68 thoughts on “Salvation Army releases statement after Chick-fil-A announces new community partners

  1. I have been calling out these two faced "Christian" hypocrites for years now, and even sadder are the poorly educated Trump crowd shilling this freeloading capitalism and overpriced garbage as "Christian ownership." NO real Christian is a corporate supporter nor capitalist and the REAL Jesus flipped over the money tables of these filthy Jewish usury capitalists.

  2. Supporting christian organizations is a lot different than supporting a group of alphabet people that are confused for whatever reason…in Gods eye.

  3. Chick-fil-A chooses to focus on homelessness by stopping donations to the number two largest contributor for the homeless–the Salvation Army. I am ashamed of Chick-fil-A for choosing LGBT values over Christian values and their customers. I will not eat there now again. Chck is a coward.

  4. The people who came out of the closet are trying to put us in the closet. Traditional values are gone. Never ever give in to these LGBTQ groups, you give them a inch and now they want to take over.

  5. The rainbow group needs to get over themselves. No one has to love, include, or care about you. People have that choice. Love and support yourself. No one wants to or should be forced to understand your lifestyle. That means no one cares who you sleep with or how you identify. No one cares what clothes you feel comfortable in. It's TMI and your own personal business.

  6. Rare people can hate on chik fil a .. but theres no doubt in my mind that burger king , macdonalds , wendys etc will never be as good as chic fil a , its just good quality food 👌👍

  7. So so sad to do this? I will not go to Chick-fil-A that's it!
    This is so disrespectful!
    Cowardly! Hypocritical!
    You might as well open on Sunday because you really don't stand for anything but just money and the culture and the culture is going to want you to be open on Sundays
    What a sell-out!
    You going to bow down to their demands when they're the ones that have no tolerance or respect
    of our Lord and savior
    that would attack you to the point of bankruptcy they have no problem in putting you and anybody else that doesn't celebrate and agree with them out of business!
    you made a deal with the Devil
    As Christians we know that is real Christian there's a lot of fake ones running around
    That marriage is between 100% biological man and woman
    You may not like it but that's God's word and the Bible is the word out of his mouth
    so yes as Christians we give to Christian organization and that's what we believe
    we don't apologize for it
    But the culture
    is not the word of God the culture is marriage between anyting and that's between you and God you don't come and tell me i need to stop believing in my core values in order for you to feel better about yourself I don't think so!
    why dont you take that thinking to Islam and see what they think?
    now the attack is always on Christians because we are tolerance
    And loving
    I don't give up my will and my rights and my way and my faith for anybody
    I NO LONGER will eat! Chick-fil-A's I'm done!
    you don't get my money and my time and you don't get my support
    Your a Judas!

  8. Chick-fil-A is just showing America who will suffer when they bow to the perv lgbt clowns. Those organizations take care of needy people. And just because those organizations do not agree with the tolerant perv lgbt clowns. No one can donate money to them so they can help the needy. The perv lgbt clowns are not tolerant. They are a hate group!

  9. Chick fl a stopped donating or a Anti LGTB group
    That’s it,
    No “libtards” decided this
    Just good Christian people like me realize that hate is wrong, just like chick fl a
    Shut up you baby boomers

  10. I go the the Salvation Army church and even help out on some events they have they latterly don't care if your gay Muslim or non human they help you and do whatever they can for you

  11. I loved to go to Chick-fil-A because I felt like I helped save a innocent human infant baby child from abortion and death and mutilation. Too bad that's ended!

  12. Chick fil GAY. If the education portion charity, gives to drag queen reading to little kids in libraries or money to planned kill babies, then I would make a vid and protest.

  13. Contact Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos

    Let them know that you're not going to support a faith owned business that disregards Christian values for desires of worldly people (LGBTQ).

  14. People, don't be deceived…the left has finally found a diabolical way to destroy a great company that has always stood for Christian values.  You are all believing a lie that was perpetuated by an article that someone on the left wrote.  Chick fila has never said that they were pulling donations from any organization because of any LGBT issues.  That is what someone on the left said and you are all believing it.  We need to wake up to what is happening in our country.  Anyone that takes a stand for Christ will be target of destruction from the left.  Open your eyes…we must stand together and uplift those who are being examples of true Christian values, because they will be under attack.

  15. Way  to sucker punch two great Christian iconic organizations.  With a one two punch the media has taken out Chick fila and the Salvation Army.  Christians, be aware of what is happening and do not believe lies against conservative organizations.

  16. It doesn't surprise me Chick-fil-A can go to hell along with all big business bigger is not better mom and pop shops are better

  17. They say: You will bow down and except our life style or We will label you “ anti-LGBTQ”
    I say: I bow to no one except to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Has Chick-fil-A bowed to these fringe leftist lunatics… say it’s not true.
    I won’t be buying Chick-fil-A anymore… I will still be donating to the Salvation Army as usual around the holidays.

  18. Isn't the Salvation Army a group that will let anybody in if they are dying outside in the cold? Regardless of whether they are gay or not? Just because one doesn't support gay marriage doesn't automatically mean that they are racist bigatory.. err.. white supremacist.. err.. anti-lgbt… err… whatever other crap you make up or change the definition of.

    Salvation army will protect literally anyone. The fact that CFA rejected them for more gay crap is horrible. That is the definition of an alt-left, nobody should be alt-anything

  19. The Salvation Army is misguided the LGBTQ community is not poor far from. Years ago the avg. Salary was 53,000. William Booth is rolling in his grave.

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  21. Chick fil A will learn that the left cannot be satisfied and will suffer a loss of business due to this stupid move. I can make a better chicken sandwich at home anyway.

  22. Wow another one bites the dust, chic-filet was my spot, now I have to find a new eat out for my grand kids, they loved chic filet as well, I am saddened this blasphemous out come 😔

  23. Ever since the left-wing boycott crusade against the chicken empire began in 2012, sales have not only increased, they have doubled. Now they will sink like a stone.



  25. Voice of reason here: For all of you who are "cancelling" CFA, consider the owner/operators of CFAs in your neighborhoods and communities who might have poured their life savings into opening a CFA franchise. Consider how their CFA stores support their families and give jobs to people so that they can also support themselves and their families. These are REAL people in your neighborhoods and communities. People with whom you SEE and interact. People who graciously SERVE YOU? Do you REALLY want to CANCEL them? Think about that. Concerned about the Salvation Army? Go volunteer your time there. Write a check every month to financially support them. Cancelling CFA is no way to "virtue signal".

  26. I own a business, I discriminate all the time. I usually tell people to pucker up and kiss my ass. Apparently making a profit to survive is not enough anymore.

  27. Chick-fil-A has over the course of their business promise donations to organizations and when those promises were met they donated to others. Now that they have met those promises they picked new ones. This time focusing on youth and local food banks.
    This is where they made their mistake, helping LIVING children and the hungry.

  28. It’s too bad they will lose all this business but get woke go broke.
    Watch how much the left really take care of this business for supporting them. They won’t an it will be too late. They should have supported their values an not caved to the mass of craziness.

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