things i hate about the art community (you’re in it too)

things i hate about the art community (you’re in it too)

Listen, I didn’t want to have to make this
video, but . . . then I realized it would probably get a lot
of views, so then I did want to make it. Tutorials from amateurs. If you just learned something yesterday, why
are you making a tutorial on it today? I already don’t know what I’m talking
about so if you also don’t know what you’re talking about, nobody is really being benefited
here. Self-deprecation. “Oh I’ll never be as good as you! Everything I do is trash. I can’t even draw a straight line”. Well I’m drawing the line right here. Stop. Everybody has the same amount of potential. There are people without arms who have still
learned to draw, so why are you raining on everyone’s parade? My Art Teacher Hated Me. I think we’ve all seen those videos floating
around. No, your art teacher probably didn’t hate
you, they just hated the fact that you were trying to draw anime during figure study hours. Elitism and Gatekeeping. Digital art isn’t real art. Anime art isn’t real art. I went to art school, so I’m a real artist. I hate to break it to you, but if you’re
a gatekeeper, you have no place in this community. Wait– Self-promotion. Stop. If you are one of those people who goes in
other people’s comment sections on their artwork and starts talking about your artwork? Delete your account. And stop following me and then unfollowing
me once I follow you back. Like, do you honestly thing I’m not going
to unfollow you back? It’s my art style. No it’s not. You just don’t know anatomy. If you “can’t draw something” because
it doesn’t fit your art style, then chances are you just don’t know how to draw it. Art style doesn’t magically excuse you from
criticism, and it definitely doesn’t magically excuse you from practice. Ignorance isn’t an art style. Wanting instant fame. That’s literally never going to happen. Sketchbook tours. There’s nothing wrong with a sketchbook
tour, it’s just, is it a sketchbook if every single page is a finished illustration, and
therefore there are no sketches? My sketchbook is a messbook. People who think they’re better than they
are. Like maybe if you spent more time practicing
instead of telling me how much better you are than me, you would actually learn some
things, like that anatomy exists and perspective is a thing. Theft and credit. It goes without saying, but don’t steal
other people’s art. Don’t repost other people’s work without
credit. Don’t go on social media and impersonate
other artists. Glorifying Burnout. Stressing yourself out isn’t as quirky as
everyone makes it seem. Do you have to put in a lot of work and effort
to get to where you want to be? Absolutely. But, should you do that at the expense of
your mental and physical health? Absolutely not. But, did I stay up until 5 AM editing this
video anyway? Yikes. Pedestals. Just because you have a fanbase, doesn’t
mean you’re incapable of wrongdoing. Just because you stan someone, doesn’t mean
they’re incapable of wrongdoing. Bottom line, the only artist you really should
be putting on a pedestal is me. Just a sketch. No it is not just a sketch. No it did not take you 30 minutes. No you do not fully render an illustration
and think that is somehow a sketch. Imagine lying about that insignificant just
to impress people on the internet. Yikes. Race and gender issues. Uhhhhhhhhh . . . That’s a little too complicated
for this YouTube channel. Oversensitivity to nudity. Naked people exist, please get over it. Supply flexing. We get it. You have 5,000 Copic markers. You have a Wacom Cintiq. Two of them. You use Adobe Photoshop CC 2024. And that’s great. But you know what’s not great? Sharing that information with us in every
single video and every single Instagram post. Art supplies aren’t a personality trait. Mocking beginners. I’m glad that a lot of people hate that
one because I hate that too. You should have absolutely no issue with beginners. Skilled Young People. Okay yeah if said beginners are better than
me than I do have a problem. Like, how are you going to be 12 going to
be drawing at a higher skill level than me at 20. Delete your account. Furries. Okay I literally feel bad for including this
but . . . yeah. Um, nobody likes you. So . . . Sorry? I don’t not like you. Unhelpful tutorials. You have the skills, but why are you even
making a tutorial if you’re not willing to share said skills? Nobody’s going to learn anything from a
5-minute video of a 5-hour painting. Just call it a timelapse with narration and
go. Fishing for compliments. Yeah. We know you’re doing it. I feel like it would be less annoying if you
just came out and said “please compliment me”. Work ethic and laziness. Bottom line, if you said you’re going to
do something, then draw it, and draw it well. Don’t leave people hanging for months, don’t
