S. Korean PM meets with chief of Japan-S. Korea Parliamentarians’ Association to …

S. Korean PM meets with chief of Japan-S. Korea Parliamentarians’ Association to …

South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon met
Monday in Seoul with the chief of an association of lawmakers from both countries to discuss
the current diplomatic tensions. According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency,…
he met for two hours with Takeo Kawamura of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party. The report said they talked about how they
might hold a summit meeting between their countries’ leaders, but the report did not
offer details. Prime Minister Lee took the opportunity to
express Seoul’s position on Japan’s export restrictions on South Korea as well as Seoul’s
withdrawal from the bilateral intelligence sharing pact. Kawamura is in Seoul to attend a cultural
exchange event.

4 thoughts on “S. Korean PM meets with chief of Japan-S. Korea Parliamentarians’ Association to …

  1. Korean PM is now unable to meet any high-ranking officials from Japan. Kawamura is a fully underdog and "over-the-hill" politician. Even Kawamura denies any intermediate role. Only an old errand boy carrying a message.

  2. 【The ability of English usage can prove who is right in South Korea.】
     Cho Kuk (조국), he is the close adviser of President Moon Jae-in. And Moon Jae-in is currently designating Cho Kuk as <Minister of Justice>.
     Minister of "Justice" ! "Justice" !!
     Cho Kuk's daughter has gained the unfair advantages so far. But Cho Kuk considers that it was not illegal acts. Because, according to Cho Kuk's explanation, she is good at using English.
     Just now I have understood why South Korean people regard the ability of English usage as the important factor.
     "His/Her opinion is right because he/she is good at using English.", it may be enough for South Korean people to prove it.
     Neither logical thinking nor definite data is important for South Korean people.
     The borrowed authority is the most important for South Korean people.

  3. 【It is the high time for South Korean people to stand up for their own right.】
     The children of Moon Jae-in's friends can easily obtain the scholarship for the university education. Furthermore, they can easily become the first author of the scholarly treatise in Medical Science even though their academic abilities are senior high-school level.
     On the other hand, the children of South Korea's ordinary citizens have to go on the stage of the university education by themselves. Furthermore, there is no job for the ordinary citizen and their children in current South Korea.
     The time has come for South Korean people to bring about their own revolution.
     Both Moon Jae-in and Cho Kuk are the public enemy of South Korean people.
     If Cho Kuk once became Minister of Justice, South Korean people will be able to do nothing but live in the world of George Orwell's <1984>.

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