The alpha is not a scam – Alpha community showcase

The alpha is not a scam – Alpha community showcase

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  1. The glitch thing at 2:53 was intentionally edited to be that way as a joke. It was clearly a shitty joke that no one understood. Blame Simon.

    It was also mean to Blanket Man. Sorry Blanket Man. Will try to make it up to you <3

  2. i have been trying to get a Alpha key for ages.. but the link for it just redirects to some shit page that says how many keys are left….

  3. i got an email that i will get a key for the Alpha Test Weekend BUT, i cannot pre-purchase this game due to region lock

  4. I can't believe this is happening, someone made a 3D, great graphics, Factorio …..its everything i wanted….*passes out*

  5. Videos poop-up all the time in encoding so it just looks like your video is messed up. The way you did this I'm not really sure how you guys thought that "glitch" in middle of the video was supposed to seen as anything other than an error.

  6. Hmm OIL REFINERIES! Now there's an idea 😀 have ship vehicles that can be automated or a giant long underwater pipe – personal upgrades can include diver suit and jetpack

  7. Wow, honestly one of the best videos that shows the game in what you can make it to be and how crazy and beautiful your creations can be, I'm so excited for this game to come out, epic should make this video as part of there advertising previews, the buildings and layouts were beautiful and had me excited on just imagining what I can make my world to be 😊.

  8. 0:34 RedAlert 2. Почему-то напомнило старую игру, где я собирал кучу таких заводов и давил врагов дирижаблями "Киров" и тесла танками. Юрий вообще мастером диверсии был.

  9. We need a top down view for those that have to place everything symmetrically … And what`s the purpose ? Just to build factories and stuff or you have a final goal like building a huge ship and getting out of there ?

  10. I hope the music is as good in game as ur trailers are! Good job on the sound track. Really looking forward to this game. Good job @coffeestain

  11. I just honestly wasnt really that impressed with the game..
    It feels like a bit of Space Engineers syndrome right now, cool ideas and graphics, but not much actual gameplay substance. And it doesnt scale up very well without everything looking quite fugly. It really really needs some sort of enemy requiring walls and defences to motivate faster production (of ammo for example), like in Factorio.

  12. Looks neat, but whats the point? If the gameplay loop is simply harvesting / producing items to simply be able to harvest and produce more items then the longevity and engagement is not going to happen. Will there be a threat like in Factorio? A reason to produce all these goods? Will there be physics objects like pistons and rotors for users to create complex structure to house their items in? Engagement and retention seem lacking. Looks great though!

  13. First time in a long while I pre-purchased a game in alpha just based on a few early access YouTube videos. Well played, sirs.

  14. Turns out the scam was this being offered on the Steam store to only be yanked and offered exclusively on the Epic Store. I used to be excited about this game, but now Coffee Stain is just another developer to avoid.

  15. OK, alpha isn't a scam, but the music is ear rape. Good grief! Perhaps the single most annoying, repetitive, unoriginal music clip on YouTube. Congrats!

  16. Well this would fit either to Star Citizen as economy base or perhaps for Ark Survial Evolved =)
    What is the endgoal of Satisfactory anyways? Just more of the same?

  17. I've played enough factorio to know that if your raw materials are stop on the belt like that then you don't have enough refineries. #whenDevsSuckAtTheirOwnGame

  18. Why should it be a scam? The only thing that is saddening me is that we cannot pre-load it to have it available on Tuesday.

  19. The alpha isn't a scam. The fact they ditched us on steam to be bought out by shitty epic for one year is scam. Get your facts rights.

  20. The alpha may not be a scam, but the game certainly is. Said it was coming out on Steam, then sold out and made it an Epic exclusive. I got in as an alpha tester, but I'm not installing spyware on my machine just to play your game.

  21. I HATE YOU!

    You made a wonderful game! I got access to the pre-alpha version, and was impressed by the game! She is beautiful and I really want to play it! But I am against the exclusive Epic Stor ..

    Apparently, after a long time, as I started playing games with piracy, and for a long time I only buy them (in my Steam collection more than 1500 games already!), I have to download a pirated version of your game ..

    It upsets me, but I do not agree that the choice of a convenient site is taken away from me.

  22. Can I somehow noclip/fly around to get an overview of my factory? It's hard to get a good position for a nice screenshot.

  23. How do I even get this game? Coffee stain I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find a non scam way to get this game.
    It looks extremely fun and I’d adore playing it with my friends.
    We are always looking for new fun games like this cause. Well my friend lives in another state. So multiplayer games are all we have. (I’m not sure if this game is multiplayer. I’ve heard it is. So I’m just kinda assuming

  24. I need to step up my game….so much foundation…I haven't used any and made it to oil 😅 I need to go back and optimize everything little by little

  25. The main scam you/your company did was free marketing through Steam and later removed it to be exclusive on epic fail store. Shame on how others are blindfolded

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