The Rules of Rugby Union – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Rugby Union – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Rugby Union.
The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. The game is played with two teams of 15 playing on a field that’s 100 meters long between the goal lines. In Rugby Union, you may run forwards with the ball and you may kick the ball forwards.
But what’s interesting about Rugby Union is that you can only pass the ball backwards or sideways. You cannot pass the ball forwards and doing so will result in your opponent being awarded possession. The idea is to score points and there
are several ways to do this. #1 A Try. You can run with the ball
into the opponent’s in goal area a place the ball down onto
the ground. This is a try and is worth five points. Unlike in American Football
the player must press the ball on the ground with downward pressure. No downward pressure equals no try.
#2 A Conversion. After scoring a try you
awarded a conversion kick to add more points. The kick is made from a spot twenty meters from the goal line and perpendicular to the spot where the
try was scored. Kicking the ball between the posts and over the crossbar scores two points. #3 A penalty if your opponent commits a foul you may
choose to kick the ball from the ground between the goal posts.
This scores three points #4 A Drop-Goal. You can also kick
the ball between the posts at any time during open play. To do this you must drop the
ball on onto the ground first before kicking it this also scored three points. To stop you
from scoring your opponents will try and stop you by tackling
Your opponent can grab you below the shoulders and pull you to the floor or stop you
moving forwards. In Rugby Union once a player is tackled, the ball carrier MUST let go of the ball. This usually results in players pushing each other away on the ground whilst a team mate tries to get possession of the ball. Players from either team can get possession at this point. This is known as a ruck and is an
important part in the game. To the untrained eye it looks like a bunch of men rolling around on the floor a bit, but in reality, they’re trying to push their opponents away so that they can get the ball. The Maul is the other important part of the game. This is essentially a ruck whilst standing up. Players will push opposing players backwards in order to get better field position. Unlike in American Football or Rugby League, there are no set limits for
possession. If a team can keep the ball for the entire game, they generally will. The game is played in two 40 minute halves. For a combined playing time of 80 minutes.
Team with the highest score after 80 minutes wins. That’s basically the gist of it, but there’s a few other rules you’ll need to understand before playing or going to a game. For example: Knock on Any player deflecting the ball forwards with their arms or body is committing a knock-on. Remember, you’re not allowed to pass the ball forwards, so you’re not allowed to deflect it forwards either unless it’s a kick. Committing a knock on will result in the other team being awarded a scrum. Scrum. This is a method of restarting play, usually after a forward pass or knock on. The forwards of both teams line up and push against one another whilst the ball is rolled between them. In general any team can win possession of the ball at this point. In touch This is rugby terminology for ‘out of the playing area’. The outer lines of the field are touch lines, and any ball leaving the field of play is said to be ‘in touch’. Line-out This is another method of restarting play, usually when the ball has left the field in touch Players from each team line up 1 metre apart whilst the ball is thrown into play between them Players are allowed to lift teammates up to try and gain possession of the ball. There are many other rules not discussed here, but as you watch or play rugby union, they will be very clear. they will become very clear indeed. If
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100 thoughts on “The Rules of Rugby Union – EXPLAINED!

  1. Finally understand this sport. Thanks for the exact terminology as well. Very cool and interesting. Always love watching the scrums.

    Seems like the tougher version of American football. The fact that they wear no protective gear and make so much heavy contact with one another makes me respect them even more.

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    when does it start and end

  3. Good video mate. As a life long league watcher, I could never understand why the opposition just didn't grab the ball and take off when it is on the ground in a ruck. Now it all makes sense.

  4. I now know more about rugby union, thanks to this video; I thank you for this video, Ninh – you are truly a scholar and a gentleman.

  5. These guys need to be tough to play this, that's for sure, but I prefer the NFL for its more structured, strategical play (I'm not north american, so no need to chew me on this one, Rugby fans, nothing against the sport).

  6. You should have explained the more subtle rules like offside or not rolling away or or not releasing the ball or player being off his feet and obstruction, to the untrained eye it would seem that rugby union is all about doing that

  7. Excellent explanation thanks! Fast, short and to the point. I didn't understand that after a tackle both teams can fight for the ball. Anyways great job.

  8. Ninh, can you make a video going more in-depth into the rules, such as the ruck, offsides, obstruction, kicking out of bounds, also common and rare plays, and explaining why players do things, like why players like to score tries in the middle instead of the outside.

  9. I’m watching rugby more and more. It’s much better than NFL style football. Exciting, fast paced and most networks broadcast it without commercials just like soccer.

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  13. Wow to be honest I thought when someone gets tackled, everyone just piles on each other but nah. I know most things about rugby league so might as well learn about union cos maybe in the future I might play for a union club

  14. I'm from India 🇮🇳,I did not know any thing about Rugby till I watched ur video.its very dengerous game, pushing, pulling all that stuff, but I know it's number one sport in New Zealand, South Africa 🇳🇿🇿🇦

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    No football
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    Only rugby….this is the sport which requires both mental and physical ability higher than any sport…fan from India.

  16. The video said when a ball is stopped, both sides can get the ball. But what the video shows is only the offensive player pick up the ball, while the defensive players are watching. Could someone explain this? Thanks.

  17. 1:03 The clip shown was NOT a penalty kick. As when a penalty kick is taken, the opposition are not allowed to charge the ball.

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