100 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Julián Castro on Trump’s State of the Union, Health Care & Immigration

  1. as a Hispanic that I am, I do not see this person as a good candidate for president, it would be the same as Obama, is the spoiled child of Hilary, he looks like a Hispanic, but he's not, not even spanish speaks really, we do not need unfulfilled promises, as Obama did in 8 years, we need facts, someone with courage and decision, be respected by other nations, I don't know guys, but I dont trust him, I hope Trump stays 4 more years, it would be the best option for this country, we don't need more Obama, we don't need the lies of Hilary, this guy would be the same about both of them, I feel sorry for them, but I'm sure of something, that they do not love this country, as I love it. God bless this beautiful country…!!!

  2. Elon musk will load up all the trump supporters in his space X rocket and send them to Mars. Boom! Country united. Next question

  3. Its seems like every one in the crowd cheered this guy,, so did they screen the audience and make sure every one was left, I mean I heard no boos,

  4. Surprised , jimmy the racist wasn’t in black face again , guess its Fallon’s turn to be the racist , and this anti Semitic racist , lover of Farrakhan has no problem with it , wonder why , what hypocrites , its like the assholes at the me too movement and lying media giving Bill and Hillary Clinton a free pass for the brutal rape of Anita Broderick , what sick twisted deranged scumbags the vast majority of celebrities are , what arrogance they all have economic privilege and do not live in the real world but insist on telling the working class what to think say and do , wake up American youth , your are being Played and your to arrogant to even realize it

  5. Dude has a 0.00% chance of being President lol.
    No chance in hell I'll be voting for corporatist neoliberal hacks like Castro, Booker, Harris, or Gillibrand.
    If we dont elect a REAL Progressive like Bernie, Tulsi Gabbard, or Liz Warren, then don't act shocked when Trump gets re-elected.

  6. 75% of America loved Trump’s state of the union address , the ones that didn’t are communist , radicals and traitors like jimmy kimmel

  7. That last answer that he doesnt want to be VP is concerning, isnt the whole point to serve the country in whatever is the highest office you can attain?

  8. All the Democrats running for President are only in the race for a cabinet position for a Democratic President if elected. Nice gesture but none are qualified enough for the top job. Amounts only for name recognition. Something for the resume. Wish them luck.

  9. At first, I did not like Julian Castro.
    He seemed like a centrist, avoiding making absolute statements like Obama did or Kamala does now.
    But – in contrast to Kamala – he fully supports medicare for all. He talks about his actual policy ideas.
    I'm interested how he will be in the debates.

  10. Yeah, the president of our country should be focusing on the health, and well being of people who came in here illigally, and not on the actual citizens.

  11. Glad to hear he's pro medicare-for-all. Need to hear more of his policies though. Unfortunately, his launch video had 0 policy, strategy, or even really stances on anything. So he's still an enigma. Does he support a $15 minimum wage? Does he support the green new deal? Does he believe in criminal justice reform? Does he support pulling troops out of American interventions? Does he back the plans coming forward to increase taxes on the rich? This primary will be a very clear case of corporate Dems vs. progressive Dems. We're all wondering where he'll fall. Obviously it wasn't Jimmy's responsibility to ask him these things. It's on Castro to tell people what the hell he stands for. He can't just say "let's all just get along" and win the election. That's how Hilary lost.

  12. Doesn't believe profit should drive the medicare…well then. You get people to work and drive a successful venture no matter what it is…at a loss…good luck with that.

  13. Being from San Antonio and having him as a mayor..he did a lot of good for our city! The city loved him!! He was a shining light to a lot of people. A progressive style which we need!! He has my vote and very excited to see how far he gets!!!

  14. Healthcare for everyone sounds good, but, no, it is not that simple. He doesn't understand where and who this money is going to for "healthcare".

  15. I am impressed with Julian Castro .. if he isn't POTUS, I hope he is in the Democratic Cabinet! I think Julian would be an integral addition to the American government. I truly like him. ????