forget to do paid commissions, don’t turn in trashy art trade pieces that are nowhere
near the quality of your normal art or the other person’s side of the art trade. Things like that just make the entire community
look bad as a whole. Fakeness. No you’re not happy every single day, no
you’re not poor if you have over half a million subscribers, no you haven’t always
been this good at drawing. Have you always been this good at being fake? Lack of creativity. Doing what someone else does because it seems
original to you automatically makes it not original when you do it. And chances are, if you saw it on Instagram,
it wasn’t original when that person did it either. Complaining about engagement. This one’s for the influencers. Don’t lash out and complain to your audience
that you don’t feel you’re getting enough social media engagement . . . from your audience. If nobody is clicking into your videos then
that is because they don’t want to watch your videos. If nobody is retweeting your artwork, that’s
because they don’t want your artwork on their timeline. NSFW Patreons. Hey artists have to pay their bills too. Lack of attention. When you’re just starting out and it feels
like nobody is seeing your hard work but the famous artists keep getting more and more
famous, that is in fact annoying. My advice is just make a couple of controversial
YouTube videos. Then everyone will know who you are. People in general. Human beings are annoying by sheer virtue
of the fact that they’re human beings. Art block. Art block is annoying but so are the people
who constantly complain about it. Tumblr Art Style. Yikes. Yikes for days. Yikes for everyone. Drawing for exposure. Would you go to work with no payment just
because the boss knows your grandma? Then don’t ask me to draw your dog just because
you know my gran– Shaming non-artists. Don’t do that. It just makes the entire community look pretentious,
and it’s not non-artists fault that they’ll never be on our level of consciousness. Don’t hate them, just pray for them. Social media platforms. They encourage bad habits and there are no
good ones for artists. Misinformation. Stop. Spreading it. References aren’t evil, tracing isn’t
illegal, and color picking is not the end of the world. Realism extremists. Realism is just an art style and is not superior
to any others. Creepiness. Some artists legitimately scare me and should
probably be on an FBI watchlist. Criticism . . . This would take an entire
10-minute video just for me to go through. Comparisons and Copying . . . This would take
an entire 10-minute video just for me to go through. Drama. Also known as, my paycheck. Definitions. Speedpaints are not timelapses and drawing
something in your style is not a challenge. Drawing the same thing all the time. I thought it was kind of humorous that I would
receive this complaint because I have never actually encountered an artist that does not
draw the same thing all the time. “Do this not that” tutorials. No amount of subscribers qualifies you to
tell people what they should and should not draw. And if you’re just saying “do draw well”
and “don’t draw . . . badly”, did I need a tutorial for that? Bad money practices. Don’t overcharge people, and don’t undercharge
people because you’re ruining the market either way. And don’t run off with people’s money. It’s crazy that I would even have to say that. Lack of community. Some people treat it like it’s not a community
at all. It cost 0 dollars and 0 cents to be nice to
people. Unfortunately it pays 0 dollars and 0 cents
too. Disrespecting artists. Why you as an artist would disrespect other
artists is far beyond me. Poor presentation. So you put all this work into an artpiece
or a YouTube video, but then you take a bad picture of it, cover it up with a giant watermark,
ruin it with a poor thumbnail or bad editing, like . . . don’t invalidate 5 hours of hard
work by skipping 5 minutes of extra mile. You. Apparently you guys are annoying yourselves. Me. Apparently I’m annoying you. Miscellaneous. Lastly, these are replies that I got that
don’t really fit into any of the aforementioned categories. Have you got legs? No, why? Can we get a room tour? No, why? I can’t stand the way art youtubers hold
their pens? Why? Every video that just even mentions the meat
industry people go riot . . . No– I’m stealing all these and making my own
video. No credits. Don’t underestimate me, I made this entire
video in 7 minutes. Which is somehow less than the total runtime
of the video. Anyway, I hope you’ve all been triggered. I know I for one now have enough salt to preserve
my food for . . . the rest of my life. Anyway looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes
of content out of this so leave a like, tell me what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t
already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 84,000 subscribers. Okay bye. Do you want to learn how to draw amazing art?

