Trump’s State of the Union: Not a Night for Facts | The Daily Show

Trump’s State of the Union: Not a Night for Facts | The Daily Show

Let’s get to the speech
itself, which started with Donald Trump praising himself
for the one thing he actually got done this year. Just as I promised
the American people from this podium 11 months ago, we enacted the biggest tax cuts
and reforms in American history. (cheering, applause) Aw, Mitch looks so happy. Yeah. He smiles,
although he’s the only person whose mouth gets smaller
when he smiles– that’s weird. And am I… am I the only one
who thinks that when Mitch McConnell smiles,
he looks like he just poisoned someone’s drink
and they’re about to sip it? Like, he’s like…
(muffled cackling) Now, look, needless to say,
uh, like most of Trump’s “biggest things,” these
tax cuts were not, in fact, the biggest tax cuts
in American history. This is a lie.
It’s nowhere near it. But this wasn’t
a night for facts. If you came here for facts,
you came here for wrong thing. All right? Tonight was all about
celebrating President Trump. And he was in such a good mood that he even reached
across the aisle, and not just to grope someone, but to try and get things done. Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. This is really the key. These are the people
we were elected to serve. (applause) Oh, so now
you want common ground? Like, Trump is the person
who always starts the fight. You know? He’s the troublemaker
who’s like, “Okay, okay, okay, “we’re not fighting anymore,
we’re not fighting. Aah! “Okay, okay, no more fighting.
Time out, time out, time out. “No more fighting. Aah! One more.
No more, no more.” And by the way,
Chuck and Nancy’s faces– did you see that?
They looked like Trump also cheated on them
with Stormy Daniels. -AUDIENCE: Oh!
-I’m still not… Oh, I’ll take that.
Thank you. We’re live, baby. Because, look,
here’s another thing, working together
sounds beautiful, but the truth is, almost every
single time Democrats and Republicans have managed
to agree on an idea, Trump has come back from
the golf course just in time to screw it up.
He’s like, “Fore.” He did it on immigration,
uh, Obamacare. But, again, I’m getting caught
up in the facts, people. Tonight’s not about
the facts. Yeah. It’s about what Trump
has done for the people, and the black people. After years and years
of wage stagnation, we are finally seeing
rising wages. Unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low. African-American
unemployment stands at the lowest rate
ever recorded. (cheering and applause) Damn, I haven’t seen that many
disappointed black people since I told my uncles I was
dropping out of school to become a comedian. I was like, uh,
“I’m doing it, uncles.” And they were like,
“Uh, enjoy your life.” Look at them, look at them. All those black guys
are so angry. It’s like reverse
Showtime at the Apollo. You know what it looks like? It looks like, before they got
to the State of the Union, Blue Ivy was like,
“You know the deal. Relax. Relax.” Now, because the
State of the Union is live, just like it is here, you’re
bound to make mistakes, right? I just made one now when I was
telling you that joke. And a lot of fun watching
a Trump speech is watching him cover
his mistakes. Because Trump screws up words
in his speech all the time. It’s normal,
but because it’s Trump, it’s not a mistake. For him, it’s just an
opportunity to redefine reality. Right? Here’s one such moment.
This is amazing. He’s introducing
a Homeland Security agent who has a nickname, CJ, right? That’s all you have to remember,
his name is CJ. Only CJ. Here tonight is one leader in the effort to defend
our country. Homeland Security Investigation Special Agent
Celestino Martinez. He goes by DJ and CJ. He said, “Call me either one.” So we’ll call you CJ. What? Trump is just– he’s so amazing. He created a problem
and then solved it instantly. “DJ, CJ, so confusing.
You know what? “I’m just gonna call you
the name you already had. “That’s what I’m gonna do. I fixed it, folks.” Now, tonight
Donald Trump talked about a few things that
he would like to do. He would like to reduce
prescription drug prices; he didn’t say how. He said that he would like
to have some non-wall infrastructure stuff, but the big thing he came for
was el immigración. A bipartisan approach to
immigration reform. Here are the four pillars
of our plan: a path to citizenship, for 1.8 million
illegal immigrants who were brought here by their
parents at a young age. Building a great wall on the
southern border… ends the visa lottery, a program that randomly
hands out green cards without any regard
for skill, merit, or the safety
of American people. Ending chain migration. “Those are my four pillars
of immigration. I chose four pillars because it
reminds me of my four kids.” And then Eric was like, “Dad, you have five kids.” “Like I said,
four pillars, Eric.” Yes.
Although earlier in his speech, Trump talked about finding
common ground on immigration reform, what he was really saying was, I’ll give you the Dreamers, and then we shut
everything else down. Basically, Dreamers,
close the door behind you. In fact, President Trump has a
really interesting take on who a Dreamer actually is. My duty, and the sacred duty of every elected official
in this chamber, is to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their families,
their communities, and their right
to the American dream, because Americans
are dreamers, too. Damn, did this guy just “all lives matter,”
the Dreamers? Americans are dreamers, too.
And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Americans
aren’t dreamers, but the term Dreamers is used to
define a specific hope that young children
brought to America by their parents have, right? This is something
that they have. That’s what Dreamers means. And now, for Trump, it’s just
people who sleep, I guess. What kind of Scrooge is like, “I’m sorry, kids, “there’s only so many dreams
to go around. Bring them back.
Bring them back.” This, for me,
was one of the main themes of Trump’s speech tonight. It wasn’t just about limiting
immigrants coming in, but he also made sure
to tell stories that made us fear the ones
who are already here. Tonight we heard so many stories
about MS-13 and alien terrorists
and other anti-immigrant shit. I-I wouldn’t be surprised
if his teleprompter was just tuned to Fox & Friends
the whole time. And this is what I really love
about President Trump. He can make a speech
stoking fear about an entire group of people, and then,
in that very same speech, wrap it up
with a thought like this. So, to every citizen
watching at home tonight, no matter where you’ve been
or where you’ve come from, this is your time. If you work hard,
if you believe in yourself, if you believe in America, then you can dream anything. You can be anything. “As long as you’re from Norway. All you other losers,
stay in your shitholes.”

