Vaping Culture Does The Job Of Big Tobacco By Creating More Nicotine Addicts

Vaping Culture Does The Job Of Big Tobacco By Creating More Nicotine Addicts

Recently, the CEO of Juul e-cigarettes issued
a halfhearted apology to parents whose teens became addicted to nicotine thanks to his
company’s products. But the truth is that just like tobacco, this
was all part of the plan. Joining me to talk about this is Farron Cousins
who just finished an incredible cover story for the national trial lawyer magazine. You’ve been following this a long time. Farron, first thing that comes to my mind,
you know, as you know, we, our law firm handled the tobacco litigation. We wrote the first legislation about it that
was used all over the country. So we know these cats pretty bad, pretty well,
you know, it’s a bad bunch of cats I guess. Give me your take on these people that are
showing up with illnesses and couple of deaths already. Yeah, just in the last week or so, we have
seen I think a 193 different people across 22 different states. One of them in Illinois, a man is dead now
and it’s because of some kind of mysterious vaping related, they believe, disease. But the reason we start by saying that is
because now we got to go back and talk about what’s going on with vaping? And on the federal level from the federal
government, the answer is really not much at all. There are few regulations, if any, on what
can be in these vaping liquids. What goes in there, what people are consuming,
how much nicotine it can have, and now after we’ve been warning for years about the lack
of regulations, now we’re starting to see the consequences and they have piled up in
the last year. Okay, yeah, let me back up. We started doing this story three or four
years ago. As soon as it came on the market, we said,
look, here are the problems, and then the problem is you have this cult. I don’t know how to, it’s like this cult. It really is. I call it, I call it, it’s just so weird. We do a story. We say, look, look, God bless you if you want
to vape, I don’t care. But you need to know what the problems are. And the problems are, it’s not just the nicotine,
it’s all the other chemicals that are in, that are included in that liquid that you’re
vaping. Yeah. It’s the fact that you have no, your body
has no magnitude response. In other words, if you’re smoking a cigarette,
you’re, you know, you smoke too much, you get respiratory issues. You kinda, you, you, you’d get the light-headedness
coming on. Not with vaping because it’s coming in your
system so bad. So here’s the point, you know, I know doing
this story, all the, you know, all the, all these people are going to come out, how dare
you talk about vaping, vaping, because it is a cult. I swear it, it is a cult and that’s, that’s
the way they’ve built this, isn’t it? They built it with kids primarily. It is, it’s become its own little subculture
here in the United States. They have vaping competitions. They have conventions and of course these
conventions are sponsored by the vaping companies. You have people out there who swear that vaping
has saved their, because it got them off regular cigarettes, but at the same time they’re saying,
well, we’ll you guys attacking vapes, you’re, you’re doing Big Tobacco’s job. But the truth is, a lot of these Big Tobacco
companies, including Juul, they’ve bought shares of these companies. No, you, you vapors, you’re doing Big Tobacco’s
job because they own these products as well. Well, Big Tobacco owns them. I mean, really, when you get to the point
where you can’t objective really listened to a story, Big Tobacco owns you. We, we saw, look it’s it, it crosses generation. Happened to the baby boomers when we first
started the tobacco litigation, we were the villain because we uncovered all these documents
that showed that they had hired doctors to tell the lie. They created literature that told the lie. They phonied up, they phonied up epidemiology
to tell the lie. Same things happen here. So that was baby boomer generation. Okay. Now you’ve got young baby boomers and millennials
that are part of the cult and nothing’s different. You know, they want to say we’re different
than mom and dad. We’re clear thinkers. We’re, we, we certainly can see it. All you gotta do is look at the science here. Okay. You look at the chemicals that are included
in there. How about this? What about the fact that in different parts
of the country you have independent vaping companies that mix their own chemicals? Talk about that. Right, see, and that’s a big part of the problem
and this could be what’s linked to all these vaping illnesses we see. And before you and I talked here, I spent
a good amount of time today going through the FDA’s regulation website for tobacco and
e-liquid and e-cigarettes and vapes and all that. There was not a single thing I could find
going through their website on regulations about any form of federal regulation on what
can or cannot go into these vaping liquids. So, these people who are out there independently
mixing these, you know, you walk into one of those vape shops that pops up on the corner
every five months these days, they’re mixing them in house. So you’re putting your life, your lungs, in
the hand of some random person behind the counter who says, oh, let me give you, this
will taste good. But there’s heavy metals. There is diacetyl. We know that there are cancer causing compounds
as well, and whatever else this person you don’t know is sticking into that liquid that
you then heat to 400 or 500 degrees in a matter of, you know, milliseconds and put it into
your lungs and people are out there swearing, yelling at us, telling us that this is the
safest thing in the world. Yeah, what, what it is, it is, it’s, it’s,
it’s self actualization. They, they want to believe it, therefore they
won’t, it’s like a, it’s like talking to a Republican about a bad policy. No, I’m a Republican. It’s tribal, isn’t it? It is. I mean, it’s, it’s almost cult like. You see with the Democrats, you see it with
Republicans, we’re in that right now. I see the same thing happening here. Look, here, here’s the point. Got about 30 seconds left. They’ve got ollie ollie orange. They’ve got bubblegum, they’ve gotten, they’ve
got all these kids’ tastes trying to go after the kids. They’ve even market them where they put them
on the shelf to go after children. The type of marketing they do is colors. It’s all going after children. But really it’s not just the kids that go
so crazy when we talk about this case. Right. It is, it is adults who should have enough
sense to be able to think for themselves rather than having the industry think for them. And apparently that’s, that’s what happens
here. Well, you know, and the bottom line is this,
if this is what you’re choosing to do, fantastic. You do that, that is your choice. You have the right to do that. But don’t try to convince yourself or convince
other people that we know these things are safe. All the science that has been coming out in
the short decade these things have been available, has not been flattering for vapes. This story, I tell you, but we’re going to
see it with this story. We, how dare we talk about the fact that this
stuff’s dangerous. Well, and eventually the documents will come
too, and it will show everything we’re saying. Yeah. We’ll be in trial with the documents.

