“This Is Psychology” Episode 10: Immigration

“This Is Psychology” Episode 10: Immigration

>>NORMAN ANDERSON: Hello, I’m Dr. Norman
Anderson. Welcome to another edition of “This is Psychology.” Immigrants come to the United States seeking
to better their lives and the lives of their families. Some come to reunite with family
members who have already immigrated. Others are fleeing war, political persecution or
environmental disaster. And many are looking for better work opportunities to support themselves
and their loved ones. The immigrant experience has the potential
to trigger a great variety of psychological problems. These problems could stem from an
immigrant’s separation from country of origin, from family members, and familiar customs
and traditions; changes in social standing or socioeconomic status; exposure to a new
environment; language barriers; and the need to navigate unfamiliar cultural contexts. A recent report by an APA presidential task
force on immigration noted that many immigrants don’t seek help for the stress and other
psychological problems associated with being an immigrant in this country. Cultural and
language barriers may be the cause of the discomfort many immigrants feel about the
American healthcare system. Psychology can play an important role in making that system
more accessible to immigrants. To be accessible, the health care system must
be culturally competent – that is, aware and respectful of the values and relationships
of immigrant communities. Other needs are more concrete, such as making available bilingual
providers, transportation and help navigating health and insurance systems. The task force report calls on psychologists
to partner with community-based organizations to provide culturally competent, evidence-based
treatment to immigrant clients. This will make psychological help for immigrants both
more available and more effective. Thanks for watching “This is Psychology.”

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