Union J interview part 1: Union J on music, babies and Beyonce!

Union J interview part 1: Union J on music, babies and Beyonce!

A horse. Josh and I are just weird. Television
with FIFA. Every wall covered with like fluffy duvets. BABY. Union J good to see you. Hi Now Beautiful Life is out very soon. Carry
You got to number six. How confident are you that this could be a top five. That would be a dream, do you know what i
mean? You don’t want to be confident because you don’t to set yourself up for stuff. We’d
love to get the top five. Just to even have a single out is such an honour and a second
one. Top ten, to say you’ve got a top ten single would be great again. We are hoping
to progress. That’s what we want to do. Like the first single got to six, we’re hoping
this gets to top five, we’re hoping it gets to number one obviously. Every single, single
that we release we want to get better and better and better. The thing with this song
as well, we feel it a lot more, it means a lot more to us than Carry You did. So we’re
kind of giving it more. Also are album is out the week after as well. So that’s like
another exciting thing. So maybe if Beautiful Life did great or didn’t do a top five you’ve
got the album. I think we’re really excited about seeing the album charts. The singles
come every sort of few months but an album is a body or work that we’ve put our all into
for the last year. That’s the big important one for us. Then we’ve got the tour at the
end of the year. Now the track talks all about the things that
make you different also make you special. So what is different about you guys that also
makes you special? We have a bit of a laugh don’t we. We are
the most unstereotypical boy band ever. I came out within the first three weeks of us
being together. JJ is now having a baby. Josh and I are just weird. Yeah Josh and George,
we’ve not found anything for them yet. In what way are they weird? Do you know what we’d love to do, we were
saying it before, we’d love to do a programme. People don’t know how generally mad we are
as a four, we’re pretty crazy. So it would just be great for everyone out there to get
to know the real Union J. That’s the hardest thing to do, trying to portray your personalities
and get them across to people. Like George said, Beautiful Life means a lot to us because
it is about, like you said, being different makes you special. That’s a message that we
take very strongly. Especially nowadays with the fan bases and the fandoms and twitter
and stuff. It gives you a way to not worry about what you look like or who you are. You
see fans of different ages, races and sexualities all coming together for one thing. So it’s
really important to get that message across to our fans. We’re living proof that it doesn’t
matter who you are or where you come from. Yeah its like our little mantra. Now the video for Beautiful Life is set in
a container park. Bit Random? Its different but that’s what we wanted for
this video. We wanted to have something a bit iconic in it. Like Jamie said, having
all these different types of people and different stereotypes all living. The girl’s bedroom
is inside one of these crates. Its just showing that. I was a bit worried that the extras
agency, if that was actually where they kept all the extras. We did double check with working
standards and stuff that they didn’t actually just keep the extras in crates. That’s the
thing we wanted to do as well, because well feel the song has a good meaning behind it
we wanted the video to do the same thing. That’s what we felt like. If a fan was to give you a crate as a gift.
What would you want to be in that crate? A horse. Every wall covered with fluffy duvets.
Television with FIFA. I don’t care. I could genuinely live. Do you want a sofa in there
as well? I could just live in a room playing FIFA all my life. Beyonce. Some really good answers there. Beyonce. Smoke machine as the doors open.
BABY. Now the album is out very soon as well. Have
you got a favourite track? Yeah I do, they change, every interview I’m
like I love that one and then I listen to the new one in the car and I love that one
too. All four of us have a different favourite song on the album. That’s the thing its out
on the 28th October. So we felt like the album, we’ve got loads of different kinds of songs
on there and that’s what we wanted to get across. We wanted to show that some of them
are like American. We felt like an American, California kind of vibe to them and some of
the songs you probably wouldn’t expect Union J to do. There’s a lot of different songs.
You’ve got four different voices and four different characters and it just comes together.

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  1. JJ: and some of them you wouldn't expect Union J to do
    Me: yeah I wasn't quite sure if it really was you singing Save the Last Dance…but I love surprises (Y)

  2. I never heard of this group Union J until I was checking out this awesome video. "Touch It, I Dare You!": Nicole Scherzinger Talks Dirty To The Union J Boys! – Capital FM They funny

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