  17. We will be putting Pence in office. I expect Trump to be gone 1 way or another, everything is on that table. But no party can Survive with this many people running (the only conclusion to me is that everyone thinks if Trump can Do it Anyone can, including me, which is absolutely not true Trump ia cheater, his party are cheaters, they never did nor ever will play fair

  18. So people are saying on the thread…

    Julian doesn’t have charisma
    Julian is Latin
    He’s too nice
    He’s too young.

    Well let me say if pick him over Trump any day get over your prejudices people….

    Julian Castro Stanford University, Harvard Law son of immigrants. He’s the American Dream embodied.

    Trump Fordham and Wharton U along w many bankruptcies….

  19. They will ( the polls are still at 43%, noone has flipped and for some psychotic reason, the democrats have lost people.Every extra person Running gives Trump and his Super Rich Fans, and his rabid dog fans ammunition to distort, Alter or just use against each peron). They will flood media with lies that contain just enough Truth, to trick Independents

  20. Julian Castro coming through with the bars “instead of putting billions of dollar towards a wall why not put money towards Medicare for all”

  21. When I lived in San Antonio he was a great mayor to that city. You could feel it I worked downtown and he was highly spoken about amongst the San Antonian's. I moved there because of hurrican Katrina I miss that city he ran a tight ship and did not ever hear about any issue's with him. He took pride in his reputation because not once did I ever hear anything bad from him. I think he would be a great candidate for running of the President.

  22. Another PONI (Progressive Outside; Neoliberal Inside) in the Presidential race. Castro is not progressive and is bought and paid for by the same folks who fund the Democratic party leaders. He is a fraud.

  23. Why would supplemental or private healthcare be prohibited if we had basic healthcare for all? I don’t understand that at all. We have free, public education but still allow people to homeschool or send their kids to private school. What is the argument for such a limitation?

  24. Why is he appearing with Jimmy Kimmel, knowing that Jimmy Kimmel appeared in blackface? He called for the resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for appearing in blackface. Maybe if Northam had a tv show where Castro could promote his presidential ambitions he would be more supportive of him. Hypocrisy?

  25. Traitor Evil mentally sick old Trump should not be on this job. Shame on the GOP's for giving this Traitor Trump the job. Trump and the GOP's will destroy our Nation. Kick them out in 2020.

  26. Corrupt America would never let that happen not unless that Latin candidate shared the same Republican conservative views as most of the main government does. This coming from a straight up brown Guatemalan chapin, we will never see a Latin president in our time, social and racial status and 1000 more reasons would never allow it, sad truth is no one wants to see a latino in office and it sucks. Aside from having had our first Black President the rest have been White now there is nothing wrong with that but I truly believe corporate America and the 1% are set out on keeping the President White. Maybe I'm wrong and we do get a Latin president, I hope so I'd be gladly proven wrong but I dont think we will ever see a Latino President in our time.

  27. Julian Castro was a great Mayor for San Antonio. Really wished he was the Governor of Texas so he can make a bigger impact but running for President I'm all in. Castro2020

  28. We wouldnt have to pay for a giant wall if people would stop supporting illegal immigrants. His isnt against LEGAL immigration. He's against ILLEGAL immigration.

  29. Being from San Antonio you know the twins worked really hard to be here. I met his brother once for winning a congressional app challenge such a honor. I also know that their mom is very local lady and is super sweet.

  30. If this guy ever hits the Presidency which I doubt but let's he does in his fantasy or hypothetically speaking. That means the cooks are gonna be frying frijoles and carne azada all day at La Casa Blanca. Also he's going to let lunch trucks to park along 1600 Philadelphia ave. to served tacos all day long to remind him he's in Mexico. Also when he receives heads of States, he'll do it with Mariachis & margaritas. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa. And everybody will be singing: Con tus huaraches y sombrero, ya no tengo mas dinero!! Con tus huaraches y sombreroooooooooo!!

  31. Someone must tell Castro he will never be President, BECAUSE HE LOOKS & FEELS SOO DAMN SMUG RIGHT NOW. The resulting cloud of SMUG building-up around him risks raising global temps

  32. Under Castro at HUD, he did noting. Ben Carson is changing the 40 year old computer system at HUD and much more.
    Castro did noting. What a joke. All talk and no results in Washington. A former Democrat.

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