Power Struggle Hits China’s Gestapo | China Uncensored

Power Struggle Hits China’s Gestapo | China Uncensored

On this episode of China Uncensored, it’s not legal. It’s extralegal! Which in this case should be extra-illegal! Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. China’s Game of Thrones. Like the actual Game of Thrones, it seems like we’ve been waiting for the
final chapter forever. But at least there’s been another interesting
plot twist. And it has to do with the shadowy 610 Office: China’s gestapo. It was named after the date it was created, because calling it the “Central Leading
Group to Kidnap and Torture People for Gathering
in Parks” sounds good, but wouldn’t fit on the business cards. Former Chinese leader and moldy toad in the hole, Jiang Zemin created it as a way to cement his power and get rid of the biggest threat to China: People… sitting with their eyes closed. You see, Jiang was facing a problem. He hated Falun Gong, but China has laws. At least on paper. Like that stupid constitution that guarantees people the right to freedom
of assembly and religion. It’s true that laws in China are often selectively enforced. But if you arrest huge numbers of innocent
people and torture them in labor camps, some of them might still try to take you to
court. So Jiang created the 610 Office handle this
problem outside the pesky law. Instead of being within the Chinese government, the 610 Office and its secret police force all reported directly to him. Problem solved. Also, controlling a multi-billion-dollar nationwide paramilitary force is good for hanging on to power in general. In fact, that’s one of the top tips in Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book, Volume 2: Leadership Tips for Dictators and Other Megalomaniacs. It’s a lesser known work. The 610 Office was in charge of anti-Falun
Gong propaganda, as well as monitoring, punishing, “reeducating”
and “transforming” Falun Gong practitioners. Over the years, the 610 Office expanded from “handling” Falun
Gong issues to also dealing with people who believed in
other “unapproved” spiritual practices, like house church Christians and Buddhists. And sometimes people who were on the Party’s
blacklist for other reasons. Remember blind Chinese human rights lawyer
Chen Guangcheng, who dramatically escaped house arrest in 2012 and made it to the US Embassy? The 610 Office was the one that put him under
house arrest and continually harassed his family. But now it’s 2016, and there’s a new sheriff in town! And he don’t cotton to… organizations that don’t answer directly
to him. That’s why recently, Xi Jinping’s investigators have put the
610 Office in the crosshairs. Couldn’t have happened to nicer people. So what are the investigators saying about the 610 Office now? In no uncertain terms, they’re accusing the 610 Office of “a disparity in comprehensively studying
and implementing the spirit of the rule of law.” Boom! …I have no idea what that means. Let me check my trusty Communist Party Newspeak
Translator. Accusing them of “illegal behavior” is actually a way bigger deal than it sounds, given how cloak-and-dagger the Communist Party’s high level power struggles are. There was once a time when the name “610 Office” could not even be uttered in public. Those who did met with brutal retribution. Chinese rights activist Gao Zhisheng wrote this about the 610 Office: “The immoral acts that shocked my soul the
most were the lewd yet routine practice of attacking women’s genitals by 610 Office
staff and the police. Almost every woman’s genitals and breasts or every man’s genitals have been sexually assaulted during the persecution in a most vulgar fashion.” What do you get for naming the most brutal and secretive organization
in China? Long term imprisonment and torture. They really do like that torture thing. But over the past several years, Xi Jinping has been scraping away at the 610
Office. It’s tied to his so-called anti-corruption
campaign, which really has more to do with systematically
purging the Communist Party of people with ties to Jiang. Getting rid of the 610 Office is a long process that takes years of delicate
political maneuvering. I mean, this is the Grand Inquisitor in charge of
the purge. Just look at the depths of sadness in this man’s soul. Here’s how it’s gone so far. In 2013, 610 Office Director Li Dongsheng was purged in a dramatic fashion. Of course, officially it was for something else: taking bribes. Think of it as the Chinese equivalent of convicting Al Capone on income tax evasion— if Al Capone was also the government’s vice
minister of public security. Which gives you an idea of just how corrupt things are in China. Then in July this year, Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption investigators formally put the entire 610 Office “under investigation.” And now with this month’s formal charges
of… “illegal behavior,” it’s clear that Xi is intent on completely
dismantling it. So why is he dismantling the 610 Office? It’s bad PR. And I don’t mean Anthony-Weiner’s-inability-to-stop-using-Twitter
level bad PR. I mean torturing-and-mass-murdering-dissidents
level bad PR. The 610 Office has done unspeakable things. And by unspeakable, I mean Western media with bureaus in China dare not speak of them— for fear of getting their visas revoked and their offices in Beijing shut down. Which is one of the reasons why you’ve heard so little about it. But now, as things start coming to light in
overseas media run by, you know, “hostile foreign forces,” Xi Jinping doesn’t want to be left holding
the bag. To be fair, I wouldn’t want to be holding Jiang Zemin’s
bag either. Who knows what’s in there… So getting rid of the 610 Office makes Xi Jinping look good. And it’s also an opportunity to purge his
political enemies within Jiang Zemin’s faction. It’s like killing two birds with one charge
of a disparity in comprehensively studying and implementing
the spirit of the rule of law. The question is, if Xi breaks up the 610 Office, what happens to the functions that the office used to carry out? Like imprisoning dissidents outside the law and torturing them to death? Does that stop, or does it get taken over by other Party organs? At this point, that’s not clear. Some China analysts think that this may be
a signal that Xi is going to back off on the Falun
Gong issue. But what do you think? Is Xi Jinping truly out to reform China? Or is he just a dictator trying to amass power? That’s the cliffhanger we’re stuck with until next season. Leave your comments below. And if you’d like to support my team in continuing to un-censor China, please support us on Patreon. Once again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next time.

