The Criminal Truth

The Criminal Truth

If you criticise the religion of peace you’re likely to be accused of hate speech by people who will go on to abuse and threaten you as graphically and disgustingly as their fevered imaginations will allow, yet you’ll be the one guilty of hate speech. And if you’re unlucky enough to live in certain parts of Europe you will also be prosecuted as a criminal. Anyone who thought Denmark’s experience with the cartoons might encourage that country to grow a backbone will be dismayed to hear that Denmark is the latest European country to persecute its own citizens for telling the truth about the religion of permanent offence. This week Lars Hedegaard, president of the Free Press Society, is on trial in Denmark for accurately referring to the comparatively high number of family rapes in Islamic culture. As most people know, violence against women and girls is one of the things that make Islamic culture distinctly inferior to western culture – not different, but significantly less civilised. However, the Danish authorities would like people to pretend that Islamic violence against women and girls doesn’t exist, because otherwise they might have to do something about it, and that’s the last thing they want, because that would mean rioting in the streets and barricades and burning cars and all the rest of it, and Danish people travelling in Muslim countries might also be attacked and killed. So they would rather pretend it isn’t happening and criminalise anyone who says it is. It’s much safer for them to victimise their own people because they know there won’t be any rioting and nobody will be murdered. In this trial, as with the other two show trials currently under way in the Netherlands and in Austria, the truth is no defence, because this is not about establishing the truth or upholding the truth, which is what justice is supposed to do. It’s about suppressing the truth to appease the threat of Muslim violence, which makes it an act of cultural terrorism. And it’s compounded by the fact that we haven’t heard a word about any of this from the western media, the so-called free press, who seem to want to keep it as their little secret. If not for the internet, nobody would even know this trial was happening, or the one in Austria, for that matter. Causing offence is now a crime in several European countries. Doesn’t anyone in the western media have anything critical to say about that at all? Or are they all too stupid and complacent to realise that these laws also threaten the freedom of the press, as well as that of ordinary people to express an honest opinion? One of the most pernicious lies of our time is the lie that all cultures are equal, when they’re clearly, visibly, provably not even close to being equal. They’re barely on the same planet is now unequal they are. But we walk on eggshells over this in the West because we’re so riddled with post-imperialist guilt, which for some reason we’ve decided to regard as a chastening virtue, and not as a crippling curse. When you allow millions of people to immigrate from places where they mutilate their daughters as a matter of course, where they kill them in a heartbeat over some twisted sense of honour, and where rape victims are treated as criminals, it doesn’t take a genius to know that you’re going to be importing these values and attitudes as well, wholesale, unless you take steps to prevent it. And that’s something we’ve spectacularly failed to do in Europe. Indeed, we’ve encouraged it by fostering separatism and ghettoisation in the guise of our old friend multiculturalism. As a consequence, Islamic violence against women and girls is an ugly reality in Europe, and for anyone to use the law to try and suppress discussion of it is not enlightened or tolerant or liberal; it’s shameful and stupid and cowardly and unforgivable. It’s cultural pollution at a criminal level, and if you live in Europe your grandchildren will pay the price, and they’ll despise you and everyone else alive today for letting it happen. Our civilisation was fused in the crucible of opposing ideas freely expressed. That’s the magic secret. It’s the gold standard that made us what we are, and made our society the most advanced in human history. And we have an obligation to uphold that standard, no matter what, for the sake of future generations. Despite the avalanche of rights we’ve been showered with in recent years, ducking out of this is one right we don’t have, because without the right to speak your mind, all other rights are worthless. Free speech is not the property of this generation of spineless appeasers. It’s as intrinsic and as essential a part of our identity as the Koran is for Muslims, and nobody has the right to restrict or modify it regardless of who claims to be offended. Anyone who insists on being offended is welcome to grow a thicker skin or go and live somewhere else. And if they don’t like that they can go to hell. And that includes all public prosecutors, and the horse they rode in on. Peace. Can I say that?

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  1. "Without the right to speak your mind, all other rights are worthless" …. and without the right to possess weapons to defend that right it is also worthless.