92 thoughts on “Vaping Culture Does The Job Of Big Tobacco By Creating More Nicotine Addicts

  1. Sorry, but please quit with the propaganda. Lots of small businesses do overwhelmingly well in my area, don't diss it pls.

  2. You know what's kind of weird about this is that when you are vaping you have the option to Vape nicotine free you do not have to buy Vape oil or cig that has nicotine in it

  3. Poison by any other name, and it’s advertised on tv. Just as bad as cigarettes, just like candy with better taste so they do more. Crazy ?!

  4. When I first heard of vaping I did not know nicotine was involved. Why do you think tobacco are getting into it now.

  5. Vape is what the cigarettes was for older generation. It's cool to vape until you get into medical problems and wonder what's happening to me when you were warned about it.

  6. Here in the UK vaping is viewed as the lesser of two evils but I'm biased because I vape to prevent myself smoking tobacco as a 45 year old, rather than getting into vaping as a youngster. It's certainly an interesting debate, good on you for raising the issue.

  7. Every time smoke makers bring out something new it addicts you more, makes you sicker and kills you sooner. When will young people learn its bad to be ? COOL?

  8. Cousins……Ask China ?? if you can report about OIG report that came out today on James Comey…….More to come…..Time to play Catch Up Socialist Democrats and Propaganda China ?? Cousins.

  9. ?????? The anti-vape movement lacks nuance and is being manipulated by Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco’s goal is to push out smaller vaping products thus creating an EXPENSIVE monopoly on products that help thousands of smokers successfully quit. They’ll avoid marking to teens only on the surface AS ALWAYS. Anti-vape’s “bootstrap” approach to addiction is ANTI-SCIENCE & KILLS addicts.

  10. I quit smoking on my own, ( cold turkey) at 85 yrs old. I started when I was 14 yrs. old. Yes I still get the urge but won’t give in, I did this on my own, I am proud of myself. I am addicted to gum now!! That’s better than smoking and I am lucky my lungs are fine. That was 3 yrs ago!! I have saved big bucks and feel great!!???

  11. Why are we failing to mention that the vast majority of these cases of respiratory illness have been linked to tainted black market THC cartridges? Even the CDC has admitted that…..

    Properly made eJuice vaporized at the correct temperatures does not cause lipoid pneumonia. If that was the case, you'd see higher rates of the illness than the %0.0000178 recorded by the CDC. Buy from reputable, lab made sources with their test results/data readily available and no house made eLiquid or THC Cartridges.

