100 thoughts on “Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Community Calendar With James Marsden

  1. 0:26 Colbert’s reaction to James Marsden’s “pffff” almost appears to be genuine annoyance.

  2. Who is this guy? I'm from Oklahoma and I've not been keeping up on idiots who become famous from my state. I was cracking better wise at OU 15 years ago.

  3. Also calf fry is 100% real and a HUGE deal among college students. Calf fry is basically when a bunch of frat guys get blackout drunk and listen to live country music from bands they’ve never heard of.

  4. So nice to have a fun, amusing non-Trump bit! I mean, don;t get me wrong – Trump is ruining the country. But that is well established fact, no need to dwell and doing so ain't going to change anything for the better. Do a civic service – provide us comedy to distract us!!

  5. I wonder how many hurdles the staff had to clear to get footage from an ABC affiliate (KOCO) to show on the CBS affiliate (KWTV)

  6. Ah, memories of Stillwater. They forgot to mention the over powering pigshit smell that can blow in from the south of town on a regular basis

  7. Stillwater isn't a small town guys. I live in Oklahoma. The school in my town has 134 kids and that's everyone from PreK to Seniors. And sometimes they add in the teachers to up the quota. This is a small town. Stillwater is one of the largest cities in Oklahoma actually, due mostly to the college, Oklahoma State University. Come on guys. Also Calf Frys come off of young bulls, not full grown animals. That's how you get Steers. We refer to it as Working Cattle. Which I personally participate in twice a year. So watch what you say, I have plenty of experience. 🔪➡️🎱🎱. 😈

  8. Is it just me or did it look like Stephen forgot James' name at the beginning and had look to the side to read it. 😛 😀

  9. Everyone's just jealous we got the best Red Dirt Music and calf testicles. They didnt even mention our world class swine barn or what researching facilities. Shame.

  10. "Stillwater is a pretty Hip & Jive Place for the Kooool Katz, if you Don't feel the same I feel Sad for you JACK! " – Jonah Motley

  11. I'm from stilly this dude went to same high school as me but he graduated in 93. Few years before I was there lol. Crazy a stilly dude making it to play Cyclops…still crazy

  12. That theme music makes me so happy. If my boyfriend only new that playing it would calm me down… #DirtySecret

  13. "… would you like to – do it with me sometime?" It's #amazing# what Stephen can get past the network censors!

    –Dave, as the ghost of Nancy Reagan wails far away

  14. James Marsden is my all-time crush ever since I saw him in "the Nanny" as Eddie, Maggie's first boyfriend.

  15. James Marsden is so cheesy, I want to dip him in ranch dressing and eat him up. Seriously though, I do love Stillwater, it's great little town. Eskimo Joes, Mexico Joes, college football, what's not to love?

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