Starlink IPO Will Fund Mars Colony (SpaceX)

Starlink IPO Will Fund Mars Colony (SpaceX)

Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The
Money Problem. If you’re new, welcome. If you’re not, welcome back. SpaceX president and COO Gwynne Shotwell recently
said the company may spin off Starlink for an IPO. This is massive. Let me tell you a quick story. I’m a HUGE space and science nerd. I inherited this fascination from my father. Since I was a child I’ve had goals of seeing
earth from orbit and visiting the moon. Carl Sagan was my first role model and I’ve
been following the progress of SpaceX since day one–almost HALF my lifetime. I’ve also bugged SpaceX during previous
capital raises to learn what I’d need to bring to the table. Lets just say I was a few dollars short. And for years, I’ve been telling anyone
who’ll listen, if SpaceX IPO, I’m going in. BIG. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a forum post I made in 2015, showing
how I’d build a hypothetical stock portfolio. Note my biggest position was SpaceX with 10
times more capital allocation than Tesla. And now, let’s go back to 2014 and read
some excerpts from this email I sent to my dad, just after SpaceX announced plans to
launch what we now know as Starlink, the very subject of this video: Only half the world has internet access, and
where access is freely available (uncensored) people flourish and prosper. Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity and ex-PayPal)
commented about his plans to provide a swarm of satellites to provide internet access everywhere. If he is successful in achieving this, it
will be the most significantly positive thing to happen on earth. Look at what the internet has already done
with only half of us connected, and contributing. He has the capital and the belief, so it will
happen whether he has to fund it personally, or not. He will no doubt be able to build SpaceX massive
credibility (and value–if they go public, buy shares!) by using the company to launch
this global network. My thoughts have not changed. Starlink is a seriously big deal for both
SpaceX and humanity. Let’s look at why. The Economics I shed tears of joy watching the live stream
of SpaceX’s first successful landing of a falcon 9 booster stage. Lucky my then girlfriend wasn’t around to
see the tears because she was under the impression I’m an emotionless robot. For a lifelong space nerd, this rocket recovery
marked the single most important step towards an exciting future, and from a business point
of view, the start of a truly gargantuan disruption. To date, SpaceX is the ONLY company who can
re-use their orbital-class rockets. This brings their launch costs down a STAGGERING
amount. As Elon Musk has famously said, single use
rockets are pretty dumb. Imagine if cars or planes were single use. Transport would be prohibitively expensive. SpaceX has such a huge economic advantage. Longterm, the cost of reusable rockets will
be about two orders of magnitude LESS than the dumb kind of rockets — those you can
only use once. We don’t even need to use a calculator to
realise this gives SpaceX an incredible competitive advantage. Not only can they launch other people’s
stuff for pennies on the dollar, but they can launch their OWN stuff which creates an
opportunity to do things that literally NO OTHER COMPANY ON PLANET EARTH CAN, like Starlink. For anyone to attempt to compete with Starlink,
they will be BLEEDING money on launches. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin plans to compete
directly, but appears to be YEARS away from mastering reusable rockets. Meanwhile, Starlink is soon to serve its first
customers. This first-mover advantage is bigger than
it seems because right now, NO ONE–LITERALLY NO ONE–can compete. Launch costs alone mean to get up and running,
a competitor would need to spend STUPID money and then how will they operate? Offering your service for a competitive price
against someone whose costs are a fraction of yours, while maintaining similar pricing
and margins, is kind of impossible. Either your margins suffer, or your prices
TODAY. In a few years, this may change. But how much market share will Starlink acquire
between now and then? Information Access Solves Problems Access to information can solve almost any
problem from religion to poverty. How much would I have to pay you for you to
agree to give up access to the internet for the rest of your life? Yeah, exactly. This is a big deal. It isn’t about being the fastest, or the
cheapest. It’s about being ubiquitous. If a poor farmer in Africa can get online
and learn about increasing yields, better irrigation techniques, check pricing online
and compete with others, this will have a direct, and profound impact on their quality
of living. If an isolated child in the jungles of Peru
can access the internet and learn to code, she may lift her family, and her village out
of poverty. I could go on but you get the point. I hope. Giving people instant access to the world’s
knowledge, and the ability to connect with and interact with people anywhere on earth
will have a profoundly positive impact and a huge ripple effect. Earth Is Big. Infrastructure Is Expensive. Earth is REALLY big. People tend to cluster in cities, where in
the developed world, communications infrastructure is pretty great. But what about everywhere that isn’t a city? Which is the vast,VAST majority of the surface
of our planet? Anyone who’s been out at sea, trekked through
the Amazon, lived in Australia or wandered from the confines of their city will soon
