The Rise Of The Soviet Union

The Rise Of The Soviet Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive
actions over the past few years have led to suggestions that he may be trying to reinstate
the former Soviet Union. So how exactly did the Soviet Union rise to
power to begin with? Well, the history of the Union of Soviet Socialist
Republics begins with the end of the Russian czardom. For hundreds of years, Russia was ruled by
a series of monarchs, called “czars”, who wielded absolute authority. But in the early 20th century, Russia suffered
a series of demoralizing military defeats, both in the Russo-Japanese War and during
World War One. These failures were coupled with brutality
from Czar Nicholas the Second, nicknamed Nichols the Bloody. This state of affairs eventually prompted
a revolt from revolutionary groups, who rejected rule by elites, instead encouraging rule by
the working class. The most notable of these were the Bolsheviks,
led by Vladimir Lenin. In 1917, two back-to-back revolutions first
ousted the Czar, then replaced the interim-government with local groups of workers, known as soviets. The following year the Czar and his entire
family were summarily executed. After a civil war between loyalists, known
as The Whites, and revolutionaries, called The Reds, the Reds won and unified under the
communist ideology, creating the first socialist state: the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
in 1922. Vladimir Lenin was instituted as the leader
of the state, and the Bolsheviks were renamed “The Communist Party”. Lenin nationalized the country’s industries,
particularly manufacturing and banking, and distributed land among its citizens. Those who opposed him were either executed
or imprisoned in concentration camps, in a campaign known as the Red Terror. Although Lenin died just two years after the
formation of the USSR, his cult of personality was used throughout its history to promote
a political ideology known as Marxism-Leninism, a derivation of Communism. After Lenin’s death, another revolutionary
Bolshevik, Joseph Stalin, gained power despite serious opposition from Lenin in his final
years. This opposition was kept secret from the public,
and Stalin effectively became a dictator in the Soviet Union. He focused on rapid industrialization and
turning the country into a major world economic power. Although Stalin’s series of five-year-plans
to transform the state were generally successful, they came at a severe cost. Millions were unjustly imprisoned in labor
camps called Gulags. An intentional famine killed millions more,
in short because workers were unable to eat their own grain, as it was considered state
property under socialism. In the 1930s, Stalin implemented a campaign
known as the Great Purge, to execute or exile anyone who was a potential threat to Communism,
including intellectuals and politicians. As the ruler during World War Two, Stalin
made a peace pact with Nazi Germany. When Germany broke the pact and attempted
to invade in 1941, Stalin sent millions more citizens to their deaths to defend the country,
successfully pushing back the siege. In the aftermath of World War Two, Stalin’s
regime funded communist uprisings in other countries, creating conditions for the Cold
War against the Western and capitalist United States. Stalin died in 1953, and at the time was revered
as a nationalist hero who’d fought back the Nazis, and brought Russia into the industrial
age, which is considered by some the peak of the USSR’s power. The following years brought efforts to de-Stalinize,
and reverse the power of the dictatorship and purges and gulags. Still, within a decade, the country began
slipping into decline, and despite efforts to revitalize it while competing with the
United States, the USSR eventually fell apart. We can’t do episodes like this without our
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DOT COM. During the onset of the Cold War, the Soviet
Union was an economic and political superpower, rivaled only by the United States. So what led to its eventual decline? Find out in the second part of this series:
the Fall of the Soviet Union. Although different theories have been proposed,
one suggests that the Soviet Union was desperate to outperform the United States in two major
regions: military and space flight. This led to excessive spending, with the Soviet
Union establishing a self-contained military complex. Thanks for watching Seeker Daily! Don’t Forget to Like and Subscribe for new
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100 thoughts on “The Rise Of The Soviet Union

  1. Socialism works great on paper! However, it fails to take greed into account. Wanting more than your neighbor will never go away. Capitalism drives competition which is what makes the world advance

  2. capitalists didn't like working class get power thats why communists in USA are witchhunted by the US government. America destabilised USSR to bring down the ultimate ideology of labor people getting power, equality etc

  3. Russian United Party will change. Guarantee the Communist party will receive a large amount of votes during the 2018 elections.

  4. My comrade Vladimir Lenin will resurect exactly after 100 years of his ''death'', and will take over after Vladimir Putin and the two will bring back the USSR. Slava Rossii.

