Thousands come out for pop culture celebration SuperCon

Thousands come out for pop culture celebration SuperCon is on in fort lauderdale right now thousands of people made their way to the Broward County Convention Center to show off their super styles I know Nicole Perez here he’s got a little comic book customers but not they’re not as impressive as what I’ve seen so far doing actually wraps up tomorrow and local 10 News reporter Trent Kelley he’s got a look at what you’ll find if you head out there yeah guys we are here at the Broward Convention Center day three of the 4-day super con event and let me tell you it is packed out here we have seen tons of superfans everyone out here decked out in their best gear we’ve seen tons of comic book characters spider-man Batman pretty much anything you can imagine right now you’re taking a look at some of the booths out here we’ve got people selling pretty much anything you could want we’ve got some comic book t-shirts over here one booth over we’ve got some collectible comics that you can buy if you want also some customized artwork now all of this will be going on here at the Broward Convention Center until 2:00 in the morning so you still have time to get your tickets if you’re interested the event will wrap up tomorrow on Sunday with the doors officially closing at 6 o’clock just keep in mind the parking out here can be a bit of a hassle so you may want to plan ahead and check out some of the shuttle buses that they have running here to the Convention Center we’ve got all that information posted on our website local reporting from Broward Convention Center Trent Kelley local 10 News

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