The State of the Union is Long | February 6, 2019 Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

The State of the Union is Long | February 6, 2019 Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Welcome to “Full Frontal.” I’m Samantha Bee. Last night, the
State of the Union address that almost
wasn’t was-ed. Absolutely everyone was
there, from Ted Cruz, who looked like a Civil War
general who was not allowed back in the Union to Trump’s
cabinet members, who were just there to hand out their
resumes before their president inevitably fires them. They were not ready
for prime time. Now I understand why Trump
keeps them in a cabinet. With another looming legal
disaster, not to mention his recent defeat over
the shutdown, of course Trump promised a bipartisan
tone for his State of the Union. We’re at the part of the
movie where the villain is losing and goes– You and I are
not so different. That actually is Trump, he’s
just using his CPAP machine. Trump did issue a
number of sweeping calls for bipartisanship,
unity, and teamwork. Of course, his behavior
outside of the 90 minutes when he
addressed Congress told a different story. [PRESIDENTIAL MUSIC] The agenda I will
lay out this evening is not a Republican agenda
or a Democrat agenda. We will govern not as two
parties, but as one nation. Victory is not
winning for our party. Victory is winning
for our country. [COMIC MUSIC] REPORTER: Trump said Speaker
Nancy Pelosi “is nice to him in private but then
says terrible things about him on camera.” Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,
he added, “can be a nasty SOB.” “When Biden says something
dumb, it’s because he’s dumb.” Oh my god. He couldn’t even be
bipartisan for an afternoon. But then, he probably
thinks bipartisanship is some sort of swingers’ cruise. Yes, hello, I would like one
ticket for the bipartisanship, please. All the partisans
are chicks, right? It’s fine if they’re bi. Turns out, Trump is pretty
dull to watch when he’s not shrieking things
that send you into permanent fight-or-flight mode. 11-year-old Joshua Trump, who
was invited by the president after being bullied
over his last name, even fell asleep
during the speech. Damn, Joshua. That is one hell
of a power move. And with that, an
11-year-old boy became the bravest person in Congress. You know, I’m amazed
he was able to sleep so close to a porcelain
Gorgon Jared Kushner. There were a lot
of very important guests last night– war heroes,
Buzz Aldrin, Alice Johnson. And Jared Kushner wanted
so badly to connect with, truly, any of them. Don’t make eye
contact with Jared, or he’ll bore you to death
with his skin care routine. Here’s his skin secret. You know those little fish
that nibble off dead skin? Jared’s one of those. Now, as expected, Trump
also called for restricting abortion rights. DONALD TRUMP: I
am asking Congress to pass legislation to
prohibit the late-term abortion of children– [CHEERING] –who can feel pain
in the mother’s womb. Ah. My ovaries just tried
to move back to Canada. This is worrying. All Republicans try to
restrict abortion rights. But Trump might have the
Supreme Court to do it. You know, I always
knew, someday, a Republican president
would manage to take away my right to choose. I just didn’t think
it would be the kind of president who’s
definitely tried to go Dutch on an abortion. Oh my god. This should not be your thing. Trump made a lot of
promises last night. But they’re not very credible
because, you know, it’s him. For example, he made a promise
to eradicate HIV in America by 2030. My budget will ask
Democrats and Republicans to make the needed
commitment to eliminate the HIV epidemic in the
United States within 10 years. Great. If there’s one person who’s
cut out to fight disease, it’s the guy who thinks
science is a Chinese hoax. Ending HIV is a worthy goal. It might be a more
achievable goal if Trump hadn’t fired
his entire HIV/AIDS advisory panel with
no explanation, diverted funds from
HIV/AIDS services to cover the increased
costs of baby cages, stopped a study that
was researching a cure, and repeatedly rolled back
protections for LGBTQ people– who are disproportionately
affected by HIV. And also– and this is true– he does not know the
difference between HIV and HPV, which means he probably
saw a commercial for Gardasil and thought, duh, this
is going to be so easy! Or maybe he watched
“Rent Live” last week. Oh my god. Of course he did–
it was on Fox. Maybe Fox needs to air
more live musicals. How about “In the Heights,” to
teach him about immigration, “The Lion King,” so he’ll
make Don Junior and Eric stop shooting lions, or “Les
Miserable,” so he can get a taste of what’s coming? We’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “The State of the Union is Long | February 6, 2019 Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

  1. Just more WHITE HATE. Obama was building the wall before Trump was the President when Dems started building the cages for Mexican babies that were being murdered under Obama's permission…

  2. Political comedy is difficult to do. Some of the SNL stuff was funny, with Dana Carvey as Bush 41, Will Ferrell as Bush 43, and Kate McKinnon as Hillary.
    But Bee is terrible and not at all funny. It comes across as shrill, clueless, ranting.

  3. #45 probably thinks that only LGBTQ people have AIDS, so all we have to do is stop treating them and let them die already. But really he wants to give his friends in the pharmaceutical industry lot of money to pretend like they are trying to find a cure. They don't want a bunch of people dying from AIDS, but living with AIDS would be very profitable for them.

  4. "…cabinet members….handed in their resumes…until Trump fires them …" yeah, you can laugh, conservatives. BUT SADLY, HOW TRUE IS IT?" how about very true. Only comedy like this brings out the accurate yet "stinging" comments that cut to the point and tell the truth. Comedy is a great weapon and so is satire that exposes truth. Just look at SNL's history. WE laugh because we know there is some truth to these things.