  5. Stalin be like "Everyone owns all the means of production? Yeah, lets change that to everyone owns nothing and we´re good to go." Stalins version of Communism is somewhat like the blue version of the color red xD

  6. This channel is worthless. I just watched around 10 videos. All of it is so common, shallow knowledge without deeper thought and explanation. You can get to know the same by skimming through a Wiki page on the topic.
    I DO NOT recomment this channel.

  7. In battle of Stalingrad it was proven how a common man can turned to a soldier to defend it's home. Instead of respecting their sacrifice that was achieved by valour you people has interpret them as sheep and stalin as a sheep herder. Perhaps if you ever served your country against an invasion you would have understand!

  8. Actually the FIRST socialist party established in 1901 and still the main opposing party in Australia today is the ALP Australian Labor Party…it is the oldest socialist party in the world and man do they love a beer. WAAAY before the bolsheviks

  9. This is not true, COMMUNISM was a Powerful and straight forward political party. It had helped many people to live their lives as they wanted. Communism has to come back. VIVA REVOLUTION.

  10. Overall an excellent video and as time goes, shows where the U.S.A. is now!
    But You missed the entirety of the Bolshevik uprising and how it sparked WW1. maybe it is to come?

  11. This is stupid,Putin doesn't want soviet union and half of the population knows it,the censure now in Russia is to much,since 1992 the censure program by yeltzen is still affecting the people of the ex-republics….that's why 1993 happened,the most voted partys or the 2nd ones will always be socialist in those countries,becouse they were fine back them.
    But putin,the mafia chechenian,the chechenian rebels,the oligarchs,the censure,the FSB acting on politics and more…is making russia go to the void.
    All becouse of the gorbachov's perestroika.

    You can't make a better country when you take away what people needs!

    Workers united arround the world!



  13. Title:Soviet union's rise
    Says:President Vladimir Putin bla bla bla
    Keep eating the propaganda

  14. Stalin was a good leader! He removed the kulaks and stopped opportunists from taking power.
    Debate me on Stalin!

    Long live Stalin, our Friend, Comrade.

  15. Technically, the tsardom ended with Tsar Peter, when he proclaimed the Russian Empire…:)

    So, in short the order goes Tsardom, Russian Empire, USSR, and now Russian Federation

  16. sending millions to their deaths to defend their country? Why hate on the soviets so much dude, I'd happily give my life if it's for my country

  17. Can the passengers of a ship determine the course of the vessel taking into account only the direction of the winds, sea currents and the height of the waves? Disregarding the captain and his will? – The answer is clear. Likewise, people can not explain past and present events properly, ignoring the existence of God and His will.

    The founder of the state, Lenin hated God, persecuted Christians. This fact condemned his work to failure. Throughout the existence of the Soviets, atheism prevailed in the country, often it was a militant atheism, from which all the calamities of Russian people – terror, hunger, GULAG, murders, bloody wars, occurred. And what was worse – several generations were deprived of the vital Word of God.

    However, according to the Bible, God cannot be mocked. He elevates kings, He removes kings. The collapse of the USSR, no doubt, was a perfect Act of God. Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and others only did the will of the Lord.

  18. I’m from Scotland but I identify as a socialist and believe in a socialist society I hope Putin does bring back the Soviet Union.


  19. I like that the stuff he says here is ether not true or focused on Stalinism. Also if you say Lenin used prisons why don’t you mention that tzars used them too?

  20. The USSR was one of the great republic the world had seen. But the Presidents of USSR was not capable of surrounding the true Communism in them.

  21. That thumbnail showing the communist forefathers could also be viewed as an evolution of facial hair.

  22. ГУЛАГ = Государственное управление лагерей. Миллионы сидели вот прям в нем, в управлении.

  23. Ussr killed more than a half of my nation, about 3,6 millions by genocide russians also used our land as trash can, just google “Semipalatinsk” and it’s not the only thing they did to us… USSR was a cancer for earth! And there is still a lots of people (we all know who) that wants to come back to that terrible time…

  24. Wow there is a lot of cognitive dissonance in these comment. Stalin Lennon and Mao were monsters, it's not propaganda. It's documented from 1000s of sources, both inside, adjacent and outside the country and from those of multiple persuasions of politics. Honestly you hard lefties are delusional.

  25. 2:00 Stalin could not be a dictator since he was an elected figure. He could be removed by decision of the party in 5 seconds. He repeatedly refused, but he was appointed. When you turn on the brain and stop clogging up the story with old propaganda?

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