Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Solo Playthrough #4/5 (Aridor)

Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Solo Playthrough #4/5 (Aridor)

7 thoughts on “Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Solo Playthrough #4/5 (Aridor)

  1. At the beginning the colonies should start at the second space not the first.
    At 40:15 you forgot to draw a card because deimos down cost more than 20 MC and you forgot this efect from there on.
    At 45:55 you forgot to place the city.

  2. 53:31 — A very subtle rule: Reasearch Coordination doesn’t activates Aridor, because its “wild tag” counts as no tag except during an action (where it’s already in play ). So when RC is played, no tag is being played. And when RC becomes a tag of your choice later (during an action), that doesn’t counts as a tag being played either, just as a tag you have (for the duration of that action). Meanwhile, Aridor only cares about tags being played . For the same reason RC cannot be used to win an Award, for there is no actions in the end of the game, but it can be used to claim a Milestone, for such claim is an action. Then again, RC cannot be used to claim the Legend milestone specifically (5 events played), for in this case what counts are events played, not event tags in play (for no event tag is ever in play!). And there is more! If RC is already in play, it does count for Community Services (the card you hold at 35:22), for when you play CS, you can choose the wild tag to be no tag as well — that ruling of Fryx was a bit controversial in the BGG, lol, but it is official.

    Another thing: it seems you interpreted the Martian Zoo wrongly. You don’t need to sell the animals there; you always keep them. It is just that you can gain money equal to the number of animals there. So if you have 3 animals there, you can gain 3M€ and keep the animals; next generation you add two more animals there, then you can gain 5M€, and so on. Pretty good deal! (edit: it seems that was already said in another language, lol)

    Nice playthrough, I was looking for it all this time! (and I’m all for the virtual TM gameplays btw) 🙂

  3. I really liked Aridor as a solo corp. the money production per tag is proportionally stronger when you start with an income of only 12 (14TR-2M€) and they tend to be more frequent early which is when you really need the boost. plus choosing a colony so you have access to an extra resource is great.

  4. When you almost forgot about the earth catapult 😂😂 Great to have another gameplay – thank you so much for these! My computer should be fixed soon, so I'd love to play a game against you in the online client (although I tried it on a friend's machine the other day and it'll take some getting used to, especially in multiplayer) soon 😀
    Keep up the good work mate 🙂

  5. I need to ask : What's your strategy to shuffle such a crazy stack of sleeves? Also how the hell do you manage to stack them? My sleeved cards will fall over if I stack over like 40 of them 🙂

  6. At 1:09:50 you mention that you get 2 plants because of artic algae but the temperature is above the max of -12 so the way I read the rules artic algae no longer applies. Am I right?
    Btw thanks for the videos!

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