This Rat Did What?! | China Uncensored

This Rat Did What?! | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, move over pizza rat, there’s a new rodent in town! On the Internet. And by the way, this episode has some graphic photos. So hide your children. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. Ahh, childhood in China. It’s come a long way since the days of Mao’s
cultural revolution. Kids are no longer encouraged to purge rightist elements in society with stolen military weapons. Now they mainly just have to take exams. But that doesn’t mean childhood is without its joys! In China, the land of knockoffs, there’s always fun-filled slightly imperfect
versions of beloved Disney Classics. From toys, to movies To…oh my gosh! I don’t remember that scene in Ratatouille… This image has become the biggest thing on the Chinese internet over the past several days. Yes, even bigger than using fake Donald Trump tweets to wish your family a happy new year. Now I don’t know who ratted him out, but apparently this little guy was caught
stealing rice. And rather than a simple extermination, it was given the Cultural Revolution treatment. This sign says “I won’t dare do it again.” Get it?! Cause he’s dead… or I guess he will be soon. Honestly, people just don’t have a sense
of humor anymore. Apparently, of the almost 6,000 comments this
image got on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, many “weren’t finding it funny.” What’s wrong with a little unnecessary cruelty against a helpless creature that also conjures up memories of a time of
constant inhuman torture and suffering the Chinese Communist Party
forced upon its citizens?! That’s the problem with kids these days. They weren’t brought up committing or being victimized by atrocities that will
haunt them for the rest of their lives. This is a sign of changing social mores in
China. In the early days of the Communist Revolution, life was, how shall we say… cheap? Like when Chairman Mao said this in 1957, when talking about why he wasn’t afraid of
nuclear war: There are 2.7 billion people in the world; it doesn’t matter if some are killed. China has a population of 600 million; even if half of them are killed, there are still 300 million people left. Demonstrating a strong grasp of math and population
control, both of which would continue to guide the
Party for decades. People back then were encouraged to kill pests, whether they be sparrows or landowners. Seriously, that was a landowner about to be shot. But don’t start hating on Chinese people. You should actually be hating on the Chinese Communist Party. It was the Party that wiped out China’s
traditional values as a way to establish its own ideology. It was the Party that told people it was fine to kill landowners for the crime
of… owning land— and then forced or brainwashed its citizens into taking part. So after one or two generations of this, well, you can see why even today, you’ll find cases of people doing things
like, oh I don’t know, adopting dogs, plural, and feeding them to their pet snake. He posted a video of it online. And no, I’m not going to show it to you. But on the other hand, there’s a growing movement of Chinese people going the other way. Remember the story I ran about the world’s saddest polar bear? Thousands of Chinese citizens petitioned and got him removed from his horrible display
case at the mall. And even Chinese celebrities are speaking out for animal rights. You don’t have to play ball to be a great
shot blocker. Never buy illegal wildlife products. I know what you’re thinking. Who releases an elephant and Yao Ming into
a basketball court and then starts shooting? But the mind of a poacher is a hard thing
to understand. By the way, Yao Ming was part of a selective breeding
program by the state to create a basketball superstar. Just a fun little aside. But there is a growing animal rights movement
in China. And they’re trying to change the fact that China is the only major industrialized
nation with no serious legislation against animal
cruelty. And that could affect things like the Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival, where 10,000 dogs are served as food every
year. That’s not how you wok the dog. Or the practice of making tiger wine. Or whatever’s going on here. Oh my gosh. Poor Yogi. And Boo-Boo. So from now on, if you’re going to reference the cultural
revolution in a photo, at least leave it for your graduation photo. So what do you think about the picture? Does the rat’s punishment fit its crime? Leave your comments below. Thanks for watching this episode of China
Uncensored. Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell, see you next time.

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  1. it's interesting me as an American our culture would dictate that that would determine that you were a serial killer when you tortured and killed small animals. but in China it seems to be just another way Pest Control

  2. better to help industry grow in other countries and give Chinese economy a blow.
    China supported Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar again and stooped US plea to sanction this dammed terrorist.

    World needs to be wary of pak, china and north Korea as much as they are of ISIS.

  3. I don't see dog eating festivals as something wrong as long as they aren't tortured beforehand like we torture our cows, pigs and chickens. I've eaten dog, tastes like pork with a depressing aftertaste.

  4. this channel really ran out ideas to be bias towards the chinese goverment

    an internet pic of a rat gettin tied up by a random person (who most likely to work in a farmhouse and generally under-educated) got on the vine? better blame the goverment for it

  5. i have heard it said by a chinese person that if the people of china came to america for a day, we wouldnt have any animals or fruits and veggies left anywhere.

