Spiritual Life Hacks: Energy Protection

Spiritual Life Hacks: Energy Protection

So let’s just talk about the facts. And facts are facts. All of us at some point in our lives have experienced the reality of having our day ruined by someone else. Or all of us have felt
energetically drained after spending time in certain company. I believe that we have the power
and the potential within us to protect ourselves from certain energies so that we can stay high vibrational, so that we can stay our best, and so ultimately we can
look after our own mental, emotional, and even spiritual well being. (tape screeching) Hi, I’m Kyle Gray. I’m from the west coast of Scotland, a city called Glasgow,
where I am right now, and I’m here to help
you unpack, understand, and even apply spiritual
principles in your everyday life. My goal is to bring
spirituality to the street. Welcome to Spiritual Life Hacks. (upbeat music) So let’s just talk about energy. Everything in this entire
universe is comprised by energy. Even psychics and
scientists can finally agree on the fact that everything
in this world is energy including you and I,
everything that we’re doing, everything that we’re not doing, everything that we’re thinking, feeling, going through, is all energy. And as Albert Einstein said,
energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be changed
from one form to another. That means the energy that is fear-based, the energy that is not love, can be transformed to goodness and love. We have the power and
the potential within us to change our reality. And it’s all going back to the fact that it’s all just energy. (light music) So let’s break it down. All of us have walked into
either our home or our workplace or somewhere that we frequent
and be met with an energy or a feeling that just
does not feel friendly. That feeling of walking
into the space and being met by something that just does
not feel natural to you. Maybe someone in that space
is having a bitch of a day, maybe someone’s angry, maybe
there’s been an argument or a disagreement in that space, and as soon as you walk in there’s a part of you that
feels this isn’t good. But we’ve also all walked into the complete opposite environment, walking into a party, for example, where people are laughing and smiling. There’s a feeling of goodness in the air. And there’s a part of us
that just cannot control the infectiousness of that environment, that feeling of when
other people are laughing and other people are smiling, we can’t help but wanna
laugh and smile, too. Well it’s exactly the same
when it is the opposite. When other people are
maybe not in a good space or in a bad mood or, you
know, angry or frustrated, we will also, in some way, take that on. And in some way we might even play it back to the outer world that
we are experiencing. So here’s the thing, I
believe that thoughts, emotions, actions, non-actions
are all just energy. We’re giving them off and we’re also receiving them at all times. And I believe that we can, in
some way, change our energy based on how we think and how we feel. And I also believe that
we have the capacity to set up our energy in a way where we are making sure that in some weird psychic vibrational level we are not taking on the stuff that we do not want to take on. So if we go into an environment where there is anger or
frustration or hostility, we’re not gonna take that home with us. But we can also set it up in a way where if we go into a space or an environment where there is positivity in the air, that we can enjoy that as well. This is what I call
Spiritual Protection 101. (upbeat music) So I first learned about
spiritual protection when I joined a meditation
circle when I was 15 years old, and it was one of the
first spiritual practices I brought into my everyday life. The idea that I could
call upon a higher power, the universe that I am connected to, an angel, a saint, a
guardian, or some other being that I felt connected to
to keep me in a safe space was something that really got me through a lot of hard times in my life. Especially when I was a
teenager I was actually plagued most days with
anxiety and panic attacks. I was always experiencing this feeling of being scared of not
wanting to go outside. And especially whenever I was growing up there was a lot of gangs in my hometown, and I was always really scared
that I was gonna get beat up or chased by these people. So I started bringing this
spiritual protection technique into my everyday life, and it increased my feeling of being safe. And I’ve been using that
for the last maybe 16 years, but about three or four years ago I realized that the way I
was using this technique was maybe not working
to its best potential. I realized that probably I was using the technique far too late. And I’ll give you an example. So, most people who are interested or versed in spirituality will know about calling on an energy of protection. They’ll know about calling on
this idea of putting yourself in a bubble of light. And most people do this
when they felt a bad energy. So for example, maybe you
walk into the office that day and someone is in a bad mood. And you feel the bad energy. You go, ah, I need to put on my psychic or spiritual protection. The thing is, you’ve
already felt the bad energy. You’ve already felt that low vibe. And then what you’re doing is you’re imagining yourself in a bubble of light. But I call that cling wrap theory. It means that you are locking that energy inside the bubble with you. And the key to feeling
safe is to make sure that the energy that you are feeling is disconnected from your body, disconnected from your energy so that you can feel safe inside it. So, this is something I do
before I even leave the house. So we’re gonna go back to
my apartment right now, and I’m gonna teach you how
to use spiritual protection in your life so that wherever
you go you will feel safe mentally, emotionally,
physically, and even spiritually. Let’s go. (light music) So welcome back to my apartment
where I’m gonna teach you the principles of
Spiritual Protection 101. So there’s a three-step process to working with spiritual protection. And it’s called cleanse,
tone, and moisturize. Just like you would look after your skin, you can look after your energy around you. Now all of us have this field of energy that surrounds us called an aura. And this aura’s not actually
just close to the body. It’s quite far from the body. So everywhere you go it’s
picking up different stuff. But your aura is affected
by your intentions, by your thoughts, by your emotions. And you can set a clear intention in your energy that you
will only let good stuff in. Now, to make sure that
you are only surrounded by positive energy and positive vibration, you can clean your aura, first of all, then you can strengthen