discover that most of the world has either no–or terrible–internet access. It’s not cost effective to build the same
communications infrastructure to serve 100 people as 100,000. Or 1 million. So this makes sense. Starlink solves this. No power lines. No digging. No underground cables. No BS. Just ubiquitous internet access. And it won’t age. Starlink satellites have a short lifespan
and will constantly be replenished with better tech. This means Sarlink will avoid becoming out
of date. Again, good luck staying competitive with
Starlink if they can launch improved satellites for pennies on the dollar but you can’t. Special Use Cases Starlink won’t make sense for everyone but
it will be incredibly valuable for special use cases. Many of these customers have deep pockets. Think planes, boats, the military, isolated
islands, mountain tops, deserts, jungles, the poles, even entire governments whose countries
currently have abysmal internet access. How much would you pay for lightning fast
internet access where today, limited or NO internet access is possible? Exactly. RIP Monopolies Another point is that Starlink will disrupt
monopolies. Having lived in Australia for most of my life,
I can tell you straight, the most popular telecommunications company is also the worst. Their coverage is the widest but their prices
suck harder than a vacuum, their customer service is non laughable and they’re just
straight garbage. Without strong competing forces, they can
suck, and still thrive. Because they have the best infrastructure,
no one can compete on their coverage UNLESS they are willing to invest countless billions
in developing superior infrastructure. Not gonna happen. Enter Starlink. The days are truly numbers for the monopolies
out there. No longer will they retain intelligent customers
while offering garbage pricing and garbage service . It’s not all going to be a perfectly smooth
ride. SpaceX will need to negotiate with hundreds,
if not thousands of local governments and lawmakers to enable Starlink access globally,
and Starlkink will NOT be the best or most suitable option for everyone. But I’m sure of a few things. Today, literally no one else CAN compete with
Starlkink. They have a free run until SOMEONE else can
master rocket reusability. This is so important I want to repeat it 100
times. But I won’t. Providing ubiquitous internet access to literally
every square inch of the planet effectively means every single human on earth COULD be
a Starlkink customer. They won’t, but what other company has such
a pool of potential customers? ZERO. In my opinion, Starlink will grow to become
one of the most valuable companies in the world. And that brings us to Mars. Elon Musk is smarter than you. Elon Musk sets goals, creates a plan for their
attainment, then executes on that plan. Starlink is how SpaceX will fund the colonization
of mars. Somewhere on the order of 1000 Starships and
2 decades will be needed to seed the Mars colony. It’s not gonna be cheap, or easy. But it needs to happen. By the way, to everyone about to explain in
the comments how we should save this planet before we think about colonizing another,
you don’t get it. Let’s fix that. Earth is vulnerable. Do you know what a nearby gamma ray burst
could do to all life on earth in an instant? What about an impact event? Or a supervolcano? Or a malicious AI? Or any of the countless other extinction-level
events that we currently have literally ZERO means of preventing or protecting ourselves
against. We NEED a backup. Yes, we should do everything we can to preserve
the earth. This isn’t about abandoning our home planet,
it’s insurance. If you still don’t get it, I highly encourage
you to explain in the comments why backing up life is NOT a wise idea. By the way, self-hatred is not a valid reason. So, with high margins, a huge first mover
advantage and a total absence of ANY competition until they solve the MAJOR challenge of reusable
rockets, Starlink will bring in tens of billions in profits, funding the construction of countless
Starships and ultimately build the foundation of a self-sustaining Mars colony. Should Starlkink IPO, I will be investing
for the long term. After all, I plan to visit the colony it funds. Let me sum it up. SpaceX is on the cusp of serving its first
Starlink customers with a swarm of satellites already in orbit. Meanwhile, everyone else is still trying to
figure out how to build a rocket to cost-effectively launch their satellites. Their only other options are to pay through
the nose or contract SpaceX to do their launches. And just finally, for the record, I think
this is a genius move. IPOing SpaceX would be a disaster. Too much innovation, too many setbacks, too
much drama, too much distraction by the stock price. But spinning off Starlink for an IPO makes
a load of sense. Once up and running, it’s a simple, high
revenue, high margin subscription service. For the space nerds, stay tuned to the end
for a little bonus content. I’m Steven Mark Ryan, this is Solving The
Money Problem, and I love you all. Thanks so much for watching. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below. Are you going to buy Starlink if it IPOs? Do you like the idea? How do you see anyone competing with Starlink? And of course, if you have any ideas for future
videos, let me know. I read ALL your comments. p.s. If you’re still watching, you’re AWESOME. This channel has kind of blown up since it
launched and I’m working on making the best possible content for you guys, but it takes
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100 thoughts on “Starlink IPO Will Fund Mars Colony (SpaceX)

