Unions are my Family | Bernie Sanders

Unions are my Family | Bernie Sanders

I understand that you have a governor here who is trying to destroy the trade union movement. Well I’ve got some bad news for him. And that is if I’m elected President of the United States we’re going to do everything that we can to rebuild the trade union movement. [applause] Without a strong labor movement there will not be a strong middle class. We’re going to pass legislation that will make it easier for workers to join unions. If fifty percent of the workers in a bargaining unit, plus one, vote to sign a card to join a union, they will have a union. If a company refuses to negotiate a first contract with that union, that company will be severely penalized. [applause] And a lot of people don’t understand this. But when unions negotiate good contracts for their members it impacts every worker in the community. Because wages go up for everybody. In my twenty-five years in congress I have a ninety-eight percent AFL-CIO voting record. And I’m not sure that I was the guy who was wrong on the two percent. So, I am not a candidate who goes to the unions, goes to workers then leaves and goes to a fund-raiser with Wall Street. You are my family and I have worked with unions for my entire life. And with working people. That is what this campaign is all about. That’s what I’ve been about my whole life. So, thank you all very much for what you have done in fighting for the rights of working people. There is nothing more important than that.

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  1. Too many people forget that unions are the reason we have a 40-hour work week and weekends off! Without unions we'd be working 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

  2. Bernie! Bernie! I whole-heartedly agree. Trade Unions must be rebuilt and strengthen. #stillSanders!

  3. Seeing you Bernie Sanders going around the country doing rallies very often – almost every day – , talking to people about the issues and to bring this country into a real democracy, it must be very difficult physically.
    It makes me speechless.
    #AmericaTogether #NotMeUs

  4. only problem is union worker are lazy as hell and abuse their privileges if there not managed and i have seen construction projects take a year that should have taken a couple months because of that thanks SECU and you all block traffic on the road to.

  5. Thank you to my brothers and sisters in WI for supporting Bernie. VOTE!
    ~Your Sister In Solidarty
    UAW Local 653

  6. All of you Bernie supporters are my family #NotMeUs #AmericaTogether #WeThePeople #IEndorseBernie #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016

  7. Volunteer to activate other Bernie supporters:
    Phonebank for Bernie http://Bernie.to/PB
    Facebank for Bernie http://FeelTheBern.events/

    “You’re not another special interest to me. I’m not going to leave here to go out to meet with the bankers or corporate America. You are my family. This is what I do.” -Bernie Sanders

    •Opposed NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China, and the TPP.
    •Rated 100% by SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, UFCW, IBB, CWA, 98% IBEW.

    Labor For Bernie http://www.laborforbernie.org/

    Bernie Sanders on Income and Wealth Inequality
    Bernie will #FightFor15 but Clinton will #SettleFor12

    The median annual income is only $27k/year, which at full time would come equal less than $14 per hour in an economy that produces on average $64 an hour per worker. This is wage theft.

    It takes about 6 months for many workers to have the same income as what a CEO takes in a single hour http://qz.com/156522/how-many-months-it-takes-an-average-worker-to-earn-what-the-ceo-makes-in-an-hour/

    CEO to Average Worker Pay and Wealth Inequality Facts:
    Graph: CEO vs worker pay 1940-2004 http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2006/04/08/business/pay.graphic.jpg

    CEO's receive 1/3rd of all pay in the U.S. http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2009/07/21/51995/executive-pay-wsj/

    CEO’s Who Lay Off Workers Get Paid More http://www.consumerwarningnetwork.com/2010/09/01/ceos-who-lay-off-workers-get-paid-more/

    CEOs take 343 times more than typical workers http://money.cnn.com/2011/04/19/news/economy/ceo_pay/index.htm

    20 People Now Own As Much Wealth as Half of All Americans http://www.thenation.com/article/20-people-now-own-as-much-wealth-as-half-of-all-americans/

  8. If you buy a Bernie t-shirt, they have the union label. 🙂 It's been so long since I had seen that. Remember the jingle? I would love to bring that campaign back.

  9. It's good to see many of the youth starting to care for America, so try not to support unfair trade and slave wages and sweatshops. We need Jobs for all Americans of all abilities no one left behind, we are a big nation. Livable wages, safe work done safely . Everyone contributes. Progressive tax, Capital gains tax higher. Free Fairer trade- better rules- level playing field with other country's — If another country pays bad bad wages to its workers extra tax, if they over pollute extra tax, manipulate money extra tax. That also will help keep American companies from leaving for a cheap greedy ways to save a buck. These are the ways we pay for all the things we want to keep all Americans living well. In the meantime buy from American companies that are making products here in the USA. Tell stores to carry more American products. Go on line to Made In The USA. Support stores that pay a decent livable wage. Talk with action behind it makes it work. Where are your shoes made ? Hopefully in the USA.

  10. We all need to get rid of separation, talk it walk it do it. All kids that want to go to college rich, middle class, poor- should be able to on interest free loans. After all some parents wont or can't pay for one's college, why should the kid suffer. once they get a job pay 10% back per check when working under $50,000. More money for anything above $50,000 a year to $60,000 12%, $70,000 15%,$ 80,000 20% ect… Till the loan is paid off. This is my decent idea and it can work.

  11. Bernie or bust!
    If you're dumb enough to vote for Hillary, you deserve to have Trump as your president!

  12. #15bomb in response to Bill Clinton's wife taking credit for $15/hr in NY. Lets send $15 to Bernie to show what stealing his ideas cost you.

  13. people are so fixated on the "unions good, unions bad" dialogue that they fail to look around the world to see how everyone else is dealing with it.

    it's a very touchy subject. I'm not convinced it's good economics to promote unionization.

  14. God bless the People's President Bernie Sanders.

    Hillary Clinton is a phony. #Bernie2016 #BernTheEstablishment

  15. Pandering to Unions. Bernie will lose with or without special delegates. He is a simple-minded complaining underachiever who has a weak track record of accomplishments personally or politically, who can break thing but never build things. Bernie 'always some excuse' Sanders is never part of the solution but always part of the problem. What a joke, loser for President?

  16. "If elected President of the United States, WE are gonna do everything that we can to rebuild the trade union movement in this country." I've never heard a politician use we more than I like Bernie does. #GoBernie #FeelTheBern

  17. I am from the UK and I am standing with you Bernie!!! You truly are a man of integrity and have so much compassion for people. I have not seen that in a very long time…

  18. Unions are the same as Corporations. Slimy, greedy and criminally minded. I can't believe this guy can't see through their facade.

  19. Solidarity from a British trade unionist. Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are two transatlantic peas in a democratic socialist pod. #FeelTheBern

  20. The federal government has no power to decide on how states handle unions. What Bernie is supporting is fascism.

  21. Mr. Sanders, this is one of the most insulting things anyone has ever said to me. Have you ever done an actual day of honest labor in your life? One day? I'm loathe to believe right-wing talking points, unlike your followers, but this has to be you all over


    You and I are not family! Yours is one job that could certainly be done by a robot programmed to repeat certain talking points. And it's one job I wouldn't mind seeing lost. Or you could relocate to Canada. Everybody seems to love you up there.

  22. I think that the social democracy that Bernie is advocating is much needed in the US but also remember that unions, when too powerful, can kill growth and opportunity as one can see in France.

  23. Barney's family should take a walk down the history path of Bernie Sanders and ask, why did that happen and what made him say that. There is always a reason for every action. Follow the spider web.

  24. Unions = good
    Union leader corruption = bad

    A constitution is needed to cause a separation of powers to stop embezzlement and corruption that is rampant.

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