  5. Oh yeah…how EXCELLENT a NON PARTISAN comment is it, when LITTLE JOSHUA TRUMP falls asleep that the speech??? Folks, you CAN'T fake this. Hannity and conservathugs cannot SPIN this. he fell asleep!!

  6. When he said "Democrat agenda", that's a right-wing slur against the "Democratic party". They drop the "-ic" on purpose to minimize the group. And Trump repeats the slur. Deplorable.

  7. "when I say something its on purpose…" yes we know, as you'll stated multiple times, you don't make mistakes or bad decisions. if it was said or done by you, no matter the outcome, it was for a good reason.

  8. White washing is true ssmatha keep on with your neo liberal love. Not talking about ados Native black people AND our agenda

  9. There has been a cure for AIDS for over a decade now. Because pharmaceutical companies make so much money off of treatment medication they made sure it never saw the light of day. There isn't enough profit in cures.

  10. Kushner reminds me of the creepy guy in my college physics class who kept staring at me and would sniff my hair every chance he got.

  11. We all know that rich, powerful men love fcuking for sport. They usually like them young too. Fertile. No birth control. So why do these same men fight so hard to limit access to abortions? Do they really want a bunch of their offspring running around? Really??

  12. I'd rather have the eleven year old boy for president. He's better educated, more dignified and much nicer than the real one.

  13. Hey Sam, love the show as always. I wrote a SOTU haiku because why not. Keep up the great work.

    A White House of lies
    Congress folk who sell their votes
    Politicized court

  14. Got introduced to show show this morning, 1:35 am. You are fabulous, so quick and witty. You’re nonstop. Where did you get those snap shots? That’s all I’ve done for two whole days, watch reports, wasn’t interested in live, and I had not seen ANY of yours. You are wonderful and believe me, I subscribed and will be listening for that bell. 🛎

  15. In Australia at the moment we have terrible floods up North, decades of drought practically everywhere, yeah you know about spiders and snakes and toxic toads, and our government is stuck in a revolving door. On the plus side though we don't have that orange hustler. Thanks America for taking one for the global team and keeping that Disaster for yourselves!

  16. ''HUMAN'' is the millions of years of accumulating WISDOM shared across time. The HUMAN MIND invented ABORTION to save the HUMAN Mothers, Families and Future, NOT MEAT.

  17. Laughed so hard could hardly catch my breath.Keep up the wonderful work with all you do exposing the truth about the communist in the Republican party and the Whitehouse has orange hair weighs about 300lbs.little hands febileminded thinks he knows it all the time. Love ya

  18. seriously? jokes about the president’s “cabinet” like it’s kitchen cabinet? bipartisan “ships” at sea? someone should fire the highschool sophomore writing these punchlines…

  19. The pro life wanna be is getting our kids ready for a war with Venezuela to distract us from his crimes. Oh the hipocrisy.

  20. Almost all late term abortions are done by mothers who have something seriously wrong with the fetuses, like the brain not developing correctly or a life dooming illness that would probably make the baby die in a few years, if not weeks.

    If you prohibit late term abortions, you're telling these women to give birth to a child who is going to suffer for the rest of their lives, have to be put in intensive care for most if not all of it, and then shortly die. And I seriously doubt the people who want to force women to give birth to these unfortunate souls are willing to foot the bill for that or if they'd snidely tell the women it's "their problem" and leave them on their own.

    Nobody who WANTS an abortion will wait until week 26 to get one. That emergency backstop is just there to protect those who have the unthinkable happen to their child and want to prevent their suffering. Please take away the stigma and give women the agency to choose for themselves!

  21. Well John Roberts sided with the liberals in a 5-4 ruling against the Louisiana law that would have left 1 abortion physician in the state

  22. Actually Trump is bi-partisan. He voted for and donated to Democrats, including Hillary, for years before becoming a Republican.


  24. Didn't watch the trainwreck but glad Bee summarized it. You know the routine, Trump lies and says dumb stuff, Repuiblicans salivate over him and his blind supporters eat it up.

  25. So liberals don't want criminal justice reform. And liberals do want endless war. And they don't want to cure childhood cancer. Did any of you clones listen to the speech?

  26. Trump wants future Administrations to uphold his goals although he removed US from his predecessor's international agreements.

  27. Ted Cruz, the sad little sociopath.
    Poor Joshua, suffering with that name AND through that speech. But that's what happens when you bring a kid to a long rambling sales pitch at 9 in the evening.
    2:41–THAT WOMAN'S FACE! "If I don't make eye contact, I won't turn to stone!"

    Stopping abortions? Then what will Republicans do after getting their mistresses pregnant?

  28. so if les miserables is what's coming, the revolution is going to be lead by a ton of lgbtq+ people, one who's a drunken cynic who has an insatiable crush with the leader, and one with literally the shittiest luck ever? sounds cool, can i join?

  29. Wow @ 2:46. Okay, that still of Jared Kushner staring at the lady next to him, is now officially the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Poor woman looked like a gazelle sitting next to an overly coiffed lion with unnaturally boyish skin. I need a shower.

  30. Next year, three hour speech? Trump is all about breaking records and being number one. If only he could be the only president to be successfully impeached, but hopefully he will not be re-elected and the country will be spared.

    Oh, and it's DemocraTIC. DemocraTIC. Correct the right wing Deplorables every time they say it wrong. This was a push by Karl Rove to subliminally brand Democrats as RATS, but saying DemocRAT Party, not DemocraTIC Party.

  31. I don’t know what trump is doing but I’d make it like the 90’s planned parenthood clinics in high school that gives girls birth control without their parents signature.

    We had lots of fun😉
    35 in 2020 America

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