Take a driving tour of the gated community of Fremont Place in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.

Take a driving tour of the gated community of Fremont Place in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.

Hi, everyone. It’s Christophe Choo from Coldwell Banker Previews in Beverly Hills. Today I’m taking you somewhere different. I’m taking you behind the gates in Fremont place in Hancock Park. Fremont Place is the only gated community in the Hancock Park area. Hancock Park is an older, very established neighborhood here we’re in the center, central part of Los Angeles between Beverly Hills and downtown. It’s become a very popular community and Fremont especially because it’s behind the gates. There’s about 60 or 80 homes altogether. So it’s one entrance gate on Wilshire Boulevard going in and out, and there basically are two main streets that go north and south and then two or three small streets that go east and west. So I thought I’d give you a little tour. Prices here in Fremont are about starting at around $3 million, up to about $10 million. Mohammad Ali lived here at one point in time. A lot of celebrities over the years have lived here, and today’s world a lot of very wealthy businesspeople who work in downtown love to live in Fremont because of security and the privacy of the gated community. And I talked about it before that LA really does not have a lot of gated communities, which is a shame because that seems to be very very important, and frankly after the riots back in I think 1991 or whenever that was, a lot of the very wealthy Korean business owners started migrating from other parts of town and purchasing homes here within the gates of Fremont Place. Because literally Koreatown surrounds Fremont south and east side. And then we have Hancock Park proper on the north, and then Beverly Hills a few blocks to the west. So it’s become a a very popular community for the Korean community as well as many others as well. Again Hancock Park was established actually even prior to Beverly Hills so the kind of the really turn of the century 1910, 1911, 1920’s was a big big time for people moving into [xx] Park and I’m not exactly sure when Fremont was started, but it probably was started right around that era 1910-1920 funny, that’s kind of the era, because there are some homes in here that were built right around that time frame. Really beautiful architecture. I must say Park has some really, really tremendous homes and very beautiful homes and great architecture. And there has not been as much that “McMasionization” of the house building like it’s been in the Beverly Hills west side areas. So, you can see back there, there’s an apartment building that backs up Freemont on the north side over on Wilshire Boulevard. So let’s just one more little round. It’s kind of two streets that go around in a circle in the middle of Freemont. So we’ll just around through to the other side one more time. Of course, the signature southern California palm trees, as you can see. There’s the entry guard house. Years ago, right down that street there, there was this little house my wife and I wanted to buy, which we didn’t. We live on the west side, and but I thought I’d just show you that little street. So there’s some very, very large houses you can see. Probably the maximum size house here is about, oh I’m guessing about 20,000 square feet is about the largest. Here’s another house. Older Mediterranean that’s being refurbished. And luckily a lot of people are buying these homes and then bringing them back to their original splendor, which is really, really nice. You’ll see country English, Mediterranean, Spanish hacienda. There’s all different styles of architecture here. You don’t see any modern homes. There’s really no contemporary or modern style homes here in the Fremont Place area. So we’re gonna make a little U-turn and head on out the gates. But I thought it’d be fun for you to explore the neighborhood for a few minutes. And actually the house we just passed, it was in a movie back in the 90’s. War of The Roses, that’s right. I remember that. I was working as an agent originally here in this area, Hancock Park, on Largemont Boulevard, and so this house over here, the red brick, you can see it, was in the movie The War of The Roses. Back in those days it didn’t have any hedge around. There’s a beautiful, beautiful Mediterranean I saw a number of years ago and they’re doing lots of really cool, what looks like Halloween decorations out in the front. It’s kind of a mid-century 50s, 60s kind of single level ranch. not many of those in here, and as we come on down back to the entrance it’s the really really beautiful Mediterranean on the side. So if you want to be, oh this, I love this French house, I saw that years ago. It’s absolutely stunning. So if you want to be in LA area, kind of between downtown and Beverly Hills. Hancock Park may be your place. And if you love gate communities, this particular gated community of Fremont Place, may be the perfect place for you to live. So if you’re looking to buy or sell here in Los Angeles,or Beverly Hills, give us a call at 310-777-6342. And hope you enjoyed this tour. Fremont Place

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  1. Do not love gated communities at all, especially in the city. What I do love is the splendid architecture. No tear downs like Beverly Hills, replaced by Persian hideous wedding cake monstrosities. I love Hancock Park/Windsor Square.

  2. Sorry to say, but if you think 'gated communities' actually make you safer, you are deluded. It gives you a false sense of security, but statistically, there is actually more crime in gated communities than in 'un-gated'. Criminals know where the goods are!

  3. Nice vid and gated community but you should probably take this one down too, before the Fremont lawyers come after you:P Looks like you're filming on private property!

  4. I used to live in a gated community in New Jersey when I was about 15. Never really liked it. Everybody seems stuck up and better than you. Mabye it was because I was black.

  5. Underground utilities make the area look very clean and uncluttered. Also didn't appear to be any traffic lights, only a few lampposts, etc. A little like Palos Verdes Estates in that regard.

  6. Bringing houses back to their original character, that's good to hear when the usual plan is demolish and build new. Obviously the owners are tasteful people.

  7. Hi Christophe – yet again, another wonderful video, the homes here are the best (imo) – such character and charm!

  8. pasadena and hancock park have the classiest homes in the la area. if the house is $5 million, the quality will be evident. not so in particular for a lot of newish built homes in the area.

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  10. Handcock park thats were Maxine Muddy Waters lives there in her 4 .3 milliom $ home the Maxi Pad. She lives the high life wile her people she reps live on crumbs. Hey Maxine James Brown wants his wig back!

  11. The goal of globalization is no more national borders. These gated communities are going to become micro nations for rich people. The world will have no more good countries.

  12. do you have any 2018 videos of new driving tours? if you do i would love to see them i really like your driving tours 🙂

  13. hello, can you suggest few names of homes developers in United states who have developed communities like Hancock park ? thnx

  14. Hahahahaha the rich liberals, are preaching about income inequality but,they're living in gated communities ????

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