Psychologist analyzes why BTS is so popular

So, the billboard social artist award goes
to.. BTS! They are the first Kpop group to win the Top
Social Artist Award at the MTV Billboard Awards ever, and they won it two times in a row. Thank you so much Billboard music awards for
this precious award, two years in a row! They are the first non-english speaking musicians,
having collaborations with celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Desiigner and Steve Aoki. This goes out to the BTS Army all around the
world! By that BTS are increasing the awareness and
popularity of K-Pop. Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
joined by Jin, J-hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Jungkook and RM This film examines why the Korean boy group
is so successful? The analysis is based on about 10 scientific
papers about K-Pop, which I will list in the video description. Lets start To understand their success it is vital to
examine the context. Which in particular is the rising popularity
of k-pop in the international market. Why do musicians from Korea appear on the
global scene? The answer is simple: Since 2000 the Korean government invests great
sums, in the countries pop-culture to appeal to an international audience. By that they are developing a so called soft-power. A soft power is the ability to shape the preferences
of others, through appeal and attraction and in this way be influential in the global world. By investing in K-Pop, they increased tourism
and the international interest in Korea in general In 2005 the government even started to give
large grants to companies who introduce Korean Pop culture to an audience in other countries. This is the reason why K-pop music videos
are so opulent and flashy. The leading figures in market analysis are
tailoring K-pop, to appeal to the widest audience possible. The music itself is a hybrid of different
styles, this way it appeals to people with different tastes in music. Their looks are a mix of regional and global
fashion. A lot of money flows into talent fostering
as well, which is why many Kpop artist are multitalented by the end of their 5 year training. Another key to K-Pops success lies in the
digital age, in which the product becomes much easier accessible for the audience. For the first time in music history, pop-culture
doesn’t flow from the west to the rest of the world. To sum up: The immense investments explain
the highly talented artists and huge productions. Still we are dealing with artists who perform
in a language, that the international audience does not understand. So what could be the possible motivation for
the individual, to listen to Korean music? To listen to non-english music, which no generation
so far, ever did to such an amount, creates a feeling of uniqueness. It is the process of discovering something
new, outside the mainstream, that makes it even more special to enjoy. Another factor lies in the cultural context. Music idols in the west are mostly solo artists
which reflects our individualistic society. Korean society is collectivistic, which is
why their idols often come in groups or bands. The young westerner, who like every human,
has a need for belonging and friendship, might be more appealed by a group, with their group
chemistry, than by an individual artist. 3. A new kind of male Korean man look more feminine and groomed
than the average westerner. For a female living in the western patriarchy
this can be a refreshing change from the often threatening masculinity of the western world. So the different and soft looking boys from
Kpop boy groups, become a safe space for desiral projections. „To arrive at its purpose, you cannot stop
for an instant“ said the confucian philosopher Hsün Tzu This reflects the Korean work ethic and is
the next reason for the industries success. Different from the western celebrities who
regularly are involved in some media scandals, Korean stars keep working just as hard after
they reached fame. It partly has to do something with their contracts
with the labels. But that is another topic on its own. Fact is, that the Korean working ethic is
to work as hard as you possibly can. The artists are constantly improving and as
a result are much more than a good marketed product They all improve on their skills in dancing,
singing, rap and giving interviews. In many interviews they state how much better
they want to become. So the fans are getting some real good quality. The 4 facts so far explain the general appeal
of Kpop to young people internationally. But we wanted to talk about BTS in particular. So how is BTS different from other Kpop groups? Arguably most importantly, they are the first
group who speak about critical topics. In their music they touch difficult issues
like societal injustice, work ethics in Korea, the pressure a young person has to deal with
and much more. Many K-Pop artists sing about superficial
topics or no real topic at all. The reason for this is that the majority of
Korean artists come from one of the three major labels, which barely give the artist
any freedom to participate in the song-writing. BTS is from a rather small and little known
agency up to that point. Their label Big Hit tried the method of giving
the boys some creative freedom. They partly write their music themselves,
which makes them much more approachable and They post a lot of content on social media,
which many K-Pop stars were not allowed to do . When a decade ago the personalities of idols
were mere canvases for projections, because all that the fans had – was the music itself,
it is now a completely different dynamic. The idols post all kinds of private information
on social media, which gives a better picture of their private personas. Since by the means of social media BTS are
closer to the fans, the fans feel much more involved and worried about their achievements. When the boys succeed the fan has almost a
sense of succeeding oneself. Many fans put a serious amount of effort to
ensure their success. The fan has a more active role nowadays. When a decade ago the only mean to influence
the success of the celebrity was to buy the record, today there a plenty of new options
to do that. Like voting for them on websites or setting
goals like viewing their video as often as possible. Another reason for their success is the hidden
storyline in their videos. These keeps fans engaged with researching
and creating theories about the underlying storyline and symbolism. There are countless theories on the internet
on the possible storylines of their videos. So to sum up it is the mix of the previous
factors that makes them successful. They are very talented and stylish. They are humble and hard working. They speak about topics that move hearts. They sing in a different language than English,
which makes them more unique. They are constantly on social media and fast
in their come-backs, which creates a strong bond with the audience the so called ARMY. They write some of their lyrics themselves
which creates a feeling of realness. They often reference world-literature like
Hermann Hesses Demian, or the ones who leave Omelas. This way ARMYS get interested in the referenced
works and educate themselves with these deeply philosophical and questioning texts. So we can say it is no simple and shallow
worship of a boygroup but rather a profitable relationship. In my research I read many posts about how
BTS helped the person with hard live struggles. When looking for scientific papers on that
topic I found dozens of doctoral or master theses in which the author thanked BTS for
giving hope and helping in life. So
thumbs up boys!

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