Sci-Fi Short Film “State of the Union” presented by DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film “State of the Union” presented by DUST

…signal. Are we on? Standby… He’s over here. I want you glued to him. Do not leave his side! Sir, we have uplink. We’re live? Ok. My follow Americans–I don’t have much time. I know that many of you feel that things have
not made sense for some time now and… You elected me to fix that.
As the new President I now know that–Sir, I think they know you’re here. I need to tell you something.They’ve been here since the 60’s. Other than Kennedy, we’ve done everything they wanted. But since then, they’ve kept us pitted against each other while–
We gotta move! Movement! We’ve got movement Watch that ridge! It’s not going to be easy. But if you want to live.Go! Go! Go! We, as a people, have to fight! Go!What are you doing? We gotta move! They need to see. We gotta move! Wait…
Wait… We gotta Go! We have to move. No. Mike. Stop… Stop.
This isn’t gonna…. This is the only weapon we have. They have to see. You have to see who your fighting. Take it. Take it. We’re not just going to let you take what’s ours! We are going to fight you for it! Looks like the power’s out all up and down the street. Play it one more time. That’s all of it. It was like five minutes ago. Is it cached? It’s fake!
Guys, I can’t believe you think– That was the real President talking.It’s just… It’s fake, you guys. Come on, play it again. He’s going on Kimmel next week,
Okay? It’s like some kind of viral video. It’s CGI. It’s like Gollum, Tupak, all that–We gotta get out of here! Okay, so maybe… not… CGI?

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “State of the Union” presented by DUST

  1. Why we are just can't work together now ?before we start fighting the wicked angels in the dead people bodies?? like the Living Dead…??? Wow…

  2. make full length movie, very well done and the actors are much better than many other short movies i have seen in a long time, and the effects are very well put together, just dont mess up the script, and dont gay it up to make it PC,

  3. Brilliant! So much story told with few words. The ending was fun but the narrative in the first half could have stood on its own as a commentary on the state of American politics, "they have pitted us against each other". Well done.

  4. I KNEW IT – THOSE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS WERE RIGHT! seriously though, I could believe this – until drumpf – there is no way he could maintain a secret like this (unless…. there is all that talk about the 'space force'….)

  5. Besides the president dying like that it seemed like an awesome teaser for a new series. Then the President died all lame.

    Then it made an even more unnecessary cut to some actors with no chemistry and bad staring.

    Be a lot cooler if the Space Force was activated and all that area 51 shit started making sense.

  6. Why do so many SciFi films keep making a Black man President? The only one we had was a total disaster. There will never be another.

  7. So the president decides to run out and confront an alien warship with… strong words? His words were no match for that alien blaster cannon lol

  8. I want to emphasize the writing, the staging, and the acting all working seamlessly to engage you at a deep emotional level and all in less than 5 minutes. A stunning achievement.

  9. While the general aliens (I assume) vs. humans has been done countless times, I'd still be onboard with a full length feature of this short.

  10. This is an episode of Scooby-Doo. Seriously, I'm not joking. I spotted it at the end when I recognized Velma. I checked the credits and sure enough, the five kids at the end are named Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby.

  11. How many episodes are there written? Netflix maybe? Hoping you've got half a season so far. This short should make some noise. Best of luck ?

  12. Okay! That was pretty frackin cool! There's a feature length movie in there somewhere! I suggest you get right on it, or'll it be to late!!! Copy?

  13. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Nice!! Great production value, love the story, very creative, love the SFX, small cast, a couple locations, awesome CGI, Nice! Great job!!! ????????????

  14. This sci-fi short film would be great if it was continued and made into a sci-fi movie with a sci-fi TV series fallowing after the movie.
    The movie would be how the alien attack on Earth begins where at the end of the movie showing the aliens in full complete control of Earth and the TV series take place a year after the movie that is about the people of Earth surviving after the attack and working their way to take back Earth and their freedoms with some help from some good aliens from the bad aliens who took over planet.

  15. Great story. Wish it was a little bit longer. So good to see the scarf wearing Millennial get proved wrong. Him getting vaporised & removed from the gene pool would give human survival a much better chance. Hahahahahahaha.

  16. I wish hollywood would come to channels like this one and hire these people to put these stories on the big screen. I would love to see more original sci-fi like whats on this channel on the big screen.

  17. Very cool. Although the military vehicles driving by did look CGI to me. But, as a proof of concept, I'm on board. I would definitely be interested in seeing this expounded upon.

  18. I like this, I would love more dialog and camera stablization to get a better feel of all that's going on.
    Edit: I think a real President wouldn't just walk up to an alien ship and talk to it. I know it's sci-fi and I love dystopian films but that was a little too far fetched in that aspect. I think a monologue with the fear of what's going on and less camera effects would make it scarier. Just my opinion!

  19. How do you know this President is a Republican? Because America will never elect another commie Democrat after 8 years of Obama, 3 years of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the Clintons still walking around in public after 56 friends committing suicide. Edit: I bet those hipsters at the end wish they had AR-15's now, amirite? 🙂

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