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  2. I’m a democrat, and a liberal. I’ve researched all of his claims, and for the most part, he’s actually accomplished a lot. I’m the type person, I’m not going to talk about people, policy or politics, especially if I’m uninformed, and ill-advised.

    As for Trevor Noah, are you even an American citizen? If not then why are you even commenting? Also, where did you go to school (university)? What did you study? Aren’t you a comedian? I’d stick to that and leave politics alone. You’re an idiot. Go back to Africa dumb dumb.

  3. You know Trump didn't write what he was reading. And why are they applauding and standing at everything? Just do it once, at the end of the address

  4. This how to find the rasists. "African Americans are unemployed" '11 people clap' "Nw everyone who clapped stand hear because your either rasist following the crowd or wasn't paying attention".

  5. And the two persons behind him were nodding to his concluding statement so proudly? Perhaps, they zoned out throughout the whole speech?

  6. Trevor you are a dream come through, you allow for people to finally understand politics from a very humurous position. I absolutely love you Trev. Bigup yourself!

  7. It's adorable in the news clips how the VP, or whoever is sitting with the president, will lock their eyes on him, mouth compressed, with an unmistakable "I'm ready, Mr. President—say the word and I will sacrifice my entire being for you" expression on their face. Aww.

  8. I‘m from Germany and Love this Show! But could someone explane me what this Trump – Eric joke is about? Did. Trump say anything rude about his son?

  9. The one thing I can agree with Trump on, we do need more Norwegians in America. Their country has been on the top of civilian happiness ratings for a while for a reason, so it would be good to learn from how they do politics.

  10. Came to the comment section to discuss the 'ooh'-jar, which I thought was a genuis move, instead all I see if people talkijg politics… I thought this was comedy, now I realise this was all about the world's biggest reality show: America

  11. You snowflakes only have to put up with President Trump until 2024. We had to put up with Mr. " I'm half white but don't look at that part" for 8 years. Suck it up.

