Trisha Paytas Hurts “Another” ENTIRE Community…

Trisha Paytas Hurts “Another” ENTIRE Community…

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  2. Just the other day I was thinking that her views have dropped after the trans video, so she needed to create a super offensive video to get some views and relevancy for a while again.

  3. She’s trash. Pure trash. She uses whatever she can to get views cause she’s hungry for it. It’s disgusting. I’m sad for the DID community & anyone else she’s hurt over her selfishness & incorrect information.

  4. My bf suffers from DID and i see how his alters to actually help him cope with his trauma. Its highly misunderstood this info she is giving is highly inaccurate

  5. DR TODD GRANDE IS AN AMAZING CHANNEL! I’m so glad you used his video. I started watching his channel when doctors were wondering if I was suffering from BPD. I turned out not to be but HE is the reason I still learned what personality disorders are and that Anti social PD, BPD, Narcissistic PD and avoidant PD are all cluster-B personality disorders. I learned not to throw around the term narcissist and so much more. Great channel. Thanks for getting ppl hip.

  6. 100% think trisha was ignorant to DID but a commonality for this disorder IS ignorance. trisha thinking she is everything under the sun is on actuality related to a dissociated identity. just saying we can't say whether or not a person is dealing with this even if she was irresponsible about it.

  7. I believe she came out with BPD a while ago (with a proper doctor diagnosis) which explains why she keeps shifting her identity. She has rapid changes in self-identity and self-image.

  8. As someone with DID I couldn't even make it through her whole video ,we got so furious about it. She was so disrespectful!

  9. I don’t have DID but I do have a dissociative disorder. I shut down entirely, get trapped in my own head, there’s just a vast nothing where I used to be until I break out of the episode. Trisha is an idiot and she really needs to stop. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have DID and the spread of misinformation is so damaging and it’s not helping those who deal with the disorder every waking moment.

  10. She said that she made a video where she talks about how she THINKS that she has DID.
    No Trisha, you said in the video and the title THAT YOU DO HAVE DID.

  11. If she truly and honestly feels that she has DID, then she needs to get that properly diagnosed. I personally don't believe she has it, but I'm not a doctor. Also, just because you have a mental illness dosen't mean you are granted an excuse to be a disrespectful, rude human being.

  12. Trisha Paytas is a troll. She has always been a troll. She will always be a troll. You are giving her the attention she wants.

  13. Why does h3h3 keep interviewing her? Nothing that comes out of her mouth is true, so what's the point? 🤷‍♀️

  14. I honestly don't why people are getting bothered at this point. Once you see it's Trisha just ignore it because she does all kinds of crap for attention.

  15. I don't have DID but I do know that trauma causes memory gaps and amnesia as I experience this with ptsd I can have conversations and forget almost immediately. I can't recall what I did on days although I function so it for me is the first sign.
    The accent thing as well I tend to do that even if I watch say an American programme I'll use the sayings and accent not purposely lol

  16. There’s a lot of YouTubers that share their experiences and education. If you’re curious and want to learn more just do a search for dissociative identity disorder.
    Dissacociadid, piñata system, entropy system, multiplicity and me, SO many others!

  17. I think Trisha has munchausen syndrome. (Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick. Munchausen syndrome is considered a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties)

  18. I don't watch Trisha because I find her toxic and sad. When it came out that she knew a friend of hers was sleeping with a minor but only said anything about it to attack him…. That told me everything I needed to know about her.

  19. I don’t know what it’s like to not be disassociated – like what does it mean to be on the ground what ? Who raw dogs reality, bc not me.

  20. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Trisha has Histrionic Personality Disorder with Borderline PD traits.

  21. Unpopular opinion : trish actually helps spread information on the communities she trolls. Trish has been on this platform a long time most know she is a troll. But when she talks about topics such as these it spreads light because then angry, offended people within said community get to make response videos using her name. An while a lot of people do enjoy her content they also enjoy how problematic she is and often gravitate to watching said response videos. Others that don’t like trish love watching her “hate” videos and talk about it on twitter. What I’m saying is she is capable of really starting a conversation with many people and topics growing the knowledge and so forth. Silver lining is all I’m saying.

