Spiritual teachings: Radhanath Swami at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

Spiritual teachings: Radhanath Swami at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

Translator: Reiko Bovee
Reviewer: Denise RQ I am very honored and very grateful
to be among all of you today. When we discover
the magic within ourselves, the miracle of life, of grace, then we, naturally, can see that magic all around us. I’d like to share with you some of the things
that have happened in my life, that helped me to come
to this understanding. I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and I passed
my teenage years in the 1960s. They were very turbulent times. Troubled and confused, I struggled so much with what appeared to be
so much hypocrisy around me. I participated
in the Civil Rights Movement, I dove deeply into the counterculture, I was tear-gassed and chased
by the police with clubs during the Democratic Convention in 1968. And these were the people I was told
were protecting my freedom. I was there just because I had questions
about the validity of a war in Vietnam, where my friends were being forced
to fight and some killed. When I was 19 years old, I began a spiritual quest. I left home and came to London. From here, I hitchhiked without money to Europe, to the Middle East, and ultimately, came
to the Himalayas in India. While in the Himalayas, I was living in caves, in jungles, and I was meeting often with Yogis. Some of them demonstrated
supernatural powers, which really mesmerized me,
but then something happened. I was sitting in the forest
under a gigantic Banyan tree, and I found under my foot, a tiny seed. I held it up before the tree, and was thinking within this little seed is an enormous Banyan tree. I look into the sky and saw a cloud, and I reflected that during the monsoon rains, one single cloud contains enough water to inundate and flood an entire city. And yet that cloud seems to be weightlessly floating in the sky. I looked at the birds that were flying, and the insects
that were running up trees. And then I looked at my own body, and thought a mother
and a father come together, a little excretion with the seed
goes from a father to a mother, and it develops into a human being, with the potential to develop science and technology, to create and build
empires and civilizations. My realization at that moment was, compared to the extraordinary magic that we see every moment all around us, the supernatural powers
of these Yogis were insignificant. A few years ago I was walking with a friend, in the Muir Woods which is
just close to San Francisco. It’s a redwood forest. We came upon a park ranger. He was explaining to some tourists, the secret of the forest. He told that sequoia
and redwood trees are the largest trees on the planet. Some of them are hundreds or even thousands of years old. But interestingly, their roots do not grow deep. And then he told that these trees, have been standing
for centuries and centuries, enduring massive windstorms, frigid blizzards, devastating earthquakes. And without deep roots, how did they keep standing? Then the Ranger paused so that we could ponder this mystery. And then he went on to reveal to us, the underground secret
of the redwood forest. Being from the 60s,
I like underground things, so I was very attentive. He said that the roots under the ground, reach outward seeking the roots of other redwood trees. When they meet, they intertwine making a permanent bond with each other. In this way, all the redwood trees
in the entire forest are either directly or indirectly, giving support to each other. Unity is their strength. They reach out to care for each other. Even a little new born baby redwoods, its little tiny roots, are given shelter by the ancient giants. In the Muir Woods, nature is giving humanity
a very crucial lesson: that our real strength is in our willingness to care for and support each other. We’re caretakers of divine property. Wisdom is to understand
this simple universal principle that in giving, we receive. By getting things, we make a living. By giving, we make a life. The spiritual evolution of a society can be understood when people love people and use things. But all too often in today’s world, it’s just the opposite. People use people, and they love things. I discovered something that really transformed my life. A simple ageless truth that all of our desires with their longings,
gratifications, and frustrations, stem from a single origin: forgetfulness of a love that is inherent
within our own hearts. And in that love