100 thoughts on “things i hate about the art community (you’re in it too)

  1. my dude people complain about nudity/gore or whatever but we're all gonna draw that kinda junk at some point whether we were planning on it or not

    and honestly it's really fun to draw it, too

  2. the furry one is such haterssss… you just mad im drowning in cash from drawing neon dogs and cock and balls…. learn to get on my level.

  3. What drives me nuts is when people say you can't ever shade with black. Even if what you're drawing is like a crow, or the picture has no colour in it.

    And of course also the,
    "My character is also a blue cat, you stole my character!"

  4. This is a bit of an old video so this will be lost forever but I wanna add the Closed Species culture. Literally the most elitist shit thanks goodnight

  5. *haven't drawn a single thing/be remotely artistic in a year*
    title: things i hate about the art community… you're in it too


  6. In terms of burnout, I drew and posted daily for over 3 years while working in studio for 8+ hours a day, sometimes up to 12. I burned out hard, its more than just being tired, its physical pain and mental exhaustion. TAKE BREAKS, you are not a f***ing robot. I was one of those who thought I could never burn out. You are not above it. Thanks for this video. There are some ridiculous artists and art youtubers that certainly make horrible examples for work ethic. Drawing 24+ hours in one day is going to ruin your body. Don't be an idiot.

  7. There is no shame in spending a long time on art. It just shows dedication.

    Although my art teacher actually did hate me (also my brother who couldn't draw for shit) and I'm not sure why to this day.

    Shaming other people who can't afford certain art supplies is really shitty.

  8. Anime is better than some shits I've seen at some art galleries. Someone draw a damn tree. People : This is so beautiful! Someone draw an anime character. People : This is not real art! WTF

  9. Idk if i relate or not
    I have one video that gets views and subs its a sally face shipping video i made for fun, my only increase on views and subs is when a new chapter of sally face comes out, so i feel as if all my subs are only subed because of the shipping video and i feel a need to make a another one juat to try and get myself and my art out their but at the same time i don't want to because i don't wanna call myself a art channel even tho all i post is shipping videos because that's all people came for and stay for my art videos get basically no views so im always like jealous and salty and just frustrated about it and my channel and my art

  10. I high key agree with most of these, like the sketchbook one, and the “I’ll never be that good” one and the 5 min sketch one

  11. that nsfw one had me do a double-take bc im so used to seeing it demonized and im here in support of it as long as its not uh, immoral (cough)

  12. Man this vid is too true, but unfortunately my art teacher really disliked me to the point that she made a huge scene, brought personal things up and screamed at the whole class saying that i dint give a crap about art,the assignment was drawing ‘our personal interpretation of a story’ however we wanted but eh guess from all the people that didnt work, she picked me when I actually work quietly during all her lessons and love her subject rip

  13. I get burnouts every few months and they last a long time usually. Glorifying it is honestly kind of annoying because they really SUCK. Only being able to do homework and play Minecraft for two months feels like shit.

  14. Wait, I didn't know speedpaints ans timelapses aren't the same thing- Haha I'm dumb ok let me go change some of my video titles

  15. I saw some kid on instagram post like only 2 semi decent chibis and got like 3000 plus followers. Bruh, I have only 81 followers and not even half of them are active. My highest amount of likes is 19 :’)

  16. @Supply flexing
    Personally, I see where people are coming from, but some(myself included) put what materials we use in our description boxes so we don't get a bunch of questions on "what art program do you use?" or "what tablet do you use"

  17. What annoys me the most is when you put a beginner making a tutorial,a person thinking their art is better than it really is,and a person that says 'it’s just my style!' together.

    You can’t be having your arms looking like fricking Slenderman and a torso the size of a literal lemon and everything just being really stiff and then try to make tutorials that people have to pay for and expect people to actually pay for it when there are so many other artists out there that actually knows the basics of anatomy.

    And when you tell them their anatomy isn’t correct they just say "Uh,but it’s aNiMe." or "Wow you’re just jealous…" No. Honey. That’s not how this works. No.
    And I know I sound like a hypocrite because my anatomy sucks and is basically what I just described,but I honestly can’t stand people like this.

