The Irishman | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Irishman | Official Trailer | Netflix

Frank… Sheeran.-Am I saying that right?
-Yeah, you said it right.
Under the contract…management can only fire a driver
on very specific charges. So… Do you ever show up late? -No.
-Do you have any moving violations? -No.
-Do you drink on the job? -No.
-Do you ever hit anybody? -On the job?
-Yeah. I don’t think so. All right, then we don’t have nothing
to worry about. I want you to meet my cousin,
Russell Bufalino. -How are ya?
-Hi, nice to meet you.It was like the Army.You followed orders.You did the right thing.You got rewarded.A friend of ours
is having a little trouble. A friend at the top.Back then there was nobody in this country
who didn’t know who Jimmy Hoffa was.
He’s got a gun!
Get that gun out of his hand! You always charge a guy with a gun. With a knife, you run away. So you charge with a gun. With a knife, you run. Hiya, Frank. Would you like to be
a part of history? Yes, I would.Big business and the governmentare working together,
trying to pull us apart.
Something’s gotta be done.What else he say? Now is not the time to not say. We’re going to war with these people.War.Things have gotten out of hand
with our friend.
You’ve got to sit down, everybody says so. No, I’m not sitting down, I can’t do it! -It’s what it is.
-What it is. I know things they don’t know I know.It’s gonna happen.Either way, he’s going.You know, I don’t… I don’t care whether you did it or not. -That makes no difference to me.
-Yeah, I know. I’m here to defend you. -Right?
-Right. What do you wanna know?
You wanna know if I did it or not?

100 thoughts on “The Irishman | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. De Niro has the right to say whatever he likes about President Trump. Unfortunately, he hasn't the class to air his displeasures as a gentleman. All the foul language and hysterics are uncalled for. I for one refuse to see anything he's involved in until he apologizes or retracts his outburst. It's my hope millions and millions and millions of people do so as well.

  2. When I have haemorrhoids.

    Everyone: You gotta sit down, everyone says so.

    Me: No I'm not sitting down, I can't do it!

  3. This will be my first ever original Netflix film on Netflix, I am extremely excited to watch this Critically Acclaimed Film directed by an Extremely good director on Netflix.

  4. God bless Trump. What.about the middle American people ??? They don’t count.????. Dineros a self serving RICH prick .

  5. Joe pesci coming out of retirement for this I heard he didnt want to but apparently Scorsese convinced him wonder what he getting paid!

  6. BORING this is Literally any mobster movie that's been made hundreds of times and Scorsese is bashing Marvel Movies saying their not Cinema Trying making something ORIGINAL old man😒

  7. Damn.
    Joker then The Lighthouse Now the Irishman?
    I feel spoiled.
    And im only 18!
    I feel good since seeing Goodfellas now this.

  8. When i saw this Movie's Poster…by looking at there facial expressions, their tie's Colour, their Suit…i figured out Whose gonna Play which Character…Damn!…😅

  9. Scorsesee: "Would you like to be part of cinema history"?
    Netflix: "Yes, i would. Whatever you need me to do, im available".

  10. A classic in the making … Fagetaboutit! Where is Leo Dicaprio though? I think he would have added a few years to this fine wine!!

  11. I would probably go see this if De Niro wasn't such a real life scum. Since he is in this movie, I won't ever see it. Ass wipe.

  12. Al and Robert shluld just do a totally balls out de-aged movie set in the 70s , basically do THE De Niro / Pacino movie as they were in that damn lost 70s classic , forget historical figures,, THEMSELVES,, (those historical figures) … bust the 200 million nuts of the budget on it and make crazy first of its kind film history. Well these are the two guys. This was nice. But you know the world wants this…

  13. I love watching Deniro's nose enlarge and lips get thinner. He's getting those same bizarre facial features all the old liberal guys get. What is that? Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, Jim Carey, David Letterman…. They all get that look. No thanks. Can't separate the hypocrite liberal pansy from the character. Deniro is not that good of an actor to pull that off.

  14. Wish De Niro hadn’t been such a political bitch lately. Kind of ruins my excitement for this…just kinda though haha

  15. Suprising that Netflix allowing this as there are no people of colour or women as main actors/actresses? Maybe deniro is trans and pesci identifys as a black Asian woman. That should even it up.

  16. Scorcese captured the style of the time, all of the fellas look great. still so handsome. I thought Pesci was enjoying his retirement..kudos

  17. Listen, my hype is unreal for this movie but I just saw Joker last night and that was outstanding beyond belief. If this film can beat that, it will really be something.

  18. There will be another crime movie from Scorsese with Di caprio and De niro call it (( killers of flower moon )) .. it may shooting in spring 2020 with 2021 release ….

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