  12. There's a vape culture? I'm puffing on one now. I was smoking cigarettes and not going to stop. Vaping is cheaper. But, genuinely, I appreciate you guys giving me facts. Farron, huge fan BTW

  13. Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! ?
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  14. You guys should really dig a little deeper. Yes, there are independent companies mixing their own e-juice and yes there have been some found mixing in harmful chemicals. There should definitely be some government regulation but, the vaping community at large has done a good job of calling out companies that do this. Besides, if done right it is actually much safer than any tobacco products.

  15. Would be carefull vaping in trumps deregulated market, i bet u nothing is checked and do u think his government is keeping u safe.

  16. But we were told that vaping was a healthy alternative to tobacco and that these oils and e-cigarettes had LESS poisons and nicotine in them! I am shocked, shocked I say, that the tobacco industry lied about everything again! Completely and utterly shocked says I!

  17. Oh my god. Vapers like nicotine.

    Would you rather they be SMOKING, you FUCKING MORON?

    Harm reduction is a thing, you teetotaling self-righteous FUCK.

  18. Vaping is a million times safer than tobacco products, the man died from horrible junk food , fast food eating and allopathic medications.

  19. As a long time subscriber to RoF, I am very disappointed to see you do a hatchet job on vaping as a whole. Moreover, you seem very ill informed about rules/regs. Are you not seeing what your health department are doing in your country, when it comes to vaping. They are regulating it out of (almost) existence. In fact, they (because of legislation) made it easier for the big tobacco companies – through companies like Juul – to control the market.

    As to your point about research, where have you been looking. Here in the UK, even our health services are recommending vaping, as opposed to smoking. Obviously, not to take it up if you don't smoke anyway.

    Very very saddened by your lack of knowledge on this issue. And I have to wonder if you're as independent as you like to make out?

  20. So why is there no research on the content of tobacco leaves? Or is it as one UC health researcher claims from back in the day? She claims to have found, wait….opiods in the leaf. after her congressional testimony, she claims Tabacco plant research was banned by Congress. I forget her last name, Dah, but her first name I remember was. but if tobacco leaf research is illegal, good chance her story is the truth, and lawsuits could fly off the shelf. As a 3 pack a day, 20 year smoker. Addiction, withdrawal and calming effect. Hmm. same as low dose opium to me.

  21. Vaping has hurt a bunch of people already. A lot of people think "gee it isn't cigarettes, so it must be safe for kids"… but a lot of kids have died from using vapes. But even IF it wasn't unhealthy, why the hell would you hate your children so much as to addict them to needless chemical dependency?
    How smart is that? Don't do drugs kids… some people just want you to think it is cool or worth it for some reason, but all they want is to get money from you without working hard for what they earn. They are using you, nothing more. And it ALWAYS comes with a price… and that price is your success and your happiness.

  22. I'm confident vaping is the lesser of two evils. It's the products of combustion that cause most of the damage to the lungs. It's the second hand smoke that does the damage to the children of smokers, and bystanders. The makers of conventional cigarettes have known for decades that their product when used by pregnant women was connected to low birth weight and high infant mortality. The established tobacco industry resents the vaping upstarts cutting into their turf. More Americans die from diseases brought on by tobacco use every three days than died in the Twin Towers on 9/11, and here these two are squawking about an individual who has died of vaping, allegedly, after vaping apparatus has been on the market over 15 years. The CDC reports 480,000 deaths annually (including deaths from secondhand smoke) due to conventional tobacco. That deal cut between the US Attorney Generals of several states and the tobacco industry allowed the makers of tobacco to keep on killing as long as the government gets a share of the proceeds, so the government is complicit in murder. I am much happier to stand next to a vaper than a cigarette smoker, though I don't use either.

    I've lost confidence in Mr. Papantonio since he denounced the "conspiracy monkeys" who weren't persuaded of the governments claim that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a jail cell. Now, he's got the chutzpah to declare those who realize smoking regular tobacco is more deadly than vaping are "cult members."

  23. Nicotine is a Gateway Drug! Just like Sugar! Most of the Drug Addicts I see, has a Cigarette in one hand and a Soda in the other! How's that DARE program working out! Womp-Womp….

  24. Can't wait to see the Lawsuits, coming to JUUL!
    And the DEATHS from their Products!
    JUUL, Is Into KILLING KIDS & Some Adults!
    How Gullible can people be?
    Bad For Your Lungs!
    Bad For Your Heart!

