Spiritual Birth – An Intro to Spiritual Birthing

Spiritual Birth – An Intro to Spiritual Birthing

.. I am yes I am Adamus Saint-Germain Welcome to the DreamWalker school for birthing The population of the world is increasing
now, particularly at this important time What is happening is things are
speeding up and as you are moving into this New Energy all of the beings who have ever lived
before on Earth are wanting to come back right now because this time, this new energy
is so important It is a time of clearing and releasing old karma It is a time of making very rapid advancements in the soul’s passion or the soul’s desire so it’s all occurring right now Plus… there are legions of angels
who have never been on Earth before who are wanting to come in now they are wanting to be here Through the work that you and all of
us on our side will do with the DreamWalker Birth it will help the parents and it will help the incoming entity make choices about birth make choices about life because we are making connections
beforehand we’re assuring that not only is the biology healthy and the biology accepted but that all of the ethereal connections
are properly made This is going to reduce the anxiety for the mother during the entire birthing process. She is actually going to meet the incoming entity before it is actually delivered So often there is this depression and
anxiety that takes place, not only with the mother but with the father. This is something that has not been defined medically yet but the father goes through it just as much This postpartum depression generally occurs because the mother did not make a connection with the child and got the wrong one Another entity will come in at the last
minute and push out the other one and be conceived by the mother no wonder she’s depressed because in her heart she knows this wasn’t the baby that she wanted When the baby comes in it will be healthy it will have had a much easier entry into the physical body It’s going to know it’s loved and accepted and was chosen So you’re going to have a happier baby baby will be much healthier particularly in the first year or two of time It won’t go through so many of the things that the babies now are going through, these early diseases You’re going to find the baby isn’t screaming and crying because of
discomfort in the physical body or the discomfort that it’s feeling from its parents You’ll find that the child advances much, much faster in the first five to six years of its lifetime It’s going to be much smarter It’s going to be much more flexible and the baby is not going to have the
level of sensitivities such as allergies and sicknesses that many of the crystal children are having right now basically what you could say, the beings who are more enlightened, more spiritually clear, it’s going to give them a better
opportunity to come to this planet And when that happens, when you have a higher level of being
coming back into biological form, you’re also going to have a much greater chance for peace on Earth If you choose yourself to ever come the way
of birth again you’ll find that you can flow through the tube very easily And perhaps, just perhaps, through the work
that you do in DreamWalker Birth you’re also going to discover that there’s a little secret back door that you don’t need to go through the biological birthing process there aren’t many that know about it very few who have used it but yes, I Saint-Germain, and a few others, know where it is and we’re going to be willing and happy
to share that with you the DreamWalkers I am Adamus SaintGermain

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Birth – An Intro to Spiritual Birthing

  1. Got the wrong baby? God have mercy on your soul. You speak for satan. God makes no mistakes and every baby is a gift of His.

  2. I LOVE this sharing!  I did connect with our son "prior to birth" and had a beautiful conscious pregnancy and birth.  Our son is now 5 and yes he was a joyful , contented baby and he is now.   Super healthy and forward for his years he was reading like a teenager by age 3 and is very empathetic to others. The other day he said to me….. "Mum you know the answer to everything is love", this of course bought tears to my eyes….aware and conscious at the age of 5, I know he WILL have a impact in our world.
    With the work that I do, I KNOW we choose our children and they choose us (of course most are unaware of this) but when you are AWARE and open enough it is the most BEAUTIFUL experience ever! 
    I am grateful to Adamus for all his sharings. Namaste and Love to ALL

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