there is true fulfillment. In 1971, I learned this lesson from a very unlikely
but unforgettable teacher. I was just coming out
of my teenage years, and I decided to walk higher north into the Himalayan wilderness. I was all alone. Suddenly, I came upon a scene
that horrified me. There were people who were homeless, starving, some naked, some in rags, and their limbs were mangled and deformed. I had stumbled into a leprosy colony. When they saw me, a foreigner, they thought I must have money. So, about 20 of these lepers
made a circle around me, so tight that they wouldn’t let me move. They were screaming out,
“Bucksheesh, bucksheesh,” “Give me charity.” Part of me was thinking, “Why are they doing this
to just this stranger?” and another part of me was thinking, “They are so destitute, and so completely forgotten by society. They have a right do
whatever they want to do.” I think it was about 20 minutes
that they harassed me. And finally when they knew
I had nothing to give, they let me go. As I walked a few steps only, I saw, to my side, a short distance away, an old leper woman. She was laying in rags. Her nose was melted into a hole in her decayed flesh. Our eyes met. She looked at me with a sad smile. She understood my anguish. At that moment, she conveyed to me wordlessly, the tender love of a mother. Her look said that she wanted
nothing from me. But she understood how devastated I was by the shocking encounter with her people. Then she held out her
fingerless hand to bless me. Moved by her motherly affection, I approached her and fell on my knees, and she put her hand on top my head, and whispered,
“May God bless you, my child.” “May God bless you, my child.” I looked up at her. Her face was lit up with joy. She was beautiful. I felt that God had sent me to her so that she could do what any mother, however rich or poor, however healthy or sick, has a right to do: to bless a child. I wept. Later that day, I was sitting on the bank of the River Ganges, and I was thinking
that that poor leper woman, who had such an appalling disease, like the river, beneath the surface, there was so much more. It seemed to me
that all she really wanted, is to love and be loved. She wasn’t cursing God
for her misfortune. Rather, she was giving God’s blessings
to another with great joy. This experience made me contemplate how it’s so easy for us
to focus on our differences. But what this leper woman taught me is if we look deeper into our own selves, into the world, and into others, we will find that beyond
the differences in nationality, in religion, in gender, in appearance, in race, in health or disease, there’s something essential
that all we have in common: the souls and an inherent
capacity to love. It is said in an analogy, that in every heart, there is
a good dog and a bad dog. The bad dog represents a tendency
to be mean, to be selfish, and the good dog is our divine nature. Sometimes, the bad dog howls so loud that it’s reverberating in our minds, and we could hardly hear the whimpering sound of the good dog
calling out for our attention. Which of these dogs will prevail? The one that we choose to feed, moment by moment,
by the choices that we make. My beloved teacher, Srila Prabhupada, was once asked by a reporter; “You are a Swami. Can you show me magic?” And he quoted a verse that Lord Krishna spoke
from the Bhagavad Gita, which explained
that the real magic of life is the wisdom of our own divinity. When we understand beyond
the ever changing body and mind, the living force has
the inherent capacity to love. And when we realize,
when we access that love within our self, we can see our harmony with God, with nature, and with each other. The real magic of life
is in transformation. Transforming arrogance into humility, greed into generosity, transforming hate into love, sorrow into joy. It is said that you can understand
how rich you are, by counting how many things you have that money cannot buy. Inner fulfillment, to love, to be loved. That unconditional love
that is inherent within all of us is the greatest power in the universe. It is a power that has such force to motivate us to accomplish things, in a way that we could really do
wonderful things for ourselves, for our families, for the world. Whether we are politicians, or in business, science, or agriculture, or whether we are little Swamis, that capacity is within all of us. And when we harmonize
that principle with our lives, we can be empowered by grace, to make extraordinary changes in everything we do. Thank you very much. (Applause)