  25. the smoke is coming out of the wrong end of the JUUL in the graphic it is the black mouthpiece not the charge part

  26. Nicotine is a poisonous plant alkaloid. In large doses it has been known to cause death. Add etheline glycol and you don't even have to add anything else.

  27. There is no safe nicotine… the unknown chemicals remind me of the additives in cigarettes. The adults that know they shouldnt smoke but want a "safe" alternative. Big tobacco tried to tell is light cigarettes were safer too, they aren't. This is just the next evolution. The anger from vape supporters is just because they really liked the idea of zero consequence that was sold to them.

  28. Teens and children are not supposed to be able to purchase these products Where is the proof of teens and children buying these products. What disease please be specific or is you are lying! Layers take 33 % of cases they represent and that's why they are called sharks and live off others misery. Now put up or shut up! WHAT DISEASE WAS IT? WHAT ARE THESE VAPOR ILLNESSES? The real cult is your society, sports. reality TV, weight watchers, fake patriotism, fake politics, corporate socialism, bronze age religions, and other bs that says we must be like everyone else but pretend to be an individual! You scream about going green have you gave up your car for a bicycle? Bet your ass you haven't! STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE! They are not safe but I used them to get off cigarettes and now don't vape any more! But your fumes from your car are not healthy for your lungs either and you don't quite driven!

  29. Here is something to harp about. MacDonalds, Bugerking, Wendys, Hardees, and other fast-food restaurants that are killing millions and millions. They are designed to hook children to bring malnourishment and obesity and are a cult of our society! All the chemicals, antibiotics, Monsanto poisons, and steroids that are in their products! They got happy meals and toys to grab the children! All I.C.E. ( internal combustion engines) and Jet engines should be outlawed!

  30. In my opinion i think this type of reporting is misleading because there's still no proof that any of these people were using only a juul. The person who died as far as i know was from using a fake thc cartridge, they're sold usually by unregulated dispensaries or what are called street cartridges. It's like if someone dies smoking Spice/K2 and blaming it on weed. There's no use generalizing this stuff. And this isn't the hand of Big Tobacco at work either. Nobody is forcing people to use e-cigarettes. If anything the demonization of e-cigarettes is probably more the influence of big tobacco than the other way around.

    Isn't it strange that we would rather have people smoking regular cigarettes than an alternative? That's what's not making any sense. And how do we know the use patterns of these people who have got sick, were they vaping nonstop everyday? Because that's not advisable for anyone. Just like with anything else you need moderation. You can't drink all day nonstop because then you'll probably die or get sick. So are these people in reality just vaping way too much, because that could be an explanation, but also wouldn't necessarily prove that the vape is the issue.

    Vaping isn't supposed to be a new cool thing to do. It's supposed to be harm reduction for adult smokers who want to enjoy nicotine without actually burning a cigarette. I've heard a heart surgeon praise vaping as a wise alternative. So this isn't all about trying to look cool in front of your friends. Nicotine by itself is not as terrible as it's made out to be, although it can be addictive. And it's not necessarily the nicotine in cigarettes that's bad, it's that inhaling burnt plant matter creates tar in the lungs.

    Off-brand vapes are probably the culprit here. There's new vapes coming out everyday, some of them are made in China, we don't really know the manufacturing process, so there's a lot more questions than answers. Keep in mind e-cigarettes have been around for over a decade and millions of people have used them, but only 200 complications recently, makes it hard to blame it all on Juul, not enough facts yet to lay the blame on them.

    The only other issue i can see from vaping is possibly the cloud chasers, the people who try blowing out the biggest clouds, i can see that becoming an issue possibly, but you don't really get that much vapor production from a juul.

    In conclusion, i think it's incredibly strange that Rite-Aid withdrew it's sales of e-cigarettes but has no qualms about continuing to sell regular cigarettes. That's a glaring discrepancy here that needs to be addressed.

  31. Can't believe y'all are bashing the whole vaping culture over fucking juul! Who isnt and never has been at the heart of our community especially since they were bought by altria. Get your facts straight vapeing in 95% safer than smokeing, as researched and stated by the very same health organization that found the defenitive link between smokeing and cancer. Stop bashing our community with the bullshit propaganda lacking in any hard evidence or real facts.

  32. I make my own liquid. Vegetable glycerine, some kind of organic food flavoring and if I choose to add nicotine, I'll add it myself.

