opens Yuri. I’m back. Did I miss anything not really well We all just start sharing our poems with each other. Yeah already. I’m sorry for being late. No need to apologize We still have plenty of time, so I’m glad that you took all the time you needed all right. Thanks, Monica I suppose I should get my poem now, but anyway you want to read my poem now I like the way this one turned out so ap do to Save me the colors. They won’t write bTW full color ruse flash mmm ex Dean piercing red green blue and needless comedy of Meaningless noise the noise it won’t stop vile Grating woof F. Numa’s square e King screech Mm piercing sine cosine pageant like play mink touch We look bored on a t Rentable like playing a knife on a breathing ribcage mm Delete her Wow ooh Ah sorry, I know it’s kind of abstract you know It’s not gonna do that I’m just trying to UM well nevermind. There’s no point in explaining anyway Here’s Monica’s writing tip of the day sometimes. You’ll find your phone’s facing a difficult decision When that happens don’t forget to save your game you never know when um Who am I talking to can you hear me? Tell me you can hear me what anything? Okey-dokey okey-dokey artichokey whoo Ah Yuri here you go Let’s bless me I’ve been waiting for this. Oh boy. Let’s see what you’ve written for today Yuri stares at the poem with a surprised expression do you like it more? How did you pick up on this so quickly just Yesterday. I was telling you the kind of techniques worth practicing. Maybe that’s why you did a good job explaining I really wanted to give it to more imagery Yuri visibly swallows even our hand appears sweaty. Ah That makes me so happy It’s so amazing you feel like I’m valued more everything that you write is a treasure to me my heart pounds. Just holding it Ha ha whoa I want to write a poem Ellen’s feeling is it bad more. I’m not being weird right I’m having a harder time than usual at concealing my emotions. I’m kind of embarrassed right now I just want to read you to read my poem – okay all right. Ah wheel Wheel All right a rotating wheel turning on axle good riding bolt head linear gearbox falling sky 7 Holy sticks a dock ship a portal to another world a thin rope tied to a thick rope torn harness parabolic gearbox expanding universe tune controlled by slipping cog wheels existence of God swimming with open water in all directions drowning the prayer written in blood a prayer written in time devouring snakes with human eyes a third connecting all living human eyes a kaleidoscope of holy snakes exponential gearbox a sky of exploding stars God disproving the existence of God But we are rotating in six dimensions 40 gears in a ticking clock a clock that ticks on one second for every rotation of the planet the collective took 40 times every Time it takes is for every second time a ball They’ve only 690 exist if a dock ship to another world a Kaleidoscope of blood written in clocks time Varg breyer connecting the sky for two games but nobody ever dies all traction Breathing breathing pull that breathing ship pretty important breathing breathing breathing bud breathing all these decks breathing human eyes breathing time breathing Claire breathing sky, breathing rail I Should do slam poetry ha ha ha It doesn’t really matter what it’s about my mind has been a little hyper active lately so I had to take it out on your pen ah That is a pen fell out of your backpack yesterday, so I took it home for safekeeping And I am I just really like the way it writes, so I wrote this poem with it and now you’re touching it, okay What did I just Can’t we pretend this conversation never happened, you can keep the poem though. Okay, all right Natsuki Okay Huh I like your pull last one better. Yeah, really well Yeah, I can tell you were a little more daring with this one But you’re really not good enough for that yeah that fell flat that may be true But I just wanted to try something different still figuring this all out. You know yeah, I am fair enough You’re still new to this so I wouldn’t expect to you to find your style right away I mean everyone in the club really writes differently from each other Maybe you’ll all find a different little influence from all of us for instance I noticed that you were spending some time with Yuri today that bitch Not that I care you spend your time with after all I was taught never to expect anything for everybody It’s not like it was waiting for you or anything still you should at least look over my poem You’ll probably be able to learn something from it. Okay. Ah it’s the same old spider poem. That’s fine. That’s fine. It’s nice. Ah Not bad right it’s quite a bit longer yesterday’s was way too short. Okay, cool. Cool cool. This is the same so far Okay, all right well then okay, man It’s weird Natsuki was a soon dead a and then Yuri’s turning into a yawn dad a and Then Monica is just being weird. What do I do for what? It’s worth. I