Sh!t My Grunt Says: Colony Militia

Sh!t My Grunt Says: Colony Militia

The IMC really did a number here. The IMC did this? Everything’s burned to a crisp. This is a new low for the IMC. Weapons testing on innocent civilians. You must be new! This isn’t the first time they pulled something like this. My parents used to have a farm like this. I don’t remember much besides taking showers in the pond. I remember showers. Saw some dead civvies in an abattoir back there. Just call it a slaughterhouse. Why don’t just say that? Why do you always use the five dollar word when twenty-five cents will do? Bish should’ve warned us, the IMC are going way too far here! I doubt he had any idea. I doubt anyone knows how far this war will go! I think I saw one of those killing machines jump two stories. Yeah, it was only a matter of time before Hammond started building a synthetic pilot! See, I told you the IMC was working on automated infantry! Yeah, well I guess Popular Robotics gets something right once in a while! Sergeant, you see any survivors yet? Negative, sir. I don’t think these machines leave survivors. We could really use some air-support, sir. ‘Fleet’s holding back in case of an IMC ambush. We’re on our own until this colony is secure. This place is a damn shooting gallery, sir! We got blind corners and dark windows everywhere! Keep watching your movement on the windows and doorways! Buddy up and concentrate your fire against any automated infantry. ‘Lot of dead colonists around here, poor bastards… We ought to bomb some cities in the core systems. Get their attention. Yeah, they might think twice about the IMC instead of ignoring what’s happening on the Frontier! These machines sure take a lot of hits before they go down. What the hell are these things? Killer MARVN’s? They’re just another target to shoot in my book. Why would the IMC come all the way here? This planet isn’t anywhere near our war. Why does the IMC do anything? Money? Resources? Or just to bump up their murder counts? I’m sure they lost count years ago. I think that’s an IMC carrier on that cliff! Sure does look like it. Pretty damn old though. It’s seen better days. I don’t remember the war ever being fought in this sector! Man, these trees are beautiful! Houses are burning, bodies are scorching, and you’re commenting on the trees?! I’m a glass-half-full type of guy! The IMC are really stepping up their tech big time. Consider it a sign of desperation! We don’t need robots to fight our battles! Always the hopeful one, aren’t you? Looks like they used parts of that crashed carrier to build these houses. Settled by the people that took down this carrier, I bet. Or by the people who lived on that carrier! Either way, they didn’t deserve this. If these colonists were better armed, they might’ve stood a chance! Are you nuts? My rifle feels like a peashooter against these things! Well don’t hold back on the trigger! They’re tough, but they ain’t invincible! Hey! You think these machines can see through walls? Not yet, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they could! Yeah, well at least we can hear ’em coming! That’s something! Hey, where the hell is our air support? I heard we lost a lot of Hornets in the refueling raid. That’s why we’re not getting any air support this time. And the rest of them are being repaired. Great! Just great! You know, I could’ve sworn I saw a wall made from a thruster cowling back there! That’s some hardcore colonizing right there! Ripping apart the ship that got you here for building materials! Yeah, too bad it wasn’t strong enough to stop these killing machines! Can’t believe this planet’s not in any of the charts. Talk about prime real estate. Too bad the IMC’s gonna’ strip-mine the place, now that they know about it! Screw that! I didn’t just join the Militia to just sit back and let things happen. We’ll stop them sooner or later! Taking out innocent people… The IMC have fallen to a new low! I hear ya.’ That should be their new slogan. What was their old slogan? It was something like “We make everything better.” Yeah, right!

9 thoughts on “Sh!t My Grunt Says: Colony Militia

  1. At 3:08, could that be a nod to the Sergeant Johnson Speech in Halo 2? I would recognize a Sergeant Johnson quote from anywhere haha. I'm enjoying these videos! Keep it up! 

  2. 1:40 "He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
    — Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

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