  33. This isn’t the problem we should be worried about, god!

    Edited cause apparently some people can’t comprehend a lazily written YouTube comment with a comma and an exclamation.

  34. Something I don't understand. "All these kids flavors"

    Are adults not allowed to enjoy things that taste good? Adults can't have gritty or bubble gum things, everything had to be bitter and bland? Just because it's sweet doesn't mean it's kids only.

  35. Let me back you guys up here. I don't smoke, or vape or other. BUT why the fuck are we blameig the company. Why the fuck arnt wr blaming the parents. For not being responsible adults and monitoring their children. Jesus Christ people tired of seeing my child's addicted to nicotine. God damn if my child was I'd be guess what mad a my child punishing them. Not well they smoke now ow well.

  36. Learn to fucking parent. Also don't do half assed opinion stories without expressing the benefits as well. As much as I appreciate some of what Farron does, I now have lost all respect for him and this channel. Honestly super bummed about the laziness of this story.
    You lost a sub ?

  37. You guys are on the wrong side of the argument again.

    Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology
    Volume 70, Issue 3
    Leading commercial electronic cigarettes were tested to determine bulk composition. The e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes were evaluated using machine-puffing to compare nicotine delivery and relative yields of chemical constituents. The e-liquids tested were found to contain humectants, glycerin and/or propylene glycol, (⩾75% content); water (<20%); nicotine (approximately 2%); and flavor (<10%). The aerosol collected mass (ACM) of the e-cigarette samples was similar in composition to the e-liquids. Aerosol nicotine for the e-cigarette samples was 85% lower than nicotine yield for the conventional cigarettes. Analysis of the smoke from conventional cigarettes showed that the mainstream cigarette smoke delivered approximately 1500 times more harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) tested when compared to e-cigarette aerosol or to puffing room air. The deliveries of HPHCs tested for these e-cigarette products were similar to the study air blanks rather than to deliveries from conventional cigarettes; no significant contribution of cigarette smoke HPHCs from any of the compound classes tested was found for the e-cigarettes. Thus, the results of this study support previous researchers’ discussion of e-cigarette products’ potential for reduced exposure compared to cigarette smoke.

  38. This is so biased and unproven claims. I'm a vaper myself and all the so called studies are one unfounded and just horrible science or they are misleading paid by the tobacco industry to stop vaping cutting into their profits. Here is the truth vaping has only 4 ingredients 1 being optional. VG and PG as a base (in different ratios) plus any flavoring you want. The optional ingredient is nicotine (comes in different strengths or none) how many chemicals and ingredients do cigarettes have ? Even black and milds or Dutch masters which I enjoyed have preservatives if I'm not mistaken. Furthermore there is no concrete peer reviewed evidence at all that vaping causes anything when used responsively. I never thankfully smoked cigarettes but due to stress or just cuz I liked them smoked black and milds or flavored Dutch masters. Vaping is way safer conveniant cheaper and tastes alot better. Lastly there is no such thing as a vaping industry. Most products are small businesses or diy even companies like smok or joytech are not huge. With so many devices ejuices mods tanks rdas rebuildables skwank boxes etc. There is no organized industry like with tabacco and ciggs.

  39. Y'all are concerned about Vaping, but not about CORPORATE AIR POLLUTION? How about Wildfires every single year, in growing areas of the country? But oh, no– Vaping is the Big Evil.

  40. This is a waste of time in my opinion. With all the topics that could warrant a in depth discussion you have a fixation on vaping. This is in spite of the thousands, maybe tens of thousands or more people who have been able to cease smoking cigarettes because of vaping. I know no one in the vaping community who promotes a non smoker to take up vaping. Many of these so-called vaping incidents have nothing to do with people who are attempting to, or have quit, smoking. If you would do a little more research you will find that many of these incidents concern vaping substances other than the vaping liquids used by ex-smokers. I really like the work that you do but on this issues I feel that you are not performing your due diligence and are succumbing to a sensationalist journalism that is a departure from your normal high quality coverage.

  41. The problems people had with your coverage was you guys going it's marketed to kids and it obviously worst then cigarettes.

  42. It just makes sense that the FDA regulate and inspect vaping devices and eLiquids just like they regulate and inspect food and pharmaceuticals. What I am taking from this video is that vaping itself isn't the problem but unqualified professionals making and selling eLiquid. You are taking this substance into your body. You deserve for it to be safe so I don't get why vapers are all up in arms about this. This doesn't mean that we should abolish vaping but just ensure that it really is safe. Personally, I don't think eLiquid containing nicotine should be sold to minors since it is highly addictive.