  2. GGOOGGLLEE "STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO THE US" and scroll down till you find
    petition site. Then sign petition as many others! We must not allow this antifreedom,
    antiamerican culture into our country.
    Islam and Muslims? has nothing to do in western culture AT ALL!!!
    Stoning, Amputating, and If you dont believe their religion
    it says in their stupid book you will have to die.
    Wake up people!Choose a side, Western culture or
    muslim or islam. They do not work together.SIGN PETITIONS

  3. An interesting comparrison, In Israel, after they sign the peace treaty (1996) and were bomb 8 times & 250 knife stabbing, the Israeli secret service, againt the goverment will, publish a report that shows most palastinian (+80%) are happy of the boming (while Israel was gaving land, money and dismentaling sett). Most israelies, and Israeli media were happy to ignoring it, (not mention the BBC… ) saying it destroy peace…. only after 3000 people dead Israel understood. Give Denemark time.

  4. not one islamic scientist? are u serious? modern science is derived from islamic arabia. idiot. common knowledge.

  5. Arabian, not Muslim, no science can be derived from religion. Religious individuals CAN however, further scientific knowledge, but without invoking their dogma. Furthermore, Arabic contributions to the knowledge of man is primarily in the areas of astronomy and mathematics. Modern science, IE the scientific method is largely credited to Francis Bacon, a Englishman.

  6. yeah and the person i was replying to said "not one islamic scientist".. assumed he meant muslim scientist.

  7. No, what he is doing is explaining the fact that people are stamping out criticism of Islamic fundamentalism by claiming that anyone who says ANYTHING negative about Islam is a 'racist'. It is not racist in the least that say that it is dead wrong to punish rape victims, and murder girls for falling in love with someone from the wrong religion… or gender. He is saying that it's not racism to say that killing hundreds of people over a cartoon, but a justifiable commentary on insanity.

  8. Pat Condell represents to me the very highest order of true Liberalism: that all people regardless of social, cultural, or religious backgrounds should live in freedom together, celebrating (or at least tolerating) our various differences. Those who would wish the opposite have no place in a free society. Islamist does not equal Muslim but Muslims must challenge their own in eradicating Islamist thought – this hurts them and it hurts everyone. Bravo to Mr. Condell for speaking the truth!

  9. I think he is trying to justify Free Speech, Free Choice , Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Mind. And i fully agree with him, 100 % . You feel offended ? Go ahead, feel offended. I don`t care.

  10. I suggest you take a closer Look and watch his Videos again. Infact, he does not generally critzise Muslims, he critzises Islam. The intolerant, totalitarian, violent Ideology Islam really is. An Ideology that wants to rule and dominate the World. There is no such Thing as Free choice of religion, or Free Speech, or equal Human Rights in Islam. You still want to call it a Religion ?

  11. The American press these days is nothing more than an unofficial spokesman for the United States government and their New World Order propagandist lies.These days, communist Russia had nothing on the massive load of shit that is shoved down the American people's throats these days. Believe what we tell you so you will support all our bullshit wars and policing the world and nation building that will make Dick Cheney's company Haliburton Billions of dollars! Fuck the press!

  12. i feel sorry for you im sure your a good person who worships his god in peace but there are some in your religion who just want to see the world burn

  13. BTW, you may want to consult the late great Hitch, openly violating section 13(1) in Toronto here: watch?v=f2nyBOucJcc#t=878s The whole thing is great, but the part I've skipped to is the meat of the matter – from about 14:44 through a couple minutes. It doesn't happen often that nicey-nice Canadians are getting beaten with their own cudgel, but tribunals are being convened with increasing frequency by the easily-offended — most often politically-minded Muslims. Sad, really.

  14. Are you serious?We are sick of Fascist Muslims expecting to be treated differently to everyone else.Also sick of their evil threats against us.Listen to Pat talk about this.He talks a lot of sense.If you are not one of these Wahibis,then Peace.

  15. @mars7110 A few yrs back we were at marineland in the falls, a bunch of muslims were having lunch beside us in the park, one of my young daughters asked why those people were covered in black from head to toe, she did'nt know they were women, I explained that the women in that culture were opressed, well mohammed [I'm assuming that was his name] overheard me and told me I coud'nt say that and said he was gonna call the police I gave him my phone and told him to go fuck himself….