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  1. And China is supposed to be everyone's friend in Asia? From the people who brought you the biggest famine in world history? Who has built brand new, unoccupied cities? Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! Go for it, be their buddies. And don't come crying to America when the shit hits your country. We the American people don't care about you anymore. Time for everyone to start paying for their opinions.

  2. Like OMG, why is there a straight white male like talking about Chinese people. White wash much? This program like needs more diversity. Would be nice to see an actual Chinese person discussing Chinese issues and not another cis gendered white male. Uh, all I see is a white man running his mouth about Asians. —– This is a sarcastic comment, chris chapel is a libtard who thinks they need to stop putting white men in movies, and he likes throwing the term white washing around. Sarcastically I agree and we should start with you chris, a white male talking about China. See how moronic you are?

  3. Is china CCP failing the 3 rules for Rulers ?
    I just saw this CGP Grey video, this fits some of the power struggles and fears that the party needs to keep the power.

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  8. Purging secret police agencies are nothing new. In Stalin's Russia it wasn't uncommon for the heads of the secret police to be arrested on trumped up charges and then be executed. In fact their agencies changed names so many times first starting with Cheka and then OGPU (I might have the letters mixed) then the NKVD, and then after Stalin died the KGB (there was another few letters added before KGB before they just became the KGB.) These were not clean orderly changes where people were just reassigned, they often were arrested, tortured, and then killed.

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  19. Being able to fit the name onto a business card had nothing to do with the naming of the office. "Central leading group to kidnap and torture people for gathering in parks" was never the original name for the 610 office.

  20. if Xi gets rid of the 610 office, it will just mean more work for the other bureaucrats in the government.

    May he can outsource the 610 office.

    I'm sure a lot of western companies would like to bid on that contract.


  21. It seems to me that Xi is dumb as spit, did you ever notice how completely lost he seemed at the Beijing G20 Summit? I guess that with all the brain-washing done by the CCP that we are more threatened by China's stupidity (their threat of WW III) than their intelligence and competitiveness. Honestly, we shipped our bad labour standards to China and now China is doing that with the North Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam (probably) and Thailand. If we really want to do something, why don't we contact our local officials to withdraw the TPP, boycott products made in China and isolate China. "Engagement" and appeasing China has only made the CCP more powerful, more verbose, even more annoying, and with no more regards to human rights, common sense or environmental concerns. Canada has been trying to "engage" China in human rights (at least that's what the government says) and China's human rights record seems just as bad-if not worse-than ever.

  22. Modernize is on target. The Singapore role model continues.
    Every advanced nation has both documented and undocumented methods.

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    Sure he'll create a more secretive and violent service to lead this purge against purging. Let's just hope for China's international sake it will have a more innovative name.

  24. Though the "motives" behind the purge of the 610 office were politically motivated, the 610 office "IS" getting purged. In stark contrast the police union in the u.s. is murdering people IN PUBLIC under the guise of "botched" "arrests", for things like "twitter posts" and "facebook posts".
    Let's not clean up our own yard full of car parts and dead bodies, let's point at china's lawn for needing their grass cut.

  25. Stasi, not Gestapo.
    China is communist, not National Socialist.

    Gestapo was the FBI of 1930s.

  26. Power Vacums: When USA left Syria/Iraq in 200(?) it created ISIS/Daeish, When USA left Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam it created psychos and genocidal habits in the region, Similar examples can be seen in some countries within the African Continent and South America. Ridding of this "China's secretive 610 Office" will experience a Power Vacum effect; severly if it's dismantling process is not well funded along w/ media coverage to assure the public that the dismantling process is not replaced by similar actions commited by a organization under a different name.

  27. To solve Chinese corrupt government, administer a nasty virus via a fake ISIS attack at all military bases and the red square. Make a false flag attack from within by Chinese rebellion. Rush in amd capitulate the government. USA!

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  30. In Capitalism you could own a private factory, a private farm, 3 houses and they say that's unfair.
    Well… in Comunism you can have a f*king PRIVATE SECRET POLICE !!

  31. I think he is truly ought to reform China, because before he became the president, he did not make many enemies. Xi's presidency was even under the consent of Jiang, so Xi is not like a long time enemy with Jiang, he simply want the reform.

  32. It's always so hard to figure out exactly what is going on in China.  It's almost impossible to get through all of the smoke, mirrors and haze that the CCP puts out there.  For example, let's just say 610 office gets closed.  Who's to say that the CCP won't start another torture agency called the 722 office or whatever number?  Maybe it even exists already, and they are just waiting for the total elimination of 610 to come out and take over their role?

  33. Chris, I love your show. Its filled with accurate and funny detail of the horrors of the CCP. I hope we both live long enough to see the Fall of the CCP and the rise of a truly democratic China (Taiwan style) . I support you on Patreon. Best money I spend on most days!! Thanks to you and your staff.

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  37. To a certain extent, power grab or genuine reform, in a country with no accountable institutions to sustain postive change, this seems like a good thing. It is a common feature in stagnant oligarchies to have a populist leader takeover by storm, whose genuine desire to do good and thirst for power are hard to differentiate. Think Getulio Vargas, Charles de Gaulle, Juan Peron or Julius Caesar.

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    Good work with this channel, keep up! Maybe sometimes you could avoid to be sarcastic. I too like this style, but sometimes as it said: "too much from good is bad" (or: "data overflow" 😀 )


    They are communists so more like Chinese NKVD!

  40. I believe that the current leader in China is trying to dismantle the work done by the past leader, and either put in his own people or totally closing that bureau, by replacing it with the organization he can controlled.

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