  22. you hang out with a Frenchman for long enough you're going to start talking like a Frenchman it's just. learned habits that you get in the habit of hearing somebody talk like that. you're going to generally pick up on it .it's just the way it is.

  23. It's clear that she doesn't have any mental disorder. She just doesn't care about how anyone feels and wants to get rises out of people for views. The whole "there's no such thing as bad publicity" thing is a mindset she's had all of YouTube.

  24. Also here to say she didnt even correct him when he said gender dysmorphia when she's claimed to have genderphoria so she shows again that she's lying so much that she can't keep them all straight.

  25. I know it sounds silly, but accountability culture sounds so much better than cancel culture. Something needs to be done when people do this kinda thing.

  26. You were so respectful to her. I don’t think she has DID but I do think she needs help. I think she has some self esteem issues so she craves attention

  27. Idk I am still learning about the condition myself and I have been living with it since I was four. I didn't understand a lot because of the stigma but every case is unique and there is a lot more to discover and learn. I didn't learn as much about myself by doing research because I can't really relate to a lot of systems that are public and educational. I wouldn't say Trish is fake until she sees a professional

  28. I have dissociated in the past while I was having Psychogenic Seizures after a traumatic event. I was having at least one a month for an entire year. The one time it landed me in the hospital for about 2 and a half days. Dissociation is NOT fun, it's TERRIFYING. It's not something you want to experience.

    I don't care if Trisha is "trolling" because Mental Illness is NOT something you troll about. Neither is being transgender. Trisha is a horrible human being.

    Also it's quite obvious she knows NOTHING about DID or did any research beforehand, because if she did, she wouldn't have mentioned Multiple Personality Disorder, which is what DID used to be known as before they scrapped the term. They are not two different things and Multiple Personality Disorder (as a term/diagnosis) DOSN'T EXIST anymore.

  29. ‘aRe yoU sCHizO??’ No Trisha, I. It’s called schizophrenia “, and II. that’s another disorder (or disorders if speaking of it as a spectrum) you’re not going to going to disrespect and stigmatise further (same with PDs, not saying she doesn’t have one, but the way she speaks about these serious things are uhm gross) — and yeah, dissociation isn’t fun and quirky (personally only dealt with dpdr)

  30. 7:39 ik what u mean its almost like u can see your own body from an outside eye,feels like ur literally losing your fucking sanity

  31. I don’t know what scares me more. That Trisha is actually just a troll and does not actually care one little bit about the communities she hurts with the stigmatization she surrounds her videos on while claiming she has it and proving it through those stigmas. OR. That she needs that much attention, she’s that genuinely mentally unhealthy and no one in her life is trying to actually help her and is just letting her continue down this self destruction so that they can benefit off of her money she makes while creating these scandals.

  32. This annoys me- as I have DID.

    I’ve had people who act like her legitimately come up to me, saying- and I quote “I have Multiple Personality Disorder too!!” And proceed to use outdated terminology, obvious bullshit related to their “personalities”, more often than not- claim to have 20+ alters, and don’t know how to respond with any probing questions about the basic nature of the disorder. Most didn’t know what dissociation was, and a lot of them tend to be that off-brand Billie Eilish of “I’m a psycho crazy bitch!!! >:) 🔪💔🩸- I have schizophrenia, DID, bipolar, and depression; Self DX Club!!!”

    Trisha gives me hemorrhoids I swear to god.

  33. All these content creators trying to be neutral and saying "I can't comment on what Trisha has or doesn't have", like…bitch, I can; Trisha does NOT have DID. If anything she's a malignant narcissist with delusions of grandeur. Why would you blatenly lie to people like that WHEN THE VIDEOS ARE STILL ON THE INTERNET FOR ALL TO SEE!