respect you. Well yes Thanks, but it’s kind of obviously you respect Yuri more so whatever we’re done sharing so you can leave now, okay? Well alright ooh a special poem yes, please oh Good is rath. Oh Okay good special polo hey oh Alright Save them. That’s a little weird okay. Everyone brought that reading each other’s bulbs, right? Yeah, we have something we need to go over today, so I’ve ever go to the front of the room This is about the first of all well sort of do we really have to do something Oh Something we put together anything good in just a few days. We’ll just end up embarrassing ourselves. It’s delicate. That’s a concern I blocked out oh Okay, all right. I don’t really feel well with last-minute preparations Okay Don’t worry so much. We’re gonna give it simple. Okay look I know I rode a little more lively ever since more join and we start with some club activities But this isn’t the first time for us to become complacent We still have only four members and the festival is our only real chance to find more You know what’s so great about getting new members anyway We already have enough to be considered an official Club one of members will just mean everything is noisier and more difficult to manage Natsuki I don’t think you’re looking at it The right way at all don’t you want to share your passion with as many people as you can to? Inspire them to find the same feelings that brought you here in the first place no I don’t I really don’t know I’d rather not okay Just don’t know don’t want to well The literature Club should be a place where people can express themselves like they can’t do anywhere else It should be a place so intimate that you never want to leave. I know you feel that way, too I know we all do that’s wise you work hard and put together forever believe it is something small Right more, huh? Oh come on you can’t take advantage of morph to agree with you Just because he doesn’t know how to say no to a thing look Monty Okay, do you really think any of us here join the club with each other with other people in mind Yuri never even talked until More joined says for me I just like it better here than I do at home and morph isn’t even passionate about literature in the first place and that’s everyone Sorry, but you’re really the only one who’s interested in finding new members the rest of us are fine like this I know you’re present and all but you really should consider opinions for once You’re gonna die and that’s ok, you’re gonna die Monica is clearly taken aback mine in Sookie’s words. That’s not true at all I’m sure URI and more want to get more members too right oh I don’t know about URI, but I’m kind of indifferent if I showed as much enthusiasm as Monica wanted then I would probably be lying SEL if it’s up to me to rescue this situation I Know that Sookie’s right isn’t she this club. It’s nothing more than a place for a few people to hang out Why did I think that everyone here saw the same way as I did? But that doesn’t mean that we’re against getting new members or anything morp. Why did you even join this club? What were you hoping to get out of it well? That’s not really something I be honest about is it in fact if I remember you weren’t even given a choice to join or not To we chose not to join Monica’s is found in stares at her desk. What’s the point of all this anyway? What if starting this club was a mistake huh? Now you’ve done it in at Sookie what may I just spoke my mind is it the crime to be honest? It’s not about being honest. It’s about word choice Besides you have no right to speak for everyone in the club like that. You don’t understand at all I Just I just want a place it feels nice to hang out with a few friends Is there a problem with the club being that for me there aren’t many other places like that for me? And now Monica wants to take it away from me. She’s not taking anything away. No more. It’s not the same It won’t be the same with the direction She wants to take it by why that that I could have just joined any other stupid Club, but this one I mean at least for a little bit of time things were nice and Sookie’s started packing up her things I’m going home. I feel like I don’t belong here right now Natsuki Natsuki ignores URI and walks right out of the classroom. Oh This is bad. I don’t know what to do. Well. Do you have an opinion on the festival? I don’t know. I’m kind of indifferent again Who cares about that obnoxious bright? I mean, I like how nice and quiet the club is right now, and I’m just happy with you here But still I’m the vice president It’s not right for me to ignore my responsibilities like that nobody would cry if she killed herself Wow okay? Well Yuri then I Should do my best to consider everybody’s perspective and make the decision that’s right for the club. What about you more? What do you want to get out of this club? Your repeats the same question as Monica I decide giving an indirect