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    Also, I think the spinoff allows SpaceX to give it's employees a way of cashing in some of their SpaceX equity if they need it.

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    Starlink main advantage would be because savings of lifting satellite into orbit

    What percentage of a telecommunications company is this cost?

    This isn't rolling, this is a real question

    If it's not a good-sized percentage, then rocketry does not give it a huge advantage

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  22. Rocket reusability helps but honestly the cost of the satellites themselves is really where the savings is. Reusable rockets is the main reason you can have a 30k satellite constellation vs a constellation of 800

  23. there is no outer space future. if you believe that there is an outer space future then you are living a TV generated sci-fi hallucination hologram

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  25. 1st thing you mentioned "Gamma Ray" burst, nearly no chance it will happen, while most people don't have time to bother about their own cities, you want one on another planet. I mean it sounds good to you that poor people will pay for the city in exchange for what ? Coding lessons and Instagram shame ? I doubt there will be more revenue than just to barely cover the semi-reusable rockets made. You understand that people who grow up in villages have little chance to work in cities, so it's Africa's problems, not Musks. Internet only helps you to find jobs, but not to get hired. People in LA go broke from applying to coding schools on salary contracts and you see African population making a difference ? I'm not a conservative but I probably fucking am. You see, there is not that much that can be done in terms of finding jobs. Most companies that are worth your presence are hiring graduates and minimum experienced, while most people work in retail and call centers where most big companies also demand experience in sales, now what kind of information does internet allow you to learn to get these jobs, none but a nice way to say youve read the company's website and history. Therefore betting that internet access outside of cities will fund anything is a funny business. Don't get me wrong, you can't hate Elon, he's done what he set to do with his companies, but I think Starlink is just a way of handling philanthropy to the public. On the other hand, SpaceX is really going to fund everything, from NASA interest and private launches.

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    The Mars thin atmosphere would be a worry too as the Sunburst would also affect it…

    So yes that would need sorting asap.

  27. A word of warning: Stock prices usually fall after the IPO and it may take years to first exceed the first day price. Starlink may easily be an exception, though.

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  30. This makes no sense. Regulations would prevent SpaceX using Starlink as a slush fund after an IPO. It is best for Starlink to remain private as part of SpaceX for a few years to fund the Mars Missions.

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