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Narrator: For those of you who sat through “Avengers: Endgame” and
expected two post-credit scenes, you will be really pleased to hear that “Spider-Man: Far From Home” does actually have two of them. Now, these set up for further Marvel Cinematic
Universe characters as well as giving a nod
back to “Captain Marvel.” We’re gonna take a look at both of them. And, yes, spoilers are ahead. In the first post-credit scene, Peter, as Spider-Man,
and MJ are now dating. She knows his identity, but
it is still a wider secret. The pair swing into New
York West 33rd Street and Eighth Avenue. A breaking-news sting hits a screen above New York Penn Station. Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, was killed in the final battle but is seen giving a
manipulated, prerecorded message that a drone strike on Tower
Bridge was Spider-Man’s fault and that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. The screen then cuts to J.
Jonah Jameson on The Daily Bugle repeating this exposé. Fans of the Sam Raimi-era
“Spider-Man” franchise will be pleased that J.K. Simmons returns as J. Jonah Jameson. He also appeared as the
character in “Avengers Assemble,” “Ultimate Spider-Man,” and other titles. So the most vital thing
that we can take away from this exposé is that either, for future Spidey installments, Peter won’t be living his double life or they’ll have to explain
this incident away as a lie. It also showcases the power of the media to manipulate the superhero
image in a post-“Endgame” MCU. It’s also rather prescient
in the era of fake news. After all, Mysterio’s final
lines on Tower Bridge were, “People just need to
believe, and, nowadays, they will believe anything.” We previously sat through the whole Spidey-as-the-bad-guy scenario
in the Sam Raimi trilogy, so is the franchise really
going to set this up again? Captain Marvel: I’m gonna end it. Narrator: In the second
post-credit scene, Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill are seen
driving down a city street talking about how
Quentin/Mysterio fooled them. Then, in a huge twist,
Fury transforms back into the Skrull Talos, Ben Mendelsohn, as Talos had been impersonating Fury throughout the whole entire movie. Fans will remember him as one
of the initial antagonists in “Captain Marvel,” who
had been impersonating Fury early in the film, then was
revealed to be a good guy. Soren, who had been impersonating Hill, tells Talos that they
need to call Nick Fury to update him on what’s happened. Talos calls the real Nick Fury. We initially believe him
to be on a tropical island, barefoot, drinking out of a coconut, and wearing a tropical shirt. But the island scene is a
hologram, and Fury is actually on a large Skrull ship
traveling through space. He’s relaxing and doesn’t seem
to be in any present danger. So the first question: When
did Talos become Fury on Earth? Did Fury come back
immediately after the snap, then have something
important to attend to, so sent Talos to impersonate him? If, in the movie, Talos
remembers Tony Stark’s funeral, then it is possible
that the real Nick Fury didn’t actually attend. Perhaps he is so relaxed
on the ship, though, because they’re waiting
for something to happen or are making a very long journey. We know Captain Marvel is missing from chunks of “Avengers: Endgame” because she was off helping other planets affected by the snap. Is Fury assisting with
this or on his own quest? Looking back at Fury’s lines in the film, the audience is dropped a few small clues that he was a Skrull all along. When asked whether Captain
Marvel is available to help fight the Elementals, Fury says, “Don’t invoke her name,” which seems like a bit of an overreaction. Also, at the end of the
movie, he tells Happy Hogan that appearances can be deceiving. Fury’s appearance on the Skrull
ship is a potential setup for the next MCU installments. We already know that the
Skrulls of the movies divert from their character
arc in the comics. They appear as antagonists
to the Fantastic Four in 1962’s “Fantastic Four No. 2,” and then fighting the
Kree-Skrull war in “Avengers,” and then take over human form on Earth in 2008’s “Secret Invasion.” And at the end of “Captain
Marvel,” they’re portrayed as peaceful refugees that
are aligned to Captain Marvel and follow her through the universe. We’ve also had a brief crossover
into “Guardians” before. In 2014’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” during Stan Lee’s cameo,
Rocket is scanning members of the public from a long range. The equipment shows Skrull
writing up on the screen. So the characters from “Guardians” might have had some familiarity
with the Skrulls before. Disney has eight untitled Marvel
movies slated through 2022, so it’s possible that
Fury’s journey will overlap. The next logical fit for Fury
and the Skrulls off-world might be the reportedly cosmic setting of “Guardians of the Galaxy
3” or “Captain Marvel 2.” There’s also “The Eternals” in development as well as a reported
“Fantastic Four” reboot as early as 2022. Considering the Skrulls
were first featured in the “Fantastic Four” comics,
this would be a great way to tie together two elements of the MCU. What did you think of the
two post-credit scenes? Comment below.

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