  12. this isn't even comedy anymore it's communist circle jerks!! LMFAO DemonRats are the enemy of American people!! 😉🤗🤗🤗

  13. Trump doesn’t make mistakes. He’s seriously the most hard headed, stubborn narcissist in the world. He’s got a brick head.

  14. The real question is why didn’t he started to build the wall when his party had the house? Now he is shutting down the government and blaming the other party? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  15. I as a dreamer who was brought from Mexico at only 2 years old I am embarrassed of our president. He must be impeached because he is destroying America the home of my children.

  16. why research is important: certain kinds of changes take time..and trump has the nerve to tell lies about barack obama..but then, sociopath that he is, he constantly takes credit for results caused by decisions obama undertook during his presidency..nothing like a super-racist publicly hating on 'the other' but then claiming good outcomes because of them as their own accomplishments..but what's new?

  17. Trevor please speak normal South African accent if you're gonna mention something about South Africa. We don't speak like that. Africa doesn't all sound the same. Don't be speaking south african in ghananian accent.

  18. Biggest tax cuts for the rich? Didn't touch the loopholes or the pass through income as promised. We know that 60 percent of those that voted for the tax cuts for for the rich were beneficiaries of those cuts
    Hey aren't Melania's parents here under chain migration?

  19. ? Only facts, all can be check … simple dialog, almost sweet. ? … got some new software to load and update. See you guys later 🙏.

  20. The only good thing about Trump is that he turns on EVERYONE… and he started throwing the GOP under the bus a while ago

  21. Black unemployment is down because discrimination laws have been changed that used to limit what jobs black people could and could not get and places they could or couldn’t go , and also blacks are being accepted into more colleges , when in the past almost colleges would turn blacks down based on nothing but skin color.Tell this dumb idiot to have a seat and take in some real knowledge before he speaks .

  22. I know it’s foolish but I came to this video thinking “I wanna hear some counter arguments.” And for some reason I was surprised I didn’t hear any..making fun of the guy isn’t really an argument. Can you not be okay with anything he does? SOTU made me feel pretty damn proud to be an American but you guys are still just these sullen, mean little bastards for some reason.

  23. AWESOME Daily Show 👏👏👌❗ Trump will continue to prostitute himself through torrents if lies for the non-white aka black votes🤭😆😂😅 Dude even lies about initials… Who does that❓❓❓

  24. The OOH! jar cracked me up more then it should have. I can just imagine Trevor whipping it out every time the audience reacts that way, on air or off.

  25. Trump supporters are as stupid as their president. Men I can't believe how stupid and dumb they sound when asked a question about what trump is talking about and have no clue on what he said through out the whole speech.

  26. As an African American that lived in Texas for 30 years and have now returned to my home state Louisiana, Trump is a big liar.  We're Americans too-we can't get what those from other nations get when they come here.

  27. All he's done is corruption to the United State. I'm sick of this disguising man. Wish he crock on his burgers. He's a laughing idiot moron. As the years goes by when people read about this President they will be laughing at those who voted for him. They will say that those who voted for him is more of a moron like him LOL.

  28. 6:09 I always find it so weird how those 2 guys sitting behind Trump are always staring at the back of his head (or any other president) like they are looking him in the eyes. I mean just imagine what they see for a second 🙂

  29. anyone 2019?
    Wowww i remember watching it in 2018 and being like wow i can't believe it's been 2 years since the election of trump…

  30. As I sit here, at my local library, using the wifi, I reflect on how patriotic I am due to the fact that I happily pay my taxes. I am not interested in paying fewer taxes. I'd even be willing to pay a little more in order for teachers and librarians to be paid living wages.
    This country has been dumbed down enough.

  31. Yo, the guys behind trump are just so bored out of thier mind, they probably heard trump say this speach a thousand times

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