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Hey friends! Thanks for hanging out with me
again today. Today we’re gonna talk about all the different ways you can use just one
word in the English language. The word we are going to talk about today is whatever.
You may think that this word had its peak back in the 90s. Whatever! Maybe you don’t
remember that… but, it was very big back then. However, it has not gone away, it is
still used a lot by English speakers. So today, I am going to teach you all the different
ways that we use it. So, I have this friend, she’s my best friend and I love her, but she
does this thing…that drives me crazy. Anytime we’re getting together, I say “what should
we do?” And she says “whatever.” I say “should we go to the pool?” “Whatever.” “What do you
wanna eat?” “Whatever.” “Do you wanna eat?” “Whatever.” “Do you wanna listen to music?”
“Whatever.” “What kind of music?” “Whatever.” HAVE AN OPINION WOMAN! HAVE AN OPINION WOMAN!
It drives me crazy! I love her dearly, but my goodness. It’s “whatever” about anything.
And what it means in this case, obviously, is I don’t really care, whatever you want
is fine. It means something like “anything”. Let’s say you’re gonna go to a friends house
for a get together, it’s not really a party, it’s not really something official, it’s just
people getting together. So you ask the host, what should I bring? And she says “Oh just
bring whatever.” It means anything, chips, soda, beer, whatever you want. What time should
I come? Just come whenever, whenever after, you know just in the afternoon, whenever.
It just means any time and bring anything. My husband loves to tell the story about our
first date… completely wrong. So, if people ask about our first date, his eyes light up
because he is about to tell the biggest lie ever to everyone and he’s going to see that
I’m going to get really upset and he thinks this is hilarious. This is his version of
our first date: So, we go to the movies and I just can’t keep my hands off of him and
he just felt so sorry for me that I needed so much attention that he just stayed with
me ever since. WHATEVER!!! That is not what happened AT ALL! WHATEVER! Anytime he tells
this story in front of people that’s my reaction: WHATEVER! And that means, like you are such
a liar! But, in like a funny way. Let me tell you the true story of our date, not nearly
as exciting. We met for coffee, then we went to a movie, we sat next to each other in the
movie. THE END. That was our first date. I enjoyed it, but nothing more exciting than
that happened. Another way that’s similar that also has to do with lying, is something
like someone tells you “Ya, and he said he doesn’t even care.” And you say “ppfff whatever.”
That means “that’s a lie”. They can both be a lie: WHATEVER! or whatever… depending
on the situation. This one… maybe I am guilty of… a little bit, I think Brian would say
I am guilty of it a lot a bit… ya know… there’s a stereotype about females when they’re
upset that maybe we’re not so good about being truthful about being upset. Maybe we want
to hide the fact that we’re upset, but we’re really bad at it sometimes. So, I’m upset
with Brian, right, and he’s like “OK, so what do you want to do for dinner?” and I’m like
“Whatever…” “Are you upset?” “No.” “Are you sure?” “Ya.” “OK.” “Yeah, whatever.” And
you use “whatever” like uhhhh. Like you’re so obviously upset, but you just can’t think
of anything to say except for whatever. Anyway, that’s another use of whatever. So as you
can see, this one little word has a lot of meaning. So when you’re watching English TV
shows and movies, you’ll notice this. We use it so much. So the next time you see it you’ll
understand why it’s being used that way and maybe you can even start using it when you
are speaking some English. If you enjoyed learning how to use one word lots of different
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