  16. An American President once observed: "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." Seems 'eternal vigilance' either doesn't apply to radical Islam, or people are just too damn lazy.

  17. It took war to put down communism and nazism. Let the west set up an army of cartoonists, millions of them, and put islam down with humor. They have no defence at all against humor!

  18. I hope your country finds a way out of this mess soon. You'll need to make some hard decisions. Difficult and perhaps ugly decisions. But there's no way around it. I wish you luck!

  19. That's a disgusting argument and attack, assuming that pat agrees with the rape in america. Try to be more careful and accurate with your arguments.

  20. Might want to read about the Human Rights Commission and the trials of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn before speaking up too proudly about that.

  21. Well, all he mentions – all that happened in Denmark, Austria, Netherlands and so on, is a product of Western Civilization, which he is used to praise so highly.
    So what is the problem?
    Unlike muslims, West is soooo fucking civilized, that it's balls have gone missing for good. Or so it seems to me in the light of recent events..(((

  22. The seeming "backwards" motion of free speech laws in Denmark are actually luckily improving, in that many people see it as ridiculous to be prosecuted for criticizing a religion, and there have been calls to remove it entirely. The law is often called the "racism paragraph" and dates back many decades. It punishes people for threatening, insulting or degrading groups of people based on race, skin color, national or ethnic origins, faith or sexual orientation with a fine or prison up to 2 years.

  23. Wrong. Both were NOT acquitted. Both complainants dropped the complaints ONLY after they learned neither Levant nor Steyn were going to roll over and be silent like good little royal subjects. So after being run through the ringer, they never even got the satisfaction of explicitly clearing their names. Point was, Canada isn't nearly as free as you think. The USA isn't perfect but it's FAR more free when it comes to free speech. Nothing like that could happen in the clear light of day here.

  24. Also – other people dragged before the HRC, who didn't have the resources or notoriety that Levant and Steyn did, were thrown in prison for their speech. Does that sound like the archetypal free society to you?

  25. High number of familial rapes in islam,hmmm should our governments and social services ALLOW them to have children???

  26. When I was age 17.

    It was a very good year.

    I walked along downtown streets.

    When I was 25.

    It was a very good year.

    We ran through green grass.

    When I was 39.

    It was not a very good year.

    My family was verbally abused in a Muslim district.

    When I was 45.

    It was a very good year.

    We moved to Canada.

    When I turned 47.

    It was a very good year.

    We are demonstrating against Islam.

  27. Atheist humanism is accountable fort he worst massacres in the history of mankind:
    Pol pot
    Assassination of innocent unborn children(abortion)
    Massacre of million of children and women during the French revolution.
    And all that in the name of the enlightenment…

  28. White countries r being blended out of existence by a flood of non-white 3rd world immigration & govt FORCED integration

    No white schools, clubs, neighborhoods, cities; anything "white" is viewed as suspicious

    Deadly trojan horses like "diversity" & "multiculturalism" in reality mean "there must be FEWER whites"

    Non-white countries r NEVER targeted by these policies; ONLY white countries r targeted

    Instead of bullets & bombs, it's an insidious genocide of white people via social engineering

  29. What UTTER shit ! Go and read Mien Kampf and see how much of an atheist Hitler WAS NOT. This is just pig ignorance, plain and simple. Stalin and Pol Pot were totalitarian dictators, no different to any other totalitarian dictators such as Mussolini, Saddam or Gaddafi. To call any of them "humanists" of any description is so ludicrous it beggars belief. All such tripe proves is that you don't know your arse from your elbow. Try reading up on the subject before embarrassing yourself further.

  30. Assassination of Also the french revolution wasn't done in the name of atheism. And finally (I'm enjoying this) I have read Mein Kampf, and multiple times does Hitler say that he believes he is doing god's work.