your energy by toning it. So cleansing, you’re cleaning it out, toning is by remembering
who you truly are, something very positive about yourself, and then the moisturizer
which you would do to protect your skin,
to protect your aura, you call upon power and a presence that feels safe to you to keep you safe. So let’s just talk
about this first of all. So many of you may already know that I am strongly connected to angels. And I love the idea that
I have a guardian angel that I can call upon to protect me. But you might not feel
connected to the idea of angel. Maybe you might feel connected
to an ancestor in heaven. Maybe you might just wanna call on the protection of the universe. And when I say the universe
I’m talking about this ever present energy
that connects you and I and everything that is, was,
and ever will be as one. So the universe, to me, is God. It’s not, you know, this man with a stick it’s just this super being,
this power and potential and this energy that connects
and unites all beings as one. So let’s just go through the process and then we’ll do it together. So, the first step is cleansing. And that’s when you make sure that there’s no energetic debris or stuff connected to you that
you don’t want to be there. So maybe you’re forgetting to do this. Maybe you’re doing this too late. Maybe you’re in a place where all of a sudden you’re
up against an energy that does not feel safe or
something that feels draining. So what I always do, and it’s
the first step to self care, is I always excuse myself,
because let’s be honest, your energy is more
important than manners. So I always just say, excuse me, I need to excuse myself, I
need to go to the bathroom. And I’ve done this in airplanes, I’ve done this in public places. Whenever I feel like
I’m up against an energy that does not feel safe and I’ve not done my spiritual protection, I excuse myself and I go to the bathroom. I’ll put down the lid on the loo and I’ll sit on top of it and I’ll do this three-step process that I’m gonna teach you now. So the first step is cleansing. So you wanna make sure
you’ve not got any of that energetic debris surrounding
your field of energy. And so, for me, I call upon
the Saint of Protection, Archangel Michael, who is this angel envisioned with a gigantic big sword, and he cuts this energy from our energy. So, you can call upon him
or you can imagine yourself surrounded by the element of fire, feel more connected to the earth, and you can imagine this
fire is burning away anything that is less than good. So that’s the first step. The second step is toning, right? So, if you tone skin it gets
firm and tight and strong. And so when it comes to your energy you wanna remember who you truly are. So I say this little prayer. And I put my hand on
my heart when I do it. And I say, I am the keeper
of my mind and of my body. And wherever love is
present fear is a stranger and love is here in me. So that’s my little prayer. But you can say something that
is your personal affirmation. Maybe I am the Light. And the Light is in me and wherever the Light is there is no darkness. Something that feels like
affirming to who you are. And then finally, that’s
when you imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble of light. And like I said before, many
people imagine themselves surrounded in a bubble of light, forgetting that they have to clear away anything that could, you know, be working against them
or not serving them. So the truth is, the T
is, you need to get rid of the stuff that is not serving you first before you call upon
your power of protection. So I’m gonna lead you
through my three-step process to removing negative
vibrations from your energy. You can do it with me right now. You can create your own. It’s a really good idea if you have like an iPhone or a phone, record yourself speaking
yourself through the steps so that you don’t have to, you know, listen back to this. There’s something really powerful about doing it with your own voice. Maybe you wanna do it with me again. Do what feels right for you. So I’m gonna bring my
feet down onto the earth, gonna roll my shoulders back, I’m gonna lift up from the heart. I’m just gonna open up my palms ’cause an open palm is an open heart. (sighing) And I’m just gonna take a deep breath and just connect down. Imagine my feet are reaching down into the heart of the great mother earth and keeping me grounded. My crown is reaching upwards
to the heart of heaven. And I am the bridge of light and goodness between the two realms. So the first step is to cleanse. So for me, I call upon Archangel Michael, but you can call upon the universe, guides, whoever, I’ll do it
the way it feels natural to me. So I’ll say something like,
thank you Archangel Michael for cutting the cords
that bind me to people, places, situations, fears, stories, or any other BS that I do
not wanna be connected to. Thank you for cutting those
cords that bind me now. And I imagine in my mind
that there’s this angel with a gigantic big sword. And it’s cutting away any
connections to people, places, situations of the past or dramas or stories or fears that could be standing between me and my goodness. So imagine that this angel
is cutting away all the cords that bind you to your past and any drama that you do not need or any low vibrational energy. And then place your hand
on your heart and say this. I am the keeper of my mind and of my body. Wherever love is present, fear is a stranger. And love is here in me. And then imagine yourself being surrounded in a bubble of light, a color that feels cool and safe to you. And if you cannot see it
just affirm internally, I am surrounded by a bubble of light that reaches 20 feet in each directions. And I am safe. When you’re ready… come back into the room. So you might wanna change
that up to suit you. But it’s really important to make sure that the three steps are cleansing, getting rid of the old energy first, toning, affirming who you
truly are on the inside, and finally surrounding yourself in a bubble of light and protection
to lock in the goodness. The mindset and the intention
that I go around with and in my life I imagine
that if any energy that feels draining or
tiring is coming towards me, it’s just gonna bounce
off this bubble of light. And anything that’s friendly and loving and genuine and good, it can just move all the way through that force field and into my heart. So there you have it, there’s my tips for
protecting your energy. Thank you so much for tuning
into Spiritual Life Hacks. If this video was of service to you, please like, comment, and even
subscribe to this channel, and also share it with
someone it may also help. I’ll see you soon, bye bye. (upbeat music)

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