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  1. utter non sense…if u visit africa or south america u will get many similar shocks…dats reality and swami what have you done about it except contemplating….????

  2. I found him intellectually dishonest!
    Setting aside the good points such people say, has he attained the ability to bless someone? I have seen him, talked him in Munich. It was missing in 2003. He was busy building large followings while telling every young minds that he will accept someone as "Shishya" only as an exception and later accepting him/her. I am not a Hare Krishna follower.

    Making large following is also a form of self-aggrandizement that people on the path of awakening do engage with, without an ability to bless anyone.

    There are GURUs who derive strength from its pupil.

  3. Turn on the full-screen mode…. use good earphones…focus…listen carefully…AND FEEL THE MAGICAL CALMNESS AND BEAUTY OF THIS SPEECH…thank me later ..peace..

  4. Wonderful speech swami ji…. i remembered my grandmother she was giving same blessings to me just like that woman had given to you. tears are coming from my heart.

    Beautiful speech swami ji.

    Hare Krishna.

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  6. Wearing the archetypal robes and
    changing your name allows you to play a role. 
    He's in character.  The tonality
    is great. The story is great.  It's who or what he is!  It's an 'archetypal role' he believes is who he is.  If I believed I was a Swami,
    then I'd behave like a Swami.  Less damaging
    than believing he's a jihadist fighter who must kill but All archetypal identities are symptoms of a
    disease of the mind 'including this one'.

  7. Isn't he the one who made changes to Srila Prabhupada's 'Baghavad Gita' after his death?…. worse than book-burning that.

  8. The best part of his lecture we call as satsang from sanyasis, what we say and do… it reflects through the same thought. Thanks swamiji

  9. Sounds good but no practical use. There is not a single actionable content in this nearly 18 minutes talk. Swamiji, you wasted nearly 18 minutes of my time. Future visitors, be warned.

  10. once there was a king who had really horrible nightmare,when he wakes up he asks a servant ,is this true or is that true for days he kept on asking this question to many people but he was unable to find the answer, one day a great yogi came to his kingdom the king asks yogi "is this true or is that true" the yogi understands what the king is saying and then he says neither this is true nor that is true ,the one who experience this two thing is truth, in "Mandukya upanishad" one of the vedas it is said that human consciousness is in four forms 1- the waker. 2-the dreamer 3-sleeper and the one who experiences all of this three is called as 4(forth) it has no name it is simply called as the fourth which is the soul, so you are not the waker nor the sleeper nor the dreamer you are simply the fourth the soul , you can watch the lecture of swami sarvapriyananda on this topic

  11. New Ager …..all of them work with Demons Some of them know it…. some think is God or the Universe talking to them ..in reality is good old Satan who deceived the whole world

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    They do not repay,
    on google search for "Thieves Gearbest".

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  15. So much love and compassion. Shedding a few tears myself after that. As it happens, I'm reading Radhanath Swami's autobiography, 'The Journey Home'.

  16. I have listened to many over the years but This man is so good perhaps the best ! sincerety is the difference

  17. Read 'Killing to Krishna' by Henry Doktorski for a true picture of this man. If you ever meet him in public, ask him who is Sanyassa Guru is and why his book skipped over his significant time at New Vrndarban. The whole of ISKCON is sick and it started with Prabhupada. If he was 'as good as God,' how could he not see the true hearts of his disciples?

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  21. Any one observed the silence in audience. Really marvelous speech. I want to thank our forefathers for preserving our culture and spirituality, even so many hurdles.

    I don't know what this generation will do.

  22. Today's world very much needs such spiritual leaders to enlighten world with true knowledge. Then, only there can be peace, harmony and happiness in this world.
    Without understanding the meaning and purpose of life, we will continue to act imperfectly that'd harm ourselves and others.
    Thank you so much for spiritual teachings!

    True spirituality is meant to develop service attitude, not to exploit and cheat people.

  23. A thorough fraud this man is! He conspired to kill his own guru to occupy his chair and completely corrupted the entire institution that his guru had built by the will of Krishna. Now, he poses as a great saint yet he has many feathers of crime to his cap!

  24. I wish all of our government leaders would listen to this. We have to wake up and realize what we are doing to our country with so much hatred going on.

  25. This was so beautiful to listen to. We are all gods creations and thus equally beautiful and equally deserving of love.

