Purchasing Budgies Parrot From 700 Pair Breeding Farm Colony /Budgies Parrots Price?

Purchasing Budgies Parrot From 700 Pair Breeding Farm Colony /Budgies Parrots Price?

male’s sky & white female this one….. amazing !!!! splendid colors, chosen by Julfikar anyone wanna purchase from Julfikar, a pair start from Rs-280/ this type of pair, healthy & colorful & price depends on size whether 450/ or 500/ Hi,Friends,Good morning, this is Dipankar & you’re watching my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” I cordially invite you all to my you tube channel “Parrot Dipankar” friends, today’s Saturday, not a holiday yet, i wanna go to my farm because my two friends wanna visit my farm they’ve reached already i’ll reach there within 10/15 minutes then we all visit 700 budgies breeding colony of Mr. JulfikaR to purchase about 30 pairs budgies my friends wanna buy them so watch till the end. it’s going to be very interesting let’s reach & meet my friends then we all’ll go to the budgies farm riding bike’ll make it faster now i’m in my farm meet my two new friends your name: i’m Nilarnab Sardar where’re you from ? Dakshin Barasat Prasad Sardar delay no longer, friends as i told you , today is my office’s open i wanna come back as early as possible how many pair you wanna buy ? 30/35 pairs he wanna buy best quality chicks from Julfikar & show you how much he’ll pay for each pair let’s move finally we’ve reached at julfikar’s home we’ll choose best colors & purchase them he’s coming from hind how’re you ? meet them nice to meet you that’s his amazing farm !!!! of budgies parrot don’t waste time here returning i’ll join office so move to the chicks farm this is another cage especially for the hatched chicks let’s go inside among these he wanna buy chicks Julfikar is ready with a net in his hand we just watch him catching birds grand colors !! himself he chooses he wants less green all fresh chicks he chooses one by one green color budgies are really very strong they don’t fall ill easily & lay eggs plenty than others but the lutino or other color budgies lay less than green but their color’s really amazing . white on that corner yes….yes all his chicks’re very healthy a green sitting hind that’s one did you count ? 27 so far still more to catch the blood line of his farm is very nice which one bro ? very beautiful ! he wanna change some birds as so many colors are there he himself catches birds inside it’s time for final counting he wants 30 pairs but there’re less chicks only 16 pairs he got he requests to arrange few adult pairs for him Mr. Julfikar agrees he told to choose an adult pair let’s see what he prefers they’re confused now he requests me to one for them i’ll go for a lutino male & white female or vice versa all’re confosed so i’ll catch potty’s coming out from a pitcher it comes out we’ll catch that pair it’s a genuine pair I think there’re so many chicks so this pair can not be given the pair chosen has many eggs & chicks so not this cage but go to another this pair a lutino , a white the bird beside is very attractive!! i’ld like to have it sky male, white female very attractive !! amazing male ! it’s really healthy & cute & this female with it both’re healthy Julfikar doesn’t sale from this farm but on my request he sales a pair he took all chicks , but only an adult pair let’s move to have tea & the deal as well I don’t like tea but betel leaf 30-35 pieces a day my wife too you should eat less we’ve finished time to pay him & set out for office pay for 17 pairs 300/ per pair total Rs-5100/ INR will you sell adult pair ? yes what do you want for an adult pair ? you need to confirm & set a pair when they’re inside the pitcher you need to catch’em how much for’em? Rs- 450/ 450 for an adult pair anybody wanna buy chicks, it starts from 280/ it depends on grade, color, health but an adult pair when sitting on eggs is 450/ or 500/ if you wanna buy visit the above web address & get his contact no these’re all if you wanna buy such pair pay him 450/-500/ it depende on size, color, health these chicks may cost you 270/…. 300…310..320 350 according to age if the video delights you, please, do like ,share with your friends if you watch for the first time, do subscribe & press the Bell button by it so that new video notification will appear on you mobile or desktop. please do like , friends no more friends, see you soon with new topic , new show

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  2. Dada
    Zulfikar bhai bahut seedhe aadmi hai ya ya jitne bhi Pyar lete hain aap log Inka sabka rate same nahi hai yeah farq zulfiqar bhai ko pata karna chahie

  3. দীপঙ্কর দা জুলফিকার ভাইয়ের নাম্বারটা দাও পাখির দাম কত আমার বিশাল দরকার নাম্বারটা দাও কথা বলতে হবে

  4. Heyyy dipankar can u tell me one thing if I ll purchase birds from ur location , so ll it be possible to carry them in Jaipur Rajasthan safely

  5. দিপঙ্কর দা আমি কিছু ককটেল ও লাভ বাড পাখি লাগবে খামারের নাম্বার দেওয়া যাবে আমার নাম্বার 7477638730

  6. Bhai main bhi toota Pal ho ya main aapke paas aana hai aapke form a word for main aur kaise hua dress dubara bhej do jo maine pahle video dekhi thi aapki hua pata nahi kahan delete ho gaya main download ki thi address please bhej do apni ghar ka form ka

  7. Vai , birds r ki male female milai nisen naki , 100 male and 100 female aivabe nisen. Ar colony te ki parrots bania sarsen naki goran sare disen , ar ai vabe sarle ki colony te auto jora nia niba ?

  8. hello dada i am your beautiful birds 's fan.i am from from PAKISTAN.your setup is very nice and amazing.i like only budgies and cocotel.

  9. দাদা আপনি কি কোনো কাজকরেন
    না পাখির বেবসা করেন

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    Whater feddar
    Priece fixed no compromise

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