  31. There is a terrific short story by a Norwegian author on this matter, It's about a hospital room occupied by a patient who sees a newcomer being rolled in. Space division is 50-50, but from the start the newcomer is offended for instance by the drawings pinned on the wall of his co-patient, drawings made by his grandchildren. The newcomer demands that they be removed because they offend him. Etc. etc. Of course the nurses give in to his every demand.

  32. No one in the western media cares about journalistic integrity any more, they are happy as long as they are paid for saying what they are told to say.

  33. I'm trying to find Pat's clip about a leader of the (I think) Socialist Workers Party who raped a colleague.  That colleague was then persuaded not to go to the 'Bolshi' Police, and let the party conduct it's own enquiry 

    What's the title of the clip, please someone? 

  34. ….through out the world The people in Power (nwo) want immigration to "educated & civilized" countries to reverse the Declining populations, they have to make $$ and they dont care who does it. PROBLEM is Educated countries are too Complasent and Poor countries to ignorant to know whats going on…so no one does anything

  35. Yes according to the the Qur'an its "OK and even a Duty to kill non believers" but PEOPLE have forgotten the CONTEXT and Actual message.and perhaps Even W/O reading the entire Qur'an nor the Bible or the Torah or any other religious text to COMPARE it to. OH and more people have died under Christianity than any other man made cause.  All religions are Peaceful religions but Cowards hide behind religion to push their personal agendas…..with a LOT of bit of help from MISINFORMATION from Western Media to  esp in my country- US-

  36. No, they don't. They indeed are, all too stupid… It sadness me. I am danish. I have been through it all with islam, seen everything.. Infact.. The more true your statement is, the more of a racist/twisted conspirationist… And that's because the more true the statement is, the more violent/outrageous the deed has been. But as Pat points out himself, it's easier to blame your own people.. because they won't riot, right? etc. But people don't take anything serious anymore.. We don't get heard here at all.

  37. I'm very happy to live in Canada where we don't let stupid fanatics in and if some slip through the cracks we deport them.

  38. Sharp analysis, as always. Thank you for posting all these videos, should be compulsory to watch for all politicians! Maybe they would come to their senses.

  39. Being a Dane, partly living in Denmark and partly in Mexico, I'm deeply embarrassed about the coward main stream politics in Denmark. Lars Hedegaard is fighting on, and he have some supporters. However, he could use many more. I do whatever I can, but it's like poking the ass of a big stupid whale with a small needle. It can hardly feel it, and it's depressing.

  40. How did we come this far. How is it possible, that in the name of religion and belief, that benefits only violence, we have abandoned our civilized laws and regulations? How is it possible, that we suddenly feel the need to protect and help those who want to destroy us? Why do we have special treatment for those who want human rights, yet fail to deliver those human rights to others? Why is it needed to bring an aggressive and horrific culture to well developed and civilized society, when those 2 can NEVER exist in harmony?
    As I see, we have Europe, where:
    1.Speaking truth is considered criminal act
    2. Where rape is called "cultural enrichment".
    3. Where criminals of other race, ethnicity or religion go unpunished.
    4 Where you are racist, when your opinion differs from what politicians say.
    5. Where criminals and religious fanatics are prioritized over hardworking law abiding citizens.
    6. Where democracy is non-existent.
    7. Where laws are changes to fit outsiders.
    8. Where violence and aggression is considered "cultural right"

    The pile of money has grown so big, that those in charge clearly can't see over it any more.

  41. I somehow think he has read the koran i read in it because all suddenly more than ever muslim propaganding it as as book of piece,,.. i read in it and well i now honor fucking crusaders for fucking driving islam back for a few cenurys so europe could become strong and superior in science and arms so they could stop them at vienna in 1528/9
    please read in it and you see the koran is insane, a book of hate read in it please so you can see it is full of fucking hate

  42. Moderate Muslims too must grow a spine and not be moderate about singleing out the extremists if they don't want to live under their rules. But I guess also the words of the Qur'an keep them from trying that hard, because they know the extremists can claim to be as much or more right than them. That's why Islam would need a religious Reform as the Christianism went through, but lacking a structure on its own disconnected from political power and lacking a central religious authority having the last say, that is really unlikely in the short medium term. Till then, the stifness of Islam will cause tension and wars worldwide with no alternative