  26. Don’t limited your life to setup some boundaries. We are here to share so pls share whatever you can don’t look up other, how much he give or get , look at yourself you are the UNIVERSE so you can give as much as you can,……

  27. In the first minute, he has already betrayed himself as a non-thinker. What is magic? What is a miracle? He is making assertions before saying anything of substance at all. It may sound good to children or the naive…Why does he not dress normally? Why shave his head? This is what I want to know.

  28. At the core of all religions and spirituality, there is an experience of some being, place, or level of consciousness beyond ordinary human ken. It is often called awakening or enlightenment in the East; and the Kingdom of Heaven, salvation, or redemption in the West. Achieving this state of being is goal of all systems of spirituality and religion. It considered the greatest treasure, the highest purpose of life, and a great achievement..

    It is an awakening from the illusion of only being human to recover your consciousness of Who You Really Are: a spiritual being, part of the One Infinite Being, Source of all that is. Enlightenment is a continual experience of self as an immortal spirit, an individualization of the One Infinite Creator Being from which all that exists comes. It includes recovery of your innate perception of and communication with the One of whom you are always a part. It occurs as part of a much great understanding of ultimate reality:

    The only thing that really exists is a single, infinite, Being of Aware Will, the One Creator of all that is. This BEing has 13 Primordial Characteristics; Oneness, Infinity, Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Love, Truth, Peace, and Joy. She has many human names: Brahma, Tao, Creator, God, Yahweh, Allah, etc. (We call the One a “She” because She is more yin than yang.)

    This Being manifests out of its own energy substance, out of its own Essence, out of Its Love, everything that exists: the Creation, the Cosmos. She is both Creator and the Creation. She is the Essence of all that is. She is your Essence; you are Her. There is only the One.

    The purpose of the Creation is experience, every kind of experience possible. The Creation is Essence expressing, exploring, and experiencing Herself in all Her infinite possibilities of being. The Creation is the playground, the Disneyland, the cosmic movie theater of God. (You are starring in your Human Movie now.) However, the Creation is an illusion (maya); the ultimate and only Truth is Essence.

    Essence individualizes part of Herself into limited beings, spirits, and these incarnate into the Creation to play, adventure, and enjoy. We are each one of those individualizations of Essence, of the One. We are an immortal spirit, a particle of the One Infinite Being, a “chip off the old block”. Our separated individuality is an illusion; we are always the One; there is nothing else we can be. We are all the One pretending to be the Many to have others to play with and against, and above all, others to love (otherwise, we would only know self-love).

    We are currently incarnating in the creation to explore the Human Experience, to play the Human Adventure Game. (The Human Experience is the exploration of all that we are not in Essence; the exploration of negative energy, obstacles, struggle and effort.) To fully live the Human Experience, to immerse ourselves in the role of human being, to take life seriously and dramatically; we must truly experience ourselves as only a human being. We must not-know Who We Really Are (immortal spirits, particles of the One Essence). We must block out the 13 Characteristics. We do this by creating a shell of negative energy around our consciousness that blocks out Essence and generates for us the illusion of a human identity. (We know the exact mechanics of this shell, how it works and how to free yourself of it, explained in the book Essentiality I: A Modern, Scientific, and Fast Path to Enlightenment.) The shell is part of the Creation and therefore an illusion; in Truth, we never cease to be Who We Really Are.

    Every human being can awaken from the illusion of only being a human being when he commits to doing so. We can do this by discreating the shell of energy that limits our consciousness to that of human and generates for us the illusion of the Creation, of being human. Essentiality is a system, a technology for this discreation. This restores our awareness of self as an immortal spirit, and restores our perception and communication with Essence, with the One. When we are permanently awake such that we do not fall back into our human identity illusion, we are “enlightened”. Enlightened, you live life from a higher level of consciousness, power to manifest, love, joy and abundance.

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