  34. Mental health awareness and psychology programs should be more prevalent in public schools today. As a psychology major, coming to discover how much of misunderstanding and stigma there is out there amongst the general public is very sad. The fact that Trisha insulted that woman calling he “crazy” shows how ignorant view she has.

  35. This is honestly terrible and I can't believe she would say this. This may be one of her lowest lies yet. I don't have DID, however I dissociate due to BPD and PTSD and it's a daily occurrence that is so painful. (TRIGGER WARNING) sometimes I'll self harm when I'm dissociated and come back around and be confused and distressed. I lose hours of time without knowing what I've done and it is not cute or fun or something like developing a different accent from time to time. Family members will genuinely say things like "oh, this is the thing you asked for earlier" it "did you do that thing I asked?" And I really wrack my brain trying to remember and it's so awful having to admit "I don't remember, I think I was dissociated" and the misinformation she spreads is so harmful

  36. I remember when I had my first class where we used the DSM. The professor said we would all be diagnosing ourselves and our family members. I don’t even know where Trisha is getting this info because it’s pretty easy to read the DSM and see if you meet the criteria. Doesn’t mean you have it but it’s information! Trisha is just a troll and that’s not in the DSM (yet.)

  37. I will never understand why Trisha is even popular. I get she is a troll but to be so insensitive and callous. This lady is old enough to know better. She does this kind of stuff for money. She is getting money to be an asshole. The people who watch her videos, give her an audience and that rewards her. Youtube is at fault for letting people like this get Youtube famous. Time and time again you have these problematic Youtubers.act like POS and it is rewarded.

  38. A simple but effective way of explaining DID or Dissociative (not dissAsociative) Identity Disorder is by explaining that it’s a defence mechanism of the mind. Kids until the ages of 7-9ish do have personalities, but they aren’t fully coalesced and finalized. They’re very basic. I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m hungry, I like this, that hurts me, etc. If a child endures repeated and severe trauma as well as having disorganized attachments to their primary caregivers, their brains can’t handle it. Their brains say “Nope. If we live like this, we will die. You can’t remember this, you can’t know this happened to you” and so it does 2 things. 1. Amnesia. The brain puts up amnesic walls separating parts of the brain so that some parts remember things and others don’t. 2. Dissociate. Sort of like removing your consciousness from what’s happening and you retreat into your mind. Since some parts of your brain have/don’t have memories, and you dissociate into your mind, all those parts develop separately. They have their own feelings, memories, skills, accents, anything really. People with DID usually don’t know for YEARS. You might think that’s insane because obviously you’d know if other people were in your mind. Wrong. The whole point of DID developing in your brain is to not know you have DID. It’s to help you forget. Really, DID is just a child’s identity not being able to fully develop because of repeated childhood trauma, and instead their brain compartmentalizes memories and dissociates heavily, resulting in a fragmented consciousness. An example of how easily misinformation spreads is that now people are saying “dissasociative”, a nonexistent word, instead of the correct word “dissociative” just because that’s what Trish says.

  39. A lot of people responding, other than the systems that have made response videos to Trisha, have been saying disassociation. The correct term is dissociation, i don't know the full difference but there is a difference. It's dissociative identity disorder not "disassociative" identity disorder

  40. Dissociation (apart from DID), can also be an occasional symptom of other mental illnesses like anxiety disorders (doesn't happen to everybody and of course isn't required to be diagnosed with anything besides DID or any other dissociation disorders), but it's not as harsh and can also happen to someone experiencing extreme mental distress. Just some facts, not really addressing anything lmao.

  41. You know, the sad part is that Trisha Paytas will probably self praise herself for 'bringing awareness' to a very serious mental disease. Can YouTube creators and viewers stop giving her attention 🙄

  42. She upset so many systems. I have had the privilege of talking to a few on and offline and they were offended and felt so much worse after she stigmatized them more. I don't think she understood, you don't just offend the one person with DID, you insult their entire system because sometimes they can be co-cognizant with the main body/personality without amnesia. I wish more people with DID would step up on Twitter and say hey, this wasn't okay and it will never be okay, and help to cancel her for good because she's spreading misinformation to a young platform.