answer is better than nothing I think the most important thing for everyone is to get along and for the club to provide something that you can’t get anywhere else Don’t think it’s about how many members, but rather the quality of each member That’s what will end up making the literature club a special place I see I really agree with you each member contributes their own qualities in a special way With each change in members the identity of the club as a whole will change, too I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing Stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while So if you would like to help Monica with the festival, then I’m on your side as well Well, maybe we can all talk to Natsuki tomorrow Yuri nods hey Yuri yeah, I know things were a little awkward yesterday But I feel like you deserve to know that I still think you’re a wonderful vice-president and also a wonderful friend Monica I want to do everything I can to make this the best club ever okay me too. Yeah Let’s all go home for today. We’ll talk about the festival tomorrow Okay, all right. I look forward to it shall we go more Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m gonna chat a little bit with more before we look no No, no, I don’t want it. I don’t want it. I don’t want it. I have a funny feeling Oh, here’s my theory right now. URI is the source of all this it’s people want like the developers want you think it’s Monica I’m a hundred percent positive is URI Is the source of all this? Cuz she’s pretty much. The only one that actually cares about literature in this club, and why would the extremely popular very beautiful athletic? Monica Up and decide to start her own Club about something that she cares deeply about but obviously Yuri cared more about and suddenly Yuri is I think your reason sort of this I don’t know to see what he thinks of his time here and all that it’s important to me as president He looks a little trouble, but she doesn’t protest okay. I trust your judgment Monica in that case I’ll see the two of you tomorrow. See you tomorrow Okay few things have been a bit hectic lately Morp. I just want to make sure you’re enjoying your time in this club I would really hate to see you unhappy I feel it kind of like I’m responsible for that as president. Oh And I really care about you You know I don’t like seeing the other girls giving you a hard time With how I mean that Sookie is and everything and you’re being a little bit you know hahaha Sometimes it feels like you and I are the only real people here You know what I mean, but it’s weird because then all the time you’ve been here We’ve only gotten spend any time together. I mean I guess it’s technically only been a couple days. Sorry I didn’t mean to say something weird There are just things that I’ve been hoping to talk to you about with you things I can no you only you could understand so that’s why wait not yet no Sabbat. Oh Yeah, I don’t think yeah. I don’t think I don’t think I yeah, anyway. That’s all the time I got for this episode up and end this year Forget to a dark quarter of this so thank you everybody so much for watching Let me know we think that the comments below and as always I’ll see you in the next video Bu-byeeeeeee

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    At 18:17, when Natsuki "falls asleep", its likely she passes out because of abuse from her father not giving her enough food (which also results in her short stature). This becomes frequent so Monika has to keep a protein bar with her.

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    Later in the story, Yuri says that she loves the atmosphere…
    Maybe that leads Yuri to kill herself?
    I'm doing this in 2019, don't judge me.
    Also, how did Mark not realize that Yuri was crying tears of blood at 46:32?

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    I've never had a game make show what I fear my friends will do the most.
    I've never had a game relate to me so hard.
    This game is very well crafted.

  7. me and Sayori are… very, similar… it's kinda sad, but I have bad depression and I try to hide it by being relatable and laugh everything off…. Every YouTuber is very confused but I understand exactly how she feels, it hurts to have people care so much about me when I hate myself… I don't have suicidal thoughts THAT often I just think about what people would think if I was dead, I think about how it would feel to die… I try to think about other people as much as possible…. people don't even know how my depression is and I would like it to stay that way…. no one's going to read this anyways…. so yeah… don't like try to motivate me, I'm fine really, I just have stronger, sadder feelings about everything…. I'm definitely under control, I just wanted to say this…. well… bye!😊 P.S. dang this is long!😂 might delete it🤔 what ever.

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