review book detox “spiritual detox” pastor aluizio silva videira publishing company first day the ocult side of stress when we deal with any problem we need to find out its origin if we want to solve it only deal with the symptom probably won´t solve the problem only it will bring momentary relief many of the time we have bad things happening in our life like poverty, disease, anxiety, depression and many type of physical diseases these problems sounds like tree fruits some times we try to pull fruits as soon as they sprout from tree however we notice that shortly thereafter they sprout from tree again this actitude doesn´t solve the problem definitely and how to solve it? only dealing with the fruits never will solve the problem we need to understand that it exists something below the surface that supports the all the things that appears above we need to deal with the roots we can only remove a plant if we remove the roots normally we don´t know what it is below the soil that is why we deal only with things on the surface the same way the chronicals diseases the marital problems, depression and anxiety financial problems are similar to the fruits of a sick plant you can pull out some fruits from tree that appears but it´s a matter of time that some fruits sprout from tree again the stress causes every type of disease I believe that it doesn´t pass one whole week and it appears an article in the media showing how stress has produced any kind of disease since knowledge psymptomatic diseases till cancerigenous tumors all of these diseases can have origin in worries, anguish and stress if the problem is the own stress then the obvious solution would be eliminate the thing that causes stress example: the labor stress us but we can´t live wihout it we stay without another option of living dispite we can find a peaceful labor but few have this option many of the times our own relationships are stressful but we can´t live without relationships we have many kinds of worries like: bills to be paid constantly pressions by all sides it sounds like living in this world is synonymous of stress this is the consequence of face sweat labor the face sweat shows that in this world below spiritual curse the stress is unavoidable dispite stress is the cause of many psyntomatic and physical problems we know that it has something deeper the fear produces stress can you really notice that fear produces stress? the labor can be tiring but the fear of being fired the fear of not to accomplish the goal all these fears really cause stress we have fear of being fired and wihout a labor we don´t have healthy insurance and this cause fear of disease and death what really causes stress is fear of death that it is at the end of all worries we can still have but why we have fear? what holds all kind of fear inside us? because of this we can conclude that fear is not the final origin of our problems the fear is certainly present but there is a deeper cause the base of fear is the thought we are not loved it is the thought we must change ourselves being better people only to deserve love´s God many people live looking for obtain Gods approval doing things but the more the people do to God more they fail and the people feel less love from God sin conscience,shame and denunciation are things with similiar meanings but the Lord says that instead shame we´ll have double credit of Him the denunciation awakes fear the life of many Christians is full of fears they live worried about God not hearing their prayers we have fear of tomorrow day because we fear to be abandoned we have the future the challenges of Gods to ourselves and the fear of take risks we have fear to depend exclusively from God and live based on faith all fear provide of denunciation feeling lack of knowledge that we are loved by God why have we so fear of the future? because we feel that we are so sinners that God will leave us alone and we believe that we don´t deserve to be care by God I need to be steady to this job because if I am fired God will not care of me beacuse He takes care only the faithfull people people and I´m not faithful you can observe that there is a narrow relation between denunciation and fear the denunciation feeling make us think that God doesn´t love us and this produces fear the more introspective the person is more conscious the person is about weakness and the person thinks is less worthy of God´s blessing the result is a person with more afraid of things and the stress apears and the person can have a nervous collapse or still have a depression diagnosis however if we eliminate denunciation the fear will be weaker and consequently stress wont´s exist anymore. But how can be get rid of denunciation? we need to believe that that our sins have already be extincted and now we are loved unconditionally by Our Father the love is definited in New Testament not our love for God but His love for us we need to have our eyes open to notice that the principal point is not our love for God but His love for us Our love for Him is only a answer for His received love inside us. When we understand we are loved we also love Him we need to feed with Christ Love every day to win all kind of fear Only love throw away all kind of fear the law produces denunciation After we demonstrate shame and fear we notice denunciation in Adan when we fell denunciation inside us we denunciate other people as well the base of denunciation is thinking about yourself there is no more problematic thing that being worried about yourself all the time the instrospection is a serious problem because this blocks us when you have a problem, simply confronts it don´t ask if the problem is due to someone fault we usually blame our parents due to many different kinds of problems we are having now we blame our ancestrals as well we have to learn how to deal with problem with Jesus manner no matter who is the blame this will be a chance to God shows His Glory How can we win the accusation and denunciation? First of all we win based on blood´s Lamb the principal reason that blood was spilled is that our sins were forgiven by God the blood protects us of all kind of denunciation when we understand we are just because of blood and all your sins were forgiven so you are protected against all denunciation when you hear the voice from our accuser remember that now there is no accusation to all that is in Jesus Christ now no matter what the devil accuses in you baceuse the Jesus blood was spilled to forgive all of our sins these are the three deep roots that devils uses to attack us: guilty, fear and denunciation that are the roots of all kinds of evils we have to fight against. if we learn how to eliminate them we will enjoy a plenty life the law is the knowledge tree the denunciation still have a deeper base all began because man ate the fruit of good and evil tree notice that this tree is not the sin tree but it is the knowledge of good and evil tree. The God´s word says that by law we have all knowledge of sin basically shame is the conscious of blame and what produces in man the conscious of blame? many people thinks that is the sin but it is the law. before the law the sin was in the world but the man didn´t have conscious of sin because there wasn´t law the law was taken to reveal the sin that was already there the law is the base of temptation is also the base of shame and fault if the devil wanted to destroy man why He didn´t say Eva to kill Adam? simply because the only law was not to eat from good and evil tree the devil only temptate us based on law what is law? law is all that thing I have to do to God with the goal to be accepted by Him. I´ve already was free from law I don´t have to do anything to God to be accepted by Him because of the cross I have free and perfect acess I was justified, forgiven, purified, reconciled, santified, free and saved the problem happens when a believer decides to live based on law pattern, the pattern to deserve and have its own justice when this happens all the chain links are connected again because of the deserve from law the person feel sin conscious and denunciation again the denunciation will produce fear the fear will produce stress and the stress will create all kind of curse in that believer life he is a believer person, was saved but he chose to life based on law: the good and evil tree. what is grace? grace is that God do for me law is that I do and grace is that He does we are below His grace, I mean, I´m below of the thing He does for me. we only have permanent victory if we live in grace atmosphere the undeserved favor being in grace atmosphere there will be no more denunciation I will have reveal of how much I´m loved by God and love will throw away all kind of fear withot fear, even I still have to fight against all things of life I won´t have stress because all root of fear, denunciation and deserve were thrown out me

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