  18. What i hate about the art community… are the(no offense) overly cocky artists who trash other artists in a 'cringe comp' when like a year ago they were just like them, its just criticism not cringe. Oh AND~ How some artist tell other artists "Oh your highlighting is too bright" or "your coloring is too bright" or "you need to shade here and there a little more"… like it's their art style, they can do whatever they want, if you have a problem with it theeeeeen… don't watch it :/

  19. Im very mad at how mostly in DevianArt threatening references very bad.

    Like,guys references are: insert your opinion about references here

  20. AHEM
    people need to chill tf out about furries, if you don't like them, don't look at their art, don't get involved. Furries aren't that bad, sure some of the community is bad or weird, but not all. All fandoms have their bad people, the whole fandom isn't bad. I've met some super fucking nice furries, some of them are nicer than people in the art community.
    A lot of furries have amazing art styles and amazing art, they are very talented and spend hundreds of hours on their work, fursuits can take anywhere from a week to a year to make and people need to appreciate their skills!

    (edit: d'angelo i know you werent hating on them but alot of people do and i think it needs to stop!)

  21. most of my time I search art-related videos for reference and etc but your videos are refreshing cause it's like a comedic side to the art community. Sometimes I need a break from my art studies and this is one of my fav ways to spend it.

  22. The "my art style" does anyone remember those terrible butt+boobs in same drawing the the comics did back in the 70's/80's? Bad anatomy And artstyle.

    Also, I don't think my art is bad, I know it is. I challenged my self to draw every day for 1 year to try and improve on it though 🙂

  23. I’m starting to get use to people not really paying attention to me I can see why

    Cough since the fact that I did a doodle of buzz light year with ahegao face couGh

  24. i know this is big dumb but when i was in high school i was in art class and we had a daily sketchbook with prompts everyday. and she always scolded me for not doing sketches, i would do full on ink/watercolor works that took hours. i was just confused i guess because i watched so many sketchbook tours on youtube that were like and i didn’t really get that they weren’t supposed to ? idk why it took me so long sksjsk, i guess i felt uncomfortable with how unfinished everything was because i only saw perfectionist works everywhere on social media . i feel like it’s kinda shitty for everyone just starting out thinking their horrible because their sketchbooks/doodles aren’t a perfect finished piece, they aren’t supposed to be and there should be more of the scribbles available online to actually show the truth. so yeah the community needs to work on that
    and yeah self deprecating stuff is v frustrating i’m so glad i grew out of it

  25. I am very much an amateur artist, which is why I'm able to draw a finished picture (by my standards) in ~30-50 minutes. And yeah, you didn't draw that in 5.

  26. Hehe, i draw and i'm 13 and i think My artwork is pretty good
    There's a friend that startet drawing in 2015
    And i started drawing in 2008
    W H Y

  27. one of my friends said he’d pay me to draw his D&D character and i started it right after he asked. but it’s been like six months and my art style is so different i should just redraw the whole thing and send it to him for free

  28. I honestly hate when people are like “wow!! I can’t even draw a perfect circle-“ like yes, I know, neither can I. It makes me feel shitty that my art is making you feel shitty. Please don’t do this.

  29. "Self-promotion" I… don't think that's a problem. Like, How do you expect people to know your art if you don't promote it?? Keep posting until you have luck enough to receive a lot of retweets?

  30. Lmao, people follow me expecting me to follow them back… bruh… I only follow people I genuinely care about, you want to follow me that's fine but I'm not obligated to follow you back… lmao.

  31. I think my worst part is “Work-Ethic and Laziness”.
    I’m by.. NO MEANS popular, with a fan base to defend me every time a person with.. say, two brain cells asks if I’m gonna finish that commission someone they know/they bought.
    But this is more on me. I filled my computer with a bunch of WIP files that I never got around to finishing. I’ll never get better if I don’t lineart that stuff. So… my point is, try to finish some of your stuff y’all!

    Edit: My dumb.. nerd.. alright I don’t want to swear so MY DUMB ZE NERD FACE forgot one.
    Drawing. The. Same. Thing.
    I draw AI:TSF and ZE like my hobby. The only thing I draw is that, with exceptions to my OCs and Fire Force. I can’t find an excuse of that, but I don’t think it’s a crime for finding what I like and building myself on it, the house collapsing if I even try to step out. So yeah. I draw too much ZE and AI:TSF lol

  32. One time ppl said "I can't even draw straight line" to an artist on YouTube, and I replied with "use ruler duh" and then he blocked me.

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