  43. I am in hospital right now
    And the free wifi wont let me watch your content. So I'm using my data to support the channel
    Hope you are all safe and well🖤❤🖤 Trisha is such a clown she needs to go to a legit DR she has the money

  44. She doesn’t have any authentic content to make. She’ll continue to hurt people for attention! She wants to regain her relevancy. That’s it.

  45. I don't think this part was meant to be funny (or maybe it was? lol), but I kinda cracked up when you talked about a family member you love that shows up to Thanksgiving that says the most offensive things ever. lol

  46. You're spot on that she wants to "have" something that sets her apart. I had a friend just like her and she has HPD and i think Trish does too

  47. Sadly, this go way beyond just upseting some members of the DID community. DissociaDID (who were directly targeted by Trisha's videos) published a video where they confirm that it provoqued massive negative reactions in their system, including the appearance of a new alter with Flashback/PTSD connected with Trisha's videos. Other DID systems will go back under the radar to avoid the stygma provoqued by those videos, setting back years of work in some cases
    It's even more infuriating when you know Trisha dated someone who has DID (Encina Severa)

  48. Lol nailed it with that example at 2:20.

    If there’s ANY silver lining to this it could be that her horribleness can bring others to defend the marginalized communities she offends. People like you sort of help rescue the narrative and turn it back on compassion and understanding.

  49. Multiple personalities is not a diagnosis anymore they changed it to did (disassociated identity disorder) just the first fuck up I see……… this is going to make me angry ……. like the thriller movie that came out about did. They aren't horrible people usually their alternates are there to protect them. Alts come from trama. It's a coping mechanism in a sense….

  50. shes looking for a place to fit in but shes not trans she likes being called she and loves showing off her chest and bottom part gender dysphoria is not fun and if she really had it she wouldnt have long nails wear clothes that accentuate her top half

  51. I lived in the UK until I was 24 when I moved to ths US where I have lived for the past 9 years. I don't have an American accent because I moved here as an adult. If you went to the UK now, it's unlikely that you would start speaking with an English accent, unless you attempted to fake it either to fit in or just because you wanted the accent. It's incredibly obvious to me when people fake English accents; they don't sound real at all.
    And Trisha's desperate attempt to describe how she adopts personality traits and pass it off as DID is gross, and a dangerous spread of misinformation about a serious illness. I have OCD, and I constantly hear people say things like "oh I'm SO OCD about my eyeliner" or "the color arrangement in that palette really bothers my OCD" – NO. That's not OCD. OCD compulsions are performed to relieve distress caused by an obsession; it is not a strong preference, perfectionism, pedantry, or fandom, and if you gain any enjoyment from the obsession or compulsion (e.g. "I'm so OCD about my makeup collection!") then by definition, it's not OCD. I've had a lot of people double down when told this, and say things like "but there's degrees of severity to it!". Yes, but that doesn't mean that something that isn't OCD suddenly becomes OCD. There are degrees of severity to diabetes, but it doesn't make, for example, the common cold, mild diabetes. It's just the common cold.

  52. considering most long-term YouTubers (besides ppl like Jenna marbles) don't have sufficient education, it is not surprising that not a lot of them know about how to find credible sources and give credit to them. or maybe they did go to school and they just didn't pay attention to that part.

  53. As a system that has been diagnosed and struggles with DID daily, Trisha needs to stop. Her videos have caused a lot of systems to have splits or new alters appear. She created a new small channel that attacks DissociaDID, who is one of the communitys most loved and looked up to advocates. She needs to seek out a therapist and maybe take some time away from YouTube

  54. DID is more then just "spacing out" Its like looking at your self while your floating , the amnesia sucks, feeling someone take over your body is while weird, there are different types of alters, all I can say is for anyone curious google it and look at videos about it don't believe bs like Trisha people like her hurt us.

    p.s Trisha reminds me of my ex therapist

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