  43. Truth today is a criminal offence in Europe, and is being engineered as such soon in America and everywhere else. Islam and ALL it's Islamist provocateurs, it's apologists, it's enablers and it's dhimmis must soon be exterminated from humanities future if we are to continue human civilized civilization. The obvious reason concerning Islam, the One World Religion and it's inception 1,400 years ago, is the creed of the Devil as a counter to Christianity/Judaist principal prophesied in Daniel and the Book of Revelation we were warned about 700 years before the curse of the Quran and it's demonic "prophet" the murdering, thieving, lying, rapist and pedophile mohammed. Be sure, there are many, many good harmless, humanist Muslims but show NO MERCY to the adherents of that Satanic instructional book known as the Quran and EXTERMINATE THEM ALL!!!

  44. Mr. Condell, I have a several questions I would like you or some of the viewers of this video,as well as the readers of the comments, to please answer for me. 1. What makes a culture? 2. What makes a city, town, village, etc, a bad or dangerous place to reside in or travel through? I believe the answer to both questions, here on the planet earth is, THE PEOPLE. So by this logic, an inferior culture would mean that culture was founded by an inferior ?????? Yes, that is exactly what you are saying, and I agree 100%. Good luck, because you and people who think like you in Great Britian, are going to need lots of it. Personally, I think the British ship is going down hard by the bow, and you have a small bucket to bail with.

  45. hate speech isnt even clearly defined…nobody knows whats legal and whats not…and what about the hate in religions?…thats not criminal because freedom of religion trumps all the other rights

  46. How can one person continue to say not one invalid thing? If you don't agree with absolutely everything he says you are precisely who he's talking about!

  47. This man is actually doing something about these terrorists by speaking out about them as honestly as he can, which is more than I can say for the rest of these left wing liberal shit-bags who pretend that there isn't a problem with terrorism, rape and all the rest of it. Fuck them all, I'm proud that this man is speaking out and spreading awareness to these thick people who actually need someone to SPREAD it for them when they can see what's going on right in front of them on a daily basis and yet choose not to say anything against it.

  48. Islam is the most retarded faith on the planet. It demands all non believers to be slaughtered in the name of Muhammad. Who changed his name to mushtaq married a child along with two goats and toxic desert dust cloud and a swarm of flies. And as for shoving sharia law down our throats.well you lot have got another thing coming. No bearded nut job is going to tell me when or where I can drink or make any female companion wear a black tent in the name of modesty so some sex crazed criminal refugee might get the urge to have a swift one of the wrist because he's frustrated. Frustrated the cunt should be castrated. As for the region of peace. Fuck off all these knobends want to do is slaughter those who speak up against the religion of perminent peace or should that read perminent offence. If they don't like it tough shit mushtaq. You're a guest in England so if you don't like it go boil your head drink a gallon of cider and eat a hot pork butty preferably wearing a mobile tent.

  49. Free speech ,, the free press
    has been dead for so long now.
    Not even sure we actually had it.
    We bragged about it but all i got was bs. fake news and propaganda.
    Now we are told some shit about what's happening in some soap on tv.
    Or the latest petty gossip.
    ok for the footie results tho.

  50. 100 years from now, islam will rule Europe. The figures say it will happen. Then we will have public stonings and beheadings in lieu of football matches. Pubs, restaurants, cinemas, etc., won't exist. Mosques will be everywhere .
    Mobile cranes will arrive in towns and cities in the early mornings and public hangings will become the norm.
    This is the future, thanks to our spineless, appeasing, governments.

  51. I only have hate for is only fair. Islam hates me, and everything that I stand for. I am an infadel. And islam is a piece of shit.made up by retards for retards.

  52. I'm reading Londonistan by Melanie Phillips. It's written over 10 years ago but it tells the truth about the UK appeasing Muslims for free unquestionable benefits as long as they don't cause any trouble. The snakes bit back

  53. Here's a book you should read, written by an Englishman and told it like it was. It's entitled, 'A History Of Ireland' by Robert Kee. Have a good read, enlighten yourself and hopefully the proverbial blinkers might be removed. PEACE!

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