  6. I don't give a rat's ass about the rat. By Chinese standards that rat is tiny. They usually run the size of a small cat. Neither animal is safe in some neighborhoods. Street BBQ vendors are everywhere and the meat is of unknown origins.

  7. What's particularly wrong about eating dogs? I mean we do eat other mammals. That's weird sure, from western point of view especially, but I can't see why it is morally wrong assuming that eating cows isn't.

  8. you are a SB ,there aren't any bugs and rat killing company in USA?why do you using pictures which took over 27years ago ? Those students are nearly 50 years old by now,if they want to do something,why don't you find something new ?you western countries never want to developing countries get better,only bring wars and chaos by the name of democracy, many of western people know that their country sell drugs to China in 19th developed by dirty drug money .what good civilization people . 你也就哄哄你国智障屌丝吧,傻逼,祝你国智障屌丝越多越好

  9. Im confused, if tme west cared about animals? shouldn't everyone be vegan? if no, then animals are property or pest not sentient beings.

  10. Well, the best thing is that China doesn't have all those sissy politicians who care about everything except their own behavior. It's quite shameful to see all those Americans being very excited when they watch a video defaming another country that has no connection with them whatsoever. And Chinese people does not really give a fuck about all these videos, how ironic. And how hilarious.

  11. The cruel treatment of animals is becoming less tolerated in Chinese society, but a tv show in Newzealand, highlighted how some attitudes are slow to change. A neighborhood had recently had a new arrival from China, the locals were alarmed by the pitiful howls of a dog which was seen chained to a balcony, in a very unhealthy condition, it was revealed the owner had left the dog without food or water for days in the hot sun, and finally the spca was called. When the man was questioned he couldn't understand the problem, but eventually he seemed to grasp the situation "Ohh," he said brightly smiling, "it's okay" … "I don't care!".

  12. The cruel treatment of animals is becoming less tolerated in Chinese society, but a tv show in Newzealand, highlighted how some attitudes are slow to change. A neighborhood had recently had a new arrival from China, the locals were alarmed by the pitiful howls of a half dead dog which was seen chained to a balcony, it was revealed the owner had left the dog without food or water for many days in the hot sun, and finally the spca was called. When the man was questioned he couldn't understand the problem, but eventually he seemed to grasp the situation "Ohh," he said, smiling brightly, "it's okay" … "I don't care!".

  13. I'm always conflicted by rats when they're pests. They are otherwise marvellous, intelligent and very clean animals – they make great pets!

  14. It's gonna take a long time before the chinese people can recover from the ideals of the CCP. Perhaps, until the government can be overthrown, the chinese people will never be restored.

  15. oh, it's all right to eat cows but not dogs.
    So sad that an elephant is shot yet oblivious to the suffering of millions of beakless chickens stuck in heat caves.

  16. 我开车压死一只鸡,兔子!我犯法了!!!!!!!(* ̄rǒ ̄)抠鼻屎

  17. I really have no idea why he always post a lot of Chinese photos from 50 years ago and make people believe China is still like that.

  18. Whatever animal you kill, clean your plate. Carnivores kill and eat, but you don't see other animals wasting perfectly good food just to harvest a tusk or something. I think that's more important than the species eaten.

  19. For the record communism isnt such a bad thing atleast as a idea its half brilliant everyone works together to better the state or the whole and in return the whole takes care of everyone but Yh in reality it just makes it easier for a absolute yogurt to obtain power but now days all governments even mine. English Just use governments or political and economic micanics to obtain and reinforce there power or desire for personal opportunities its about whos in power not the structure of that power

  20. Cruelty is entertainment in China, it's Tradition! Remember, they don't have corrida (bullfighting), or didn't have Roman Circus "Games"!!

  21. it was too good for the RAT! have you ever seen the mess left by an animal dying from rat poison? blood comes out of every orifice! warfarin is a nasty drug!

  22. Dirty insubordinate rat! It was an enemy of the state, they had to make an example of the rat so other wrongdoers would cower away!

  23. It's a fucking rat. Carrier of disease, leaver of turds, a creepy dead eyed rodent. It wasn't a pet, it wasn't a best so who cares

  24. 我,,「 再 」、也不干了 、、、、!敢,,还是很,敢、、、、!

  25. I mean… its almost the absolute limit of animal rights, they are treating that poor rat like they would a person and isn't that really what animal rights activists want?
    I'm a big fan of Chinese amoral science as well, whats a few human lives ended to improve the lives of infinite people to come?

  26. No no no, Chris, you are wrong. Chinese people and communist party are inseparable. Evil people create evil party. Law of Evil world.

  27. Although, its abit mean, and I would be against people torturing rats, they're small vermin.

    I dont believe animal rights should apply to rats and mice…

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