10 thoughts on “The Decline of Unions in the United States

  1. blah, garbage… Unions are dying since Nixon went to China in 1971! Then, in 1978 China formally opened trade to the US. LO and BEHOLD: factories started leaving the US in the 80s… Please… Reagan muffed up central America with his Iran-Contra scandal… then his failed immigration act of 1986… Illegals started flooded America in the late 80s… Now, American teens can't get jobs in restaurants, landscaping, painting, and dozen of other summer job categories… Meanwhile, since the mid-90s, China's GDP has averaged 9% growth year over year…. while the US can barely squeak out a paltry pathetic 3%… All orchestrated by the corporate Oligarchy to turn America into a consumer economy… eat your applebees, drink your starbucks and get your labias waxed – grow America!

  2. We're able to negotiate wages and benefits without unions. State and federal laws cover overtime, medical coverage, and workplace safety. Unions give your money to the democrat party. That is their only real function.

  3. Unions are devastating the work market. The unions cry that something is not fair. Okay, then the company will simply hire others in China that will thank the company for paying them sub minimal wages. I have seen it happening many places. I was even victim to it once and I refused to strike. The bosses just outsourced all the department and even those that did not strike lost their jobs. Unions are rapidly becoming worthless and are causing more damage than they are fixing. I lost my job because of union jerks striking. I told them straight out not to bite the hand that feeds them. They did not listen. Now their job, and my old one, is in Venezuela.

  4. They have to realize some of the demands, cause businesses to look for cheaper labor rates, regardless to the companies benefits, in property taxes. Rental cost, etc.

  5. Tax write offs, lawsuits, insurance rates, increases in insurance taes, due to loawsuits, etc some are so detrimental and President Bush did attempt to address, by capping rates, on limits in lawsuits. Not that cannot do them, but rather, so do not shut everything down. For one, like medical mal practice insurance rates increasing the costs in health care. Or business safety, etc. Injuries and lawsuits can be overly costly and most everyone goes into business to make money, not be a charity or to use a business to abuse everyone on politics and or agendas, etc. Additionally competition. Additionally, every new law created, related to lawsuits. Etc. Is one thing. Now look at the bush tax cuts. Everyone in poverty, paid absolutely not a single penny in taxes, but what was said due to politics? It was a tax cut for the rich? No one realized they were being lied to, via politics. Becuz the poor paid no taxes. Some made out with being paid, even if they had nothing paid in, by the claims. Its an example, litmus test so to speak. Of what people dont understand, and still believe anything. Etc.

  6. americans let the companies get to big and outsource cheap labor unions have lost their power due to the outsourcing , or in sourcing cheap labor .when american companies can hire illegals for half the price of americans and no one from the government or state will deport them americans get screwed

  7. Most immigrants are anti-union: only a single-digit percent of foreign workers have joined or cofounded a union: de facto scabs! — iww.org & iwa-ait.org & broadleft.org.

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