  43. We need to keep ourselves well informed about any product that we consume for any potential problem. I'm glad this topic was brought to light. Whether it helps people or not, it's important to check for safety.

  44. I said this day 1… It turns your lungs into a Petri dish. perfect to grow bacteria,mold etc.
    not that complicated nut the illness caused will be ten fold and complicated. The lungs are a very fertile environment and now anything you breathe with the enhanced vaping has the perfect harmony to fertilize many dangerous molds and cancerous diseases. this will be a horrible epidemic

  45. I was close to supporting this channel by joining, but I'm going to unsubscribe.

    You present this issue in a completely one sided fashion. Your comments are going to wind
    Up keeping smokers from quitting. That's not very progressive of you.

  46. Humans are going to continue to smoke things. No "science" is going to change that.

    "Smoking bad." Everyone knows this already.

    What's next, are you gonna attack the cannabis industry?

    And what a lame point honestly.. If someone was going to take a substance and had the choice of smoking methamphetamine or cannabis obviously cannabis is safer. If someone smoked cigarettes, cannabis is still safer. Vaping IS safer then tobacco. Anything with "smoke" or "vapor" is going to be bad for you. Cannabis has tar & 62,000 chemicals we don't even know about should we attack it for that?

    Don't propagandize everything.

  47. Vaping is safer than smoking. It's harm reduction. Harm reduction is a progressive policy approach. Ring of Fire is not progressive. They're moderates pretending to be progressive.

  48. So dumb. Do your fucking homework. Morons. Check the European doctors you fucking morons. How many people are smoking today?

  49. From some sources I had heard of before; vapes were supposed to be "cig-lite", or better yet, with non-nicotine options, an alternative for quiters as they wean off of the habit.

    But when these scoundrels decide "yeah, fuck these hippies and their ideals, toxic is still the best profits" and screws the market entirely for gains, you know someone doesn't deserve to be part of the market of ideas (which as consumers, you can and have the choice to screw royally).

    When consumers aren't proactive about safekeeping the market (yes, just being a little more aware goes a long way), these criminals usually find a way to get in.

  50. I honestly don't understand how people are hurting themselves with these things granted I don't use a juul but I use nicotine juice for my vape and occasionally non nicotine juice and could honestly get rid of a nicotine whenever I want to I never have a craving for the nicotine and will likely drop it altogether. This being said you shouldn't inhale things that aren't oxygen it's not good for you, anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is probably kind of dumb.

  51. electric cigarettes not only put low amounts of nicotine to our body but also other carcinogens. the ones supporting e cigs are those fools who will never give up consuming carcinogens knowingly.

  52. Want to cut this,crap out? Cite, then ticket and fine. At some point, too many tickets , take their license, cell or laptop.
    Why do.adults refuse to act with conviction. Oh and fine their parents.

  53. I would ask you to look into the law suites that were taken over by the States. The money from cigarette sales went to the states that took over the costs of those suites. States like California and Michigan were now getting massive amounts of money from covering and capping the law suite costs.
    Vaporizing has been the most successful smoke cessation device ever created. So many people have switched that the States are now not getting anywhere near the money from the tobacco they were before vaporizing. Now, they have already spent that money and their 8 9 and 10 year bonds are coming due.
    Juul is owned by Big tobacco. No wonder they are evil.
    Please realize that vaporizing is not Burning. It's the same as your electric clothes dryer. The moisture from the cotton is vaporized and exhausted outside. Nothing is "burned" in your electric clothes dryer is it?
    The States are the ones loosing the money as well and that is why they are pushing people back to tobacco.
    Last time I checked, It was illegal to sell to a minor. That is where the problem is. If stores started selling alcohol to minors you'd close them down, not the industry.
    Please also look into the studies the Royal British Academy of Medicine have done. Did you know that the same society of Mid Wives recommend to ALL of their pregnant patients to try switching to vaporizing?
    There are also stalls in the hospitals where coffee shops are in the hospitals and more than 1 hospital has vaporizing stores inside them.
    Honestly, I would like to see you look into this a bit further.

