Presentación Fase 1/3 – Cambio cultural y educativo

PHASE 1/3. Presentation I am Javier Marzal, free thinker, writer and founder of the International Association to Change the World. This video is part of a series that will explain the project. Specifically, in this video I will explain the first phase of the three that consists  the project and we have called it the phase of cultural and educational change. In this phase we do not intend to change the culture or change any educational system. We do not have the knowledge to do it or the means, either. Therefore, it is a purely instrumental phase whose objectives serve the following two phases. Specifically, we have three objectives: The first one is to publicize the project. The second one is to get followers to help us with the above, that is, to help us publicize the project, and also sign the petitions for signatures collections we are going to make in the two later phases. The third objective is to inspire other talented people to do relevant things to change the system, that is, to increase the number of people, with talent and ability, to change the world. For this, we use videos like this one. In general, on our Youtube channel, there will be the video presenting the project and the three videos of each of the three phases. In addition, we will upload videos of each of the social movements that we make or, in some cases, if the movement has several petitions, we may make a video for each of them. In addition, we will divulgate the videos of my work as  freethinker and writer, for those who want to know the system better, to know the problem better and to know the solution that I propose. These videos, in addition, we will share them on Facebook, where we also publish photographs with easy to understand messages, which are messages that make us see that the current system is decadent, it does not work for us and we have to change it. In addition, it informs about the emerging system and the petitions we make. Also we use Facebook video technology that allows us to gather several slides (photos) that are changed every X seconds, we have chosen to do it every five seconds. You can put up to ten slides and in this way we can give a little more complete messages. For this we have created 33 pages on Facebook, in 33 languages, which are all the official languages of the European Union and, in addition, the languages that are said to be the most influential in the world, really because there is a large population that speaks them. In addition, on our website we explain our Project. I hope this video and our project will be useful for you and you will spread them, share them. Thanks for your attention.

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