Skeptical Ants Doubting the Colony “Rumors” (Hilarious Ant Story)

Skeptical Ants Doubting the Colony “Rumors” (Hilarious Ant Story)

Greetings! Welcome to another mid-week episode of the
AntsCanada Ant Channel. This week I noticed something pretty funny
happening in my ant terrarium, and I think you guys might find it both hilarious and
intriguing. So, if you’re new to the channel, welcome,
this ant colony here is a supercolony of black crazy ants, we call the Dark Knights, and
being a supercolony of millions of ants, as you might expect they eat a lot, and have
no time for non-sense when it comes to food collection. After all, they’ve got a tonne of babies to
feed, as you can see here in their nest. All those white things are the next generation
of ants! So, I placed a jar of honey into their penthouse
area for them to drink. Of course, it didn’t take long for one ant
to discover the honey, and boy was it excited because it had been awhile since they’d had
Canadian honey! Mmmm… She gobbles up the delectable honey, bopping
her abdomen up and down in joy! Now when she makes her way back to tell the
rest of the colony about the honey, this is where things start to get funny! OK, that rhymed. So ant communication is almost exclusively
based on pheromones. They produce biochemicals which they waft
into the air to deliver a message to adjacent ants in the area who smell these chemicals
and interpret the messages. The ant going crazy up there is trying to
tell everyone that the hugest jar of sweet stuff is up in the penthouse! No cap! Some of the ants nearby believe her and go
on to spread the message of food to the other ants. Like gossiping VSCO girls, word travels back
to the colony, which works at sending out other curious ants to check out the rumors
of delicious food in the penthouse. But something was a bit peculiar. Usually a tonne of ants would be leaving the
nest by now rushing to gobble up that honey! But looking into the terrarium, it seemed
like, yeah some ants were leaving the nest to inspect, but a lot of them would just end
up congregating and hanging around in groups, refusing to make the extra effort of going
into the penthouse. Instead, they preferred to wait for other
ants to verify if the rumors were true. After all, yeah everyone in the colony knew
about the sweet coconut jelly they’ve been feeding on for weeks. They were all pretty tired of that by now! And yeah everyone knew about the plain old
superworm that dropped from the sky again! But it seemed everyone failed to understand
that no, there was a fresh jar of new honey waiting there to be eaten. But over time, a few inquisitive ants, who
were filled with a desire for the truth, actually went up and discovered the honey. And these ants filled up their social stomachs
to barf the honey back up and into the mouths of their fellow worker ants, to let them know
that “Hello! Here’s the real tea, ladies!” And thankfully, it was enough to very gradually
convince the entire colony that indeed the rumors were true! But I watched as the ants had to literally
give more and more sample tastes of the honey to the doubting Thomases of the colony, before
they really started swarming the house! Thank goodness for those first ants, who actually
took it upon themselves to investigate things themselves! They’re the true heroes. Now if you’re worried about those ants that
slipped into the honey and look like they’re drowning, don’t worry. They’re alive and just stuck. In fact, they’re still drinking even while
stuck there! They’ll be freed as soon as the colony finishes
drinking up the entire jar. Perhaps it’s karma for not trusting the first
ants, only coming around once everyone else jumped on the honey bandwagon. Haha! Thank you guys so much for watching! For those who watched all the way to the end
of this video, I’ve placed something here as your reward! It’s a hidden video of something cool for
you to check out! Trust me. Don’t you be one of them doubting ants, too! We’ll see you again with another nature-filled
episode of discovery this Saturday. It’s ant love forever! Hope you can subscribe to the channel as we
upload every Wednesday and Saturday at 8AM EST. Please remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and
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100 thoughts on “Skeptical Ants Doubting the Colony “Rumors” (Hilarious Ant Story)

  1. “No cap”
    “Like gossiping vsco girls”
    “Here’s the real tea ladies”
    “Started swarming THE HOUSE”
    Said in your nice informative voice has me laughing omg

  2. Interesting, perhaps there is an evolutionary advantage to some ants being "sceptical". Perhaps preventing the colony from reacting en-mass to signals of a new food source saves them from over-committing resources to harvest a source of food which may not be of high enough worth to warrant such a commitment. Perhaps there needs to be a buildup of reports over time. An interesting experiment would be to allow them to commit to a new food source and then remove it and see how quickly they stop committing resources to the harvest; do the ants in the vicinity report back the loss? A loss I have no doubt they will attempt to prevent.

  3. I know others have noticed, but I gotta say that the presence of something red on an ant leg now makes me worried that there might be bad parasites in the black knights' habitat. I'm sure you can check that out and then let us know what's going on. I love your ants Mikey Bustos and want them to be healthy and happy. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. 0:43 Mikey please look at the ant on the left side of the screen and 1:53 the ant on the right side of the screen, I think I see a blood-sucking mite. I suggest you gather the queens, some healthy workers, and quarantine them ASAP!

  5. 1:55, bottom right, ant on wood has a red mite on leg. Get this to the top so AC can see this and we don't have a repeat situation.

  6. How do you guys get to the hidden video? I've seen it referenced in a lot of video's, but there's nothing i can see or click….
    Thanks in advance:)

  7. I've been wondering, regarding captive ants, about how they learn things. I recall a video before where a colony (it may have been the Fire Nation) weren't going as frantic when given food, possibly because they understood they would get it routinely. This has lead me to wonder – over time and generations, would the ants learn that they will always be fed by a human, and would they then come out in larger groups? Or, is the lifespan of the individual ants not long enough to allow for this sort of learning, as they wouldn't be able to aptly pass this on to further generations?
    They seem to be very intelligent as creatures, and working as a hive mind. I am also curious about what would happen if a colony of ants, who have always lived in captivity, were released into the wild. Would it affect their behaviours, and ability to survive?
    If anyone has answers to these, AntsCanada himself or not, please let me know!

  8. Any chance we could ever get widescreen 1440p as a resolution option? Would be nice. Not a lot of folks on YouTube upload at 21:9, but when they do it's awesome. Your content seems like the perfect thing to see in widescreen. Just a thought, if it were possible to do sometimes. Maybe on these shorter videos.

  9. URGENT: I know it has been said before, but there are multiple times in the video that people saw large red mites on the bodies of ants. They look similar to the mites that almost killed the Golden Empire, and they seem to be in similar places on the ants’ bodies. Also, at the beginning of the Golden Empire’s epidemic, didn’t they show a similar apathetic attitude? I just don’t want the Dark Knights to die out. Luca De Luca’s comment has a time stamp, with many other such time stamps in his replies.

  10. I know lots of people have commented this, but I’m trying to help spread the word. There’s a red mite on an ant at 0:44 that looks concerning

  11. Is ‘Doubting Thomas’ an actual term I’ve just never heard or is it just an attempt at a ‘Chatty Cathy’ type nick name?

  12. 0:44 that's the same mite as was on the Golden Empire! You better get those rhino beetles back out because a second mite plague might happen

  13. 1:55 MITE ON LEG OF ANT IN TOP RIGHT-HAND AREA…!!! Also I think I saw one earlier too! Where are the rhino beetle mites when u need em?

  14. Antscanada my mom bought a ant colony from the antscanada website and it said after 2 to 3 days The he guy selling the ants would message my mom but after 3 days he did not message us

  15. If he have a bee hive farm then the dark knight well place honey everywhere on there terrain like a storage system

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