  54. By lies like that you proves that you are no more than on more PR agencies for big (tobaco) business, and you destroying you credibility in all other instances.

  55. been vaping for 10 years , used to cough every morning on menthol cigarettes. dont cough now. nothing you inhale is healthy ( except fresh air ) but these are 95% safer than cigarettes and far more safer than inhaling car fumes .
    Yes, they should be regulated and monitored but there are no studies in the UK that back up your claims and doctors will tell you if you must "smoke " then " Vape " .
    Don,t know of anyone who Vaped first , always to get off tobacco.

  56. Folks, I'm reading comments that are unwarranted. Farron is right, we need regulations so when you vape, the stuff going inside your body is safe. I agree many vapers gain a positive experience from vaping so why not extend that experience to everyone so every vaping purchase is safe

  57. State the facts of the vape ingredients and what they do, average amount consumed per smokIng session, total average inhalation per day, etc. NO RESEARCH?? THE PRODUCT HAS BEEN COMMON FOR FIVE YEARS!! ARE U ALL BOT OFF BY THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY/!!/

  58. Thia IS why I have not clicked the "JOIN" button or became a patron supporter, and IF you keep doing these MISLEADING video's on vaping I WILL UNSUBSCRIBE all together.
    A. Show me an add where it say's Vaping is a SAFE alternative to smoking, it IS a SAFER alternative to smoking cigarettes. That "R" at the end makes a world of difference.
    B. Kids vaping is no different then kids smoking cigarettes, both are illegal, not something ANY one wants them to do, BUT we all know kids like to try things like Drinking alcohol, taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, Huffing, watching XXX rated movies, having sex and the list go's on, But I don't see you trying to close down the Liquor company's or the porn industries, or the pharmaceutical company's, Just because some dumb ass kids try stupid things is no reason to go after a company.
    C. Stop saying with vaping you can't tell when you have had too much, because you can, I can and everyone I know can, and DO recommend to EVERYONE I know that smokes to Vape instead of smoking.
    D. cigarettes have what 7,000 chemical's?, Vape juice 4,
    E. I feel you ARE doing the work for big Tobacco company's, because you keep saying "as-less with smoking you can tell when you have had too much" (see sec C.)
    I use to smoke 3 packs a day, that's 3 packs a day, now I vape 3.2 oz. a month…

  59. Why dont regulate what goes in the cigarettes first ? There are far more substances in cigarettes. Nobody seems to care huh ?

  60. Nicotine isn't the problem it's the other aspects of the delivery of nicotine to the bloodstream which causes cancer like breathing hot smoke into your lungs ,as long as vaping doesn't have a any clear connection to death don't report it as vaping being the culprit you have absolutely nothing to go on your just spreading slander and libel .plus they could create non addictive nicotine if they wanted.

  61. Do your research on the companies that produce the vape juice you use and what is in their products, as well as how those ingredients process in your body. I started smoking in high school and quit in my early 20s, started vaping instead. Yes, nicotine is addictive and I'm well aware that I get very agitated if I'm not able to vape for several hours, but that is my own doing. If I wanted to stop, I would. I had periodically quit smoking before switching to vaping, so I am personally able to quit if I really want to…but I don't. (Plus, I don't smell like an ashtray anymore) There are definitely unsafe vape products out there; and that goes for the low grade juice AND the actual devices. This is very much a "you get what you pay for" type of industry, and if you go the cheap route, you have no one to blame but yourself. The internet is a wonderful if you use it correctly. And I've gathered that there is biased opinions coming from both sides. As someone that wants multiple sources from a variety of standpoints, I consider myself well informed on most controversial topics; regardless of my own opinion. Certain vape companies do indeed target teenagers, but I don't see the alcohol industry facing as much push back these days and they have open range on when and where they advertise. Pretty sure all of their fruity flavored products have been tried by more teenagers than vaping has. And as someone that has had a problem with alcohol, I can attest to the fact that those types of advertisements played a big part in my underage drinking. So don't be so quick to point a finger if you don't actually know what you're talking about. And these talking heads really don't know what they're talking about. Prohibition never solved anything, and going after these companies to try to limit their reach, it won't work. Black markets thrive on this and out of state sales will boost if new restrictive laws are put in place. Being a free country, we should have the choice. Having the information out there and making your own decisions on what to do or what not to do.

    – We The People.
    – Get the fuck off my lawn.
    – My Body, My Choice.

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