from Guadalajara, #WEAREHUNTERS! Hey Hunters, welcome to Guadalajara! today I’m at “El Cultural” flea market; a very special place that some of you have already suggested! I don’t know what to expect, I just know I arrived on time! I see vendors are still preparing their stalls the weather is not that great today, so let’s rush a bit, get the best out of it let’s see what we can get, wish me luck! What do you buy, sell, exchange, collect? take a look, great price! $10usd right, love? how much? see how we’re starting today at El Cultural Guadalajara is really surprising me at every second! what a great way to finally meet the “El Gato Negro” hello there! a great chap with whom I’ve been chatting, trading, exchanging online for two years and he’s here today and the first thing he does is giving me a present, thank you very much, mate! and we caught him at the crime scene, look at that! What’s the special price for him? $15usd???? ah, ok! he does sing!! we’re starting with full gas, I reckon, we arrived quite early, as usual but it’s great to have time to say hi to the hunter gang!! in Guadalajara, #WEAREHUNTERS! the good old Martin! we must appreciate the time invested in displaying each piece as he does! to hang every figure by the arms, like this, right? they’re punished! good one! How long have you been selling at El Cultural? I’ve been here for about 4 years, a short time! Do you collect anything? I collect Marvel! Marvel Legends so, if you find something nice from that you won’t sell it it stays! I’m looking at the Burbujos here How much for these? $13usd but we can negotiate! $13usd each! and you’re missing Mafafa Musguito and Memelovsky only! Pistachon Zig Zag we all had a school friend with that nickname El Pistachon! I’ve got clients with different interests, bootleg, he-man, Thundercats, a bit of everything we try to bring a good selection for every taste! What’s this?? everybody asks for him! really?? yes! bakery crafts! looks like a bakery promo, but… I had never seen it, it’s intense, how much is it? $2.5usd! it’s one of my favourites! this is from Dungeons and Dragons, this is a rather controverslal series as a child you expected to see something similar to the cartoon but they were based on the board game How much is this? $2.5usd! many people ask me about collecting Pokemon in my time there were only tazos but I’d love to get involved a bit more, at least to share it with you! look what I’ve found! how much for this? give me one dollar for it! one dollar? great!! the rare thing here are their capes! I love them! look at these Homies here, how much for them? $1.2usd! $1.2usd each? I had never seen this one before! How much for the Dragon Ball figures? $1.2usd! after being in Japan, I’m really into Dragon Ball but I still have to decide what I’m going to collect, otherwise it won’t be easy! I want to focus on vintage these look like bootleg pieces but they’re really nice! The Super Goal Keeper with Eugenio Derbez! there’s an old video where I buy the “Finger Goal” they’re 3 finger puppets of 3 different characters by Eugenio Derbez and you played with the hand, like this it’s a sort of unknown Mexican product many people hate the labels on the toys I like them, because they help us find out the year of production thanks to the type of printing or the logo of supermarkets and the places where they were sold for $2.5usd, I’ll take it! what’s this? a buffalo, viking, wrestler, fat man? a bit of everything I know there are incredibly ugly pieces but if you appreciate the unique sculpture, just to think the process an artisan went through to create the belt, the hands, the chest is exactly what I love and gives bootleg its character How much for the dino? $1.5usd! Trivia: Do you know him? leave a comment! this is Magaña, a real veteran in this trade I’m a vintage man! I’ve been in this flea market for about 18 years 18 years here!!! yes! this is the new generation! I’m the next one! your great passion is Kid Acero, isn’t it? indeed! I see you’ve got great bootleg pieces this, in the first place, the classic gum creatures you found everywhere in flea markets I really liked them, there were, spiders, flies, bats what I liked from this bag is this King Kong! you can move its arms and all, can’t you? how much is this? that’s a present for you! really? for you to come back soon! Guadalajara is welcoming me with arms wide open! thank you so much! that’s Orca, the killer whale! look at this! in the 70’s there was a wave of films where the main character was an animal there’s Grizzly, Jaws, of course Tentacles this is really great! how much is this? that’s $2.5usd! what about that Elastic Man? that’s from the last wave of Mexican toys this is by Ensueño, it’s well preserved because the filling was removed they filled it with tow it was common in this piece, wasn’t it? possibly Elastic Man wasn’t intended to be filled in with gelled corn syrup and many of them have got Batman’s logo on their chest not this one I assume there was an overstock and they created this they put them together its body is actually from Batman! they’ve got its logo how much for this pin? $2.5usd too! $2.5usd! we’ve got Jack Nicholson too, many people claim he’s the best joker! I think so… Heath Ledger to me was an incredible actor I reckon the Joker has got different personalities according to the time it’s been as evil as the generation has portrayed him Romero was an incredible actor, as well this huge razor will cut you as I will he refused to have his moustache shaved do you know who dubbed Romero’s voice? It was Victor Alcocer he dubbed El Santo, Matute, Don Gato, Why did he dub El Santo? what I know is that Jorge Rivero, El Santo and Blue Demon, did not have a voice that matched their characters besides, with the mask they could’t not speak clearly you had a blown plastic wrestler somewhere it’s Mil Mascaras with a Kid Acero’s body It’s a vintage piece, I love it’s got its face sculpted ’cause you know most of the wrestler figures were based on the same generic figure and they differentiated them with the paint work but this is beautiful how much is this bro? well… let me think about it we shall fight later, ok let’s do it, great! mini horror tales, $10usd for the five of them, right? yes! you should take them all for $10usd! buried alive! great covers! this with the werewolf! I think I have seen it somewhere do you know who this is? that’s… I don’t know if you ever watched the first magicians tv series that existed the witch… Do you know Harry Potter? a classic, but do do you know who’s before Harry Potter? no is a witch, from England… but it’s the same, she attends a school but she’s a witch, and it was… it was the English one, she was the first she’s got a name, she throws lighter spells I think they used brooms as well, but they were experts Mildred the witch this is cool how much is this? that’s $154usd! it’s pure bronze and what do you call it? it hasn’t got a name! imagine if I named every piece I’ve got! what’s with this unguent 666? the devil’s one, right? special for colds and rash it’s like vaporub’s father, how much for this? hey Sir, how much for the vaporub, i mean the unguent? $2usd! snacks in flea markets are always delicious, I’m drooling! I can’t speak any longer, I must try this! here you are, thanks! it’s a traditional Mexican drink, it’s made of corn and brown sugar and it goes through fermentation in former times it was used as an alcoholic drink if the fermentation process took longer it increased the level of alcohol “the donkey is gonna suck you up” it happened to me once! do you get drunk with yours? not with this! it used to be the Huicholes’s drink would you please show me how it is prepared? it’s got salt, lemon juice and frappe ice that’s the shaker exactly, to mix the salt and the lemon and it goes with lemon ice! great, you can add some chile, right? of course, if you like! fantastic! it’s really good! it’s sort of bitter-sweet, with a bit of tortilla flavour, really nice! it’s got its own flavour, it’s not like anything you’ve tried before it’s a good competitor for tepache, but… not yet, not yet… I really love this, I’m not joking! I wanted to pay for it but Ana would not let me, thank you so much!!! have a great day! an extraordinary service and a millenary recipe, the best combo! I really liked this mosquitor, how much is it? it’s over $82usd but we can negotiate, of course! look how the chest goes empty and as you release it, the blood comes back again this is another rare piece, Mongor how much is the Mongor? $128usd! Baron Sierra made in Mexico for $46usd this was one of my favourites as a kid! have you got anything rare from TMNT? “the aligator women directly from the Lacandon rainforest! rare, nothing really! a bootleg from Galaxy Warriors! this is cool, how much is this? $13usd! these bootleg Street Sharks made in China they’ve got their charm, how much for this? $7.5usd each! what’s your best price for this? give me $10usd! $8usd? no, I bought it at that price! I need to get something out of it! “I bought it at that price and I need to get something out of it” ok, take it! are you sure? perfect! this has got remote control, these are not that common! no, but here they are! cool! how much for these? $10usd! $10usd each! that’s it! in Guadalajara, WE ARE HUNTERS! we’re very fortunate ’cause HUNTER LOVE is here! ignacio is giving me this little Voltron! how would you call this kind of unlicensed Lego? well, perhaps “replicas”, so we don’t underestimate them good one! they’re really well made, that’s why! it’s true, that’s what we were discussing here from the price to all the range of characters I’m not an expert but I’m fascinated seeing Saint Seya figures Dragon Ball ones, as well! it’s impressive to see the number of figures they’ve released! what’s up? what did you find? I’m starting my collection! I had them when I was a kid, so brilliant! so I’m starting the right foot! my good friend Hector never fails me! many people know him from Facebook, he’s “El Gato Negro” and he’s a great friend! if you want to start your collection he’s got great prices! and always the best quality! it’s 12:30pm already and this is getting better, so if you’re coming you should come from 11 or 11:30am! you can see the hype for Masters of the Universe in Guadalajara! look at this!! from La Perla Tapatia WE ARE HUNTERS! how much is this? that’s $3usd! it’s cool! vintage piece, these pieces are called Hi Rackers! they’ve got a special suspension that elevates at the back this model is one of my favourites! this old car at the style of Al Capone! for your collection! beautiful, it’s well preserved! exactly! and what’s with this variant with the yellow base? it’s rare! I thought so if you visit El Cultural, on the portales side, there’s an area full of scale cars we’ve been for hours talking about this hobby! to find this place full of scale car collectors is just wonderful! let’s see if we can find something retro and at the same time get ready for tomorrow’s convention I usually bring cars of red line only made in Mexico, how much is it? that’s $3.2usd! this red line is beautiful, as well! toppers by Johnny lightning made in Mexico are very cool as well! these little Moco by Lesney are great as well! indeed! of course, the tires! the tires and the chromed wheels! that’s very important in Lesney cars, the variation in the tires! May I ask how much did you sell it for? $30usd! cool the Jaguar! look at these cool motorbikes made of plastic and bakelite, awesome! these are really fragile! and $5usd for both, let’s close the deal! would you please wrap them? what’s with this? two helicopters! how much are they? $4usd each! he gave them to me as presents to give away on our Thursday night sessions, stay tuned! Erwin is giving me this comic! it’s the edition of Marvel Zombies, it has just been released, the comic is fantastic, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read it WE ARE HUNTERS! thank you so much my mate! well, I have enjoyed El Cultural, I personally loved it, specially having met you all of you! our hunt was awesome hunter love was at its best! if you ever come to Guadalajara, you can’t miss El Cultural! “it happened to me once”


  1. Hermano, ahorita que vi el vídeo, recuerdo que estabas entrevistando al señor que te regaló el lego de voltron jajaja, antes de saber sobre ti y tu canal, no sabía que estaba a tu lado. Ojalá te des una vuelta de nuevo y poder saludarte.

  2. Las primeras piezas de dragon ball z pertenecen a un set de pelea con ayuda de una tablilla giratoria, muy famosa a finales de los 90's

  3. La escultura de la bruja en el minuto 9:18 es de un libro llamado "The worst witch" escrito e ilustrado por Jane Murphy en 1974 donde la protagonista (la figura en tus manos) se llama Mildred Hubble, este libro también tuvo una adaptación a la televisión que se transmitió en once niños de 1998 al 2004 bajo el nombre de licencia "Mildred la bruja desastrosa" y es cierto que este libro inspiró a J.K. Rowling a escribir la bien conocida saga literaria de Harry Potter. En conclusion el vendedor no mentía aunque no tuviese información suficiente; tuviste una mina de oro en tus manos y no lo sabías, esos juguetes están contados en el mundo gracias a que su popularidad bajo a los suelos después del hit del libro de Rowling. Espero que la información te haya ayudado y te mando un saludote.
    P.D. Nunca dejes de investigar que no todo lo que brilla es oro.

  4. Mas que sorprenderme por los juguetes o chacharas horribles que venden en los mercados, lo que me asombra es el estomago de acero que tiene este cabron, con alguna de las cosas que sale comiendo en todos sus videos, mi estomago ya estaría hecho mierda.

  5. Poco a poco me voy enamorando de tu contenido y tu carisma!!! Mis mejores deseos hunter!!! Espero algún día poder conocerte!! Y a ver cuando haces videos de muñecas 🙏🏻

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  7. Para cacerías buenas y baratas en los tianguis por ejemplo el tianguis de marcos montero en tlaquepaque ahí se encuentran piezas baratas que en el cultural las encuentras tres veces más caras también esta bueno el de san pedrito en tlaquepaque tlaquepaque el de el Briceño en zapopan bueno yo en ese he agarrado buenas caserias en el cultural es muy caro

  8. Mad, soy de Guanatos y este me encantó has más videos de aquí.., pues hay un chingo de tianguis en mi guanatos.Vivo en LA County USA; entonces me encantaria ver más de aquí.Saludos y gracias.

  9. A canijo veo que muchos ponen Varios Comentarios sobre la chica del Tejuino pensé que iba a estar muy bonita, en realidad es una chica normal, hay todavía muchísimo más Bonitas, uno aquí tiene suerte en Guadalajara de ver todos los días mujeres hermosas dónde sea, incluso hay chavas que despachan gasolina y están muy muy mamacitas. Me cae que voy a hacer un video en Andares, Providencia o Galerías se desmayan compas la verdad!

  10. Cuando vengas a cuántos mi buen llega a Chapultepec ahy hay buen de cositas chidas de antaño y nos invitas de pason para acompañarte saludos

  11. el píkoro y el goku chikos los tenia y tenian su ring y unas palancas donde los pones en su base y giraban en su pie